Castle Season Finale Review: Game Changers Galore!

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OMG. They warned us that this finale would be a game changer. They said it would be so intense it would blow our minds. They were right.

Season 3 concluded with easily one of the best Castle episodes yet. So let’s waste no time and dig in to “Knockout."

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Although this series is usually known for its wild and absurd cases, it throws in some serious ones here and there. The finale was would fall into the latter category and boy did it deliver. Five minutes in and there was already a shoot-out. I had to rewind my DVR several times to take everything in and now that it’s over, I’m still in shock.

This case has been three seasons in the making. It kept popping up without any real information getting out. Tonight, that finally all changed. After more digging, Castle found an altered police file, leading him to believe a third cop was involved. In all my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that Captain Montgomery was it. Game Changer #1. 

Spoilers had clued us in that someone was going to die. I had suspicions it would be the Captain, but not because of a shoot out over him being involved in the case. Totally blew my mind. I’m going to miss Captain Montgomery. He was an excellent part of the cast.

Game Changer #2. We still don’t know who is behind the whole thing. Someone hired Lockwood to take care of these people and I cannot wait until next season to find out who it was. Beckett may be in the clear for now, but I am sure Castle will deliver an equally awesome episode to let us find out.

My heart broke a little bit watching Montgomery’s family at the funeral and having the detectives (and even Castle!!) carry in the casket. Who would have thought that Game Changer #3 was about to happen? Kate got shot! Obviously the writers won't kill off Stana Katic’s character, but I did not see that coming. Castle pulled a Vampire Diaries, having two of the main characters get shot in one episode. Well done.

Beckett getting shot led to the best exchange of the night. “I love you Kate. Kate, I love you.” I thought that us 'shippers were really only going to get to enjoy the heated argument in Beckett’s apartment, but Castle finally made his move and said the words.. even if it was as Kate was going unconscious. Game Changer #4. Hopefully when the series comes back in the fall, something will actually happen between the two. 

On a side note, Max Martini delivered another amazing performance as Hal Lockwood. The entire cast was awesome in “Knockout,” an episode I won’t soon be forgetting.

So as Season Three concludes with an epic finale, I can’t help but wonder who is the mastermind behind Lockwood’s actions and what hangs in the balance for Beckett? We have plenty of time to discuss before the fall, so let the Comments flow below. Was it as good as expected? Best finale so far? 


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I remember this episode, it was a great story arc. I know I was biased from the start being a big Nathan Fillion fan, but this became my favorite drama on TV very quickly. The chemistry is excellent and the writing has stayed fresh. I wish the timeslot worked as well, but unfortunately I’m always at work when it comes on so I started watching it on dishonline (dot) com. It’s a live streaming site with a ton of content that my employer (DISH Network) makes available completely free. A lot of it’s even available to non-subscribers so I’d definitely recommend checking it out.


The back and forth has been great between the characters. She was about to admit her feelings at the end of season 2, but waited too late. All Season 2, he played with the idea of liking her, but not wanting to give up sleeping with the next availble hottie. Finally, He had decided he wanted her, but when he realized she was with Demming decided to keep moving. okay so she meets someone else, Castle continues and starts realizing what he has had isn't enough. Season 3 had a great deal of the moving forward and the Ryan/Esposito banter that helps keep all entertained. However the beauty pageant was probably the worst show they have had. It had very little of the true humor, the true relationship bantering that is typical of the other shows. Move the characters forward, develop them, but do not lose the main original draw of entertainment of the overall fun between the characters, the support, playfulness, humor that has ear marked all past seasons. from scoring roadkill, mom and dad arguing, pancakes are not just breakfast, etc., the bantering makes it great. The main point is that it is time to move the characters forward but DO NOT make this a typical drama/soap opera show. Thes best part of Castle is the relationships and humor in an awkward arena. It is about the relationships. However, there are WAY too many dramas and Castle, though delving into serious issues, never stays so intense you feel you are watching a soap opera. I truly hope they don't ruin the show being so determined to move the characters forward (which it is about time!) that they lose all of the humor. The loss of Captain Montgomery and his bonding with the team will be a huge gap to fill. He not only added fatherly protection and wisdom for all of the characters, he had unspoken strength and truly let them be strong cops while being flexible. Beer from the morgue, indeed. I hope the new hard-nose captain they are bringing in doesn't spend so much time in the light that she undermines the show. The show is about Castle and Beckett, followed closely by the partnership of Esposito and Ryan. The others are great supporting roles that help fulfill and broaden the characters. The new Captain should NOT overshadow this, even in conflict. I looke forward to season 4 with anticiaption and trepidation. It is the only show on tv I even watch anymore. Even so, on Hulu and buying the dvds, it is a great one.


