Castle Season Finale Review: Game Changers Galore!

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OMG. They warned us that this finale would be a game changer. They said it would be so intense it would blow our minds. They were right.

Season 3 concluded with easily one of the best Castle episodes yet. So let’s waste no time and dig in to “Knockout."

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Although this series is usually known for its wild and absurd cases, it throws in some serious ones here and there. The finale was would fall into the latter category and boy did it deliver. Five minutes in and there was already a shoot-out. I had to rewind my DVR several times to take everything in and now that it’s over, I’m still in shock.

This case has been three seasons in the making. It kept popping up without any real information getting out. Tonight, that finally all changed. After more digging, Castle found an altered police file, leading him to believe a third cop was involved. In all my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that Captain Montgomery was it. Game Changer #1. 

Spoilers had clued us in that someone was going to die. I had suspicions it would be the Captain, but not because of a shoot out over him being involved in the case. Totally blew my mind. I’m going to miss Captain Montgomery. He was an excellent part of the cast.

Game Changer #2. We still don’t know who is behind the whole thing. Someone hired Lockwood to take care of these people and I cannot wait until next season to find out who it was. Beckett may be in the clear for now, but I am sure Castle will deliver an equally awesome episode to let us find out.

My heart broke a little bit watching Montgomery’s family at the funeral and having the detectives (and even Castle!!) carry in the casket. Who would have thought that Game Changer #3 was about to happen? Kate got shot! Obviously the writers won't kill off Stana Katic’s character, but I did not see that coming. Castle pulled a Vampire Diaries, having two of the main characters get shot in one episode. Well done.

Beckett getting shot led to the best exchange of the night. “I love you Kate. Kate, I love you.” I thought that us 'shippers were really only going to get to enjoy the heated argument in Beckett’s apartment, but Castle finally made his move and said the words.. even if it was as Kate was going unconscious. Game Changer #4. Hopefully when the series comes back in the fall, something will actually happen between the two. 

On a side note, Max Martini delivered another amazing performance as Hal Lockwood. The entire cast was awesome in “Knockout,” an episode I won’t soon be forgetting.

So as Season Three concludes with an epic finale, I can’t help but wonder who is the mastermind behind Lockwood’s actions and what hangs in the balance for Beckett? We have plenty of time to discuss before the fall, so let the Comments flow below. Was it as good as expected? Best finale so far? 


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Hey Nicky! - Not everyone has watched those season finales, why spoil it for everyone!!!


For all of those saying that they couldn't believe that Castle manhandled Beckett out of the hanger, think about it. Fillion is a pretty big guy, and Katic is not a very big woman; so even though Beckett can kick butt, it's rather difficult to do that when her arms were pinned to her sides by someone much bigger than her. Not to mention, Castle had serious determination on his side, he wasn't about to let her die.
All in all, amazing episode. Loved it so much, and I never thought I'd want September to get here so soon.


Lol, it "pulled a Vampire Diaries"? That made me smile. TVD sure has earned respect for i's shockers on the small screen. The little CW show that could!
Also the last part as Kate was fading was so touching. He said the words!


I think Capt. Montgomery is not dead they are doing this to flush the real killer out.


Worst episode ever! Suddenly a two on four gunfight at the helicopter hanger was out of the question. How about the fact that the writer Castle (not always up for action)was the one to manhandle the crying Kate to safety, yes, the same Kate Beckett that was kicking hardened criminal butt every single episode.


Worst episode ever! Suddenly a two on four gunfight at the helicopter hang was out of the question. How about the fact that the writer Castle (not always up for action)was the one to manhandle the crying Kate to safety, yes, the same Kate Beckett that was kicking hardened criminal butt every siarngle episode.


What a show!! I sure hope she's not dead but she sure looked like it. Good acting all the way around. Wil miss the Captain, he is a good actor, in fact they had a lot of them last night.


all I can say about this episode. First of all, WTF? the captain was involve in beckett's mum murderer... I didn't see that coming... But after seeing the last episode I thought it will be the captain who dies... I will miss him, so sad the scene of the funeral with te family... :( Another thing that I didn't see coming: Beckett being shoot. OMG. and then castle saying "I love you, Kate. Kate, I love you" was the most epic final of every show, of every season in the world. Better than the pregnancy test on gossip girl, better than jeremy's ghosts on the vampire diaries, better than Barney's wedding on How I Met your mother. This is the best season final ever!! And how I know? Because right now I want to take a plane and torture all the writers and the director until they told me what happens next season... LOL just joking So that's all. we have to wait all the summer biting our nails to know what will happen with this lovely couple... OMG I never believe that I would like the summer to pass quickly XD


There's too many comments to read through:) I agree that I was 97% sure it was Montgomery that was going to die but I did not see the reason he died coming at all! From the point that Ryan/Esposito figure out it's Mongomery I was a crying fool. When I saw Ryan's tears it was all over! Those 2 together may be my favorite bromance on TV. They are great together in funny and serious scenes. I've read that Josh is not gone and that they will not really delve too deep into Caskett next season (at least until midseason) so we have a while to wait. I wish Sept would come sooner! Season Finale week sucks when you think about how long you have to wait for next season:(


best show of all three seasons. I actually liked Ruben, because i know how good an actor he is, based on his stage resume. Hard because these group of actors really work well together and at least looked like they genuinely liked each other.... But, he did say in his interview that he had a lot of stage projects lined up... Good luck Ruben! Acting wise, this is the only ep that they really demanded a lot from almost all of the cast. They really had to work on their deliveries here, and I must say, WELL DONE!!!

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