30 Rock Review: Summer Dreams

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It was going to be difficult to compete with last week's Kim Jong Il-related episode no matter what 30 Rock put out for its fifth season finale.

Even so, "Respawn" still felt extremely flat as a way to end the year.

Liz in the Hamptons

Jack's story line was the main culprit. The guy uses another guy to replace his absentee wife thing has been done well before, and to perfection with Doug and Arthur on King of Queens, so Jack treating Kenneth like Avery was both tiresome and a little weird. The pouring of wine, staring into Ken's eyes, and giving him earrings was just weird, and not funny.

While Jenna's plot also missed the mark, as most do with her boyfriend Paul, it still had its moments. Honestly how can it not be funny when a sheep and a giant wool mascot are sitting in on a boardroom meeting.

The Paul stuff continues the trend of just being more strange than funny. I get it. They do crazy stuff like walk each other like dogs. It just doesn't really work on a comedic level.

Unsurprisingly, the Tracy action was some of the best of the night. His interruption of Liz's perfect summer worked on multiple occasions, from yelling in his sleep to introducing himself as both "Tracy from work" and "the black guy from work."

But it was the scene with Liz in the courtroom that really kept the episode alive.  There is nothing like listening to Lemon recite every line from a courtroom movie scene that she could think of.  Add to that a judge actually named Judge Dredd, who has to yell "gavel, gavel, gavel!" because he doesn't have an actual gavel, and you have yourself multiple laughs.

It had its moments, but "Respawn" was not an extremely positive way to end this great bounce back season for 30 Rock.  What did you all think of the episode?

How did season five work for you? And are you excited for a sixth season? We leave you with some of our favorite quotes of the night, and don't forget to check out the 30 Rock quotes page for all the best one-liners.

Dr. Spaceman: Alright. Now that the popsicle's melted we've got ourselves a tongue depressor. | permalink
Frank: How's this for grown up? Last night for dinner, I put milk in my Apple Jacks. | permalink
Kenneth: It's an old Parcell family recipe, but I like to replace the Union soldier meat with boiled potatoes. | permalink
Paul: I hate to be the stereotypical man, but this is my home and I wanna wear this blouse. | permalink
Tracy: Hey guys. It's me Tracy, the black guy from work. | permalink


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"You need a women script editor -ME" pretty much summed it up.


Best comment ever.


This is a great photo...I like the food network cook came for a quick scene...would have been nice to have more of Ida and less
of Ken dressing up as Avery. I didnt get the Ken/Jack thing, thats what almost made me change channels and fast forward to see what next.....and the taco bell reference, I could think of better lines than that....but it seemed you guys rushed thru this because everyone is working on other projects then the last ep.... I keep thinking the show is trying to find an audience, but who is the audience....the 20 million that watch IDOL are not watching this show..... The Avery story of what happened to her, I didnt like that,,,,its not funny, its not commedy. I did like Liz in Central Park, could have expanded on more of that, or at the Hamptons.....nice flower backrounds.....very nice... Jack needed better writing than what you gave him....And Ken just doing a job of dressing up as a female.....I didnt like that...but who cares, you all get paid, call it a day and go on to your millions of other things to do..... So what if I only could tolerate a few scenes, if anyone really reads what I type, you could care less what I think, but as I like to practice typing from time to time, this show was like one of my typos that I should have took more time to proof. We all make mistakes, I wish I could write with you to get it better. The Jenna thing with wool...........could have been better, why wool..........could have been so many other cool things she could do PR for. I think you have too many guys on the writing staff and not enough females..... Females would say no way to some of the lines, and revise them.... Script editor.....you needed it. I did like the guys were still playing the tv video games..its so timeless when you love something and the times flys by. Lemon speaking spanish was great,,,,she went on and on like she really knows spanish...liked that.... Avery could have been at a business convention in Los Angeles and womem travel for business all the time, but to refer to what you did, thats not funny....skpe her or dont talk about her. Remember Comedy, not too depressing news...this younger generation needs a little more of what you gave them in your last ep, you could use some pointers from Modern Family. They seem to get a message across and bring in the warm and fuzzy feelings that humans can relate to.... Maybe because you film in NY where weird is cool, but across America where people are losing homes and so much distress, comedy could be taking a person away from it all, not guys dressing as females and Avery could have been celebrated for the new baby, not what you did in your storylines.....sorry, this was a miss..... But as I said, Lemon is the star, here scenes were the only ones i liked.....you could have left Jack and Ken out and just stayed in the Hamptons the entire show......and in Central Park, you chould have taken us, the homeviewer all over that place. Visa, dont leave home with out it....Jack sitting in a piano bar with Jeff Richmond playing and Ken actually getting a NEW girlfriend he met in the bar, would have been fun...Tracy doing a short stand up skit at the bar....... Maybe some of the writers need stop writing for transvesties and maybe I could use a dictionary. How can I be a script editor for you???????? You need help.

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Looks like you could use a little R & R...rum and ritalin.

Dr. Spaceman

Alright. Now that the popsicle's melted we've got ourselves a tongue depressor.

Dr. Spaceman