Woah patty - it's cool to be a H50 lover but why post on here as a hater (I can't even bring myself to type in the "C" name before the word 'hater' lol)?


Patty. Have to disagree with you. The H-50 finale was predictable & hence boring although for me the show has been bordering on the unrealistic & ridiculous for some time now. Not a patch on Castle if you ask me.


If you really wanted to watch an outstanding finale, you should have watched Hawaii Five-O!!! Hawaii Five-O's season finale made watching Castle's season finale as exciting as watching paint dry!!! Castle actually had a shooting! How exciting! Hawaii Five-O is action packed all the time.


I just watched the finale (and the last two episodes) last night, online. What was the name of the character/actor that played Kate's old lover? I loved this finale, but was sad to see Montgomery go. I also, LOVE Max Martini. He is an amazing actor. I think I'm going to watch this finale again! Can't wait for the new season!


Ra, you're awesome! Loved your comments.


Best season finale of any show, imo. So full of drama, sweet moments, awfully heartbreaking moments, yet none of it felt cheap, cheesy or cliched. Brilliant. The writers on this show are outstanding. Every episode is consistently excellent. Amazing performances by the cast - every single on of them brought their A-game. It was simple fantastic. I do have to add, though, that the man gunning after Kate was dead. Maybe that is why she wasn't wearing a vest? With all of the 'henchmen' dead, she didn't really have a reason to wear one. Yes, the head-man is still out there (bets going on the Mayor), but as far as Kate knew, no-one is left to tell her who that is. She doesn't know that the Captain sent the info. No-one does yet. The one person Montgomery told, Montgomery killed. Just my two cents worth. There was definitely blood, though. She did actually get shot. As for the claims that it was a stupid cliffhanger because she is not going to die, to me that wasn't the cliffhanger. The cliffhanger was Castle's declaration and all it could mean and change next season. Sometimes people need to see beyond the 'obvious.' That is an example of good writing. Also, Castle is perfectly capable of manhandling Beckett out of that hanger at that moment. Key words being 'at that moment.' It's a bit like a mother lifting a car off her child. He had the upper hand for a few reasons. He had her arms pinned to her sides and he had adrenalin absolutely pounding through him. You could see it on his face, there was no way in hell he was going to let her go. Plus, he had a survival instinct thing going on. Not just for her, but for himself too. Add that to the fact that she was in shock as to what she was hearing, not only about her boss but also that he planned to basically give himself up for her. I have no problem with Castle being able to overtake her in that moment. In another situation, it would be less believable, definitely. Best episode so far! Ryan/Esposito together are awesome. Loved their scenes. So good, can't wait for season 4.


I was so angry I stormed out of the room & went to bed without saying anything to hubby. Two days later he told me it was planned to return in the fall. I thought it was canceled & that was the end. Good show, I feel much better.


Tyler, of course Beckett was always gonna live but the point to her getting shot is multi-layered & will have many implications for Castle for the next 2 seasons, emotionally, relationally, professionally, psychologically, and so on. It certainly proves how determined & powerful the forces against her are. It's also forced Castle to "man up" emotionally too. It was important for him to say the words "I love you Kate" out loud because as Martha said "Oh Richard, Richard. For a man who makes a living from words, you sure have a hard time finding them when it really matters" - (or something like that). I doubt whether the S4 opening scenario you describe will happen. Actually, the Greys Anatomy S5 to S6 transition played out exactly like you say (I'm a GA shipper too lol), but hey, this is Castle not GA so there'll be a different take, of that I'm certain. Picture this - The team at the 12th have gathered to welcome the new chief & are mulling around waiting for things to start. Zoom in on Ryan who asks Esposito "Is Castle at the hospital?" Esposito smiles, rolls his eyes & replies "Everyday all day for the last 3 weeks bro". They laugh and Lanie chimes in "Sheesh I should smack him in da head - bad enough she's putting up with hospital food but he keeps reading her drafts of his new book 'In Heat', especially the sizzling sex scenes." They all laugh , , , etc LOL sheesh I better get back to work hehe. MUCH LOVE CASTLE FANS, FROM NZ

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