Castle Season Finale Review: Game Changers Galore!

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OMG. They warned us that this finale would be a game changer. They said it would be so intense it would blow our minds. They were right.

Season 3 concluded with easily one of the best Castle episodes yet. So let’s waste no time and dig in to “Knockout."

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Although this series is usually known for its wild and absurd cases, it throws in some serious ones here and there. The finale was would fall into the latter category and boy did it deliver. Five minutes in and there was already a shoot-out. I had to rewind my DVR several times to take everything in and now that it’s over, I’m still in shock.

This case has been three seasons in the making. It kept popping up without any real information getting out. Tonight, that finally all changed. After more digging, Castle found an altered police file, leading him to believe a third cop was involved. In all my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that Captain Montgomery was it. Game Changer #1. 

Spoilers had clued us in that someone was going to die. I had suspicions it would be the Captain, but not because of a shoot out over him being involved in the case. Totally blew my mind. I’m going to miss Captain Montgomery. He was an excellent part of the cast.

Game Changer #2. We still don’t know who is behind the whole thing. Someone hired Lockwood to take care of these people and I cannot wait until next season to find out who it was. Beckett may be in the clear for now, but I am sure Castle will deliver an equally awesome episode to let us find out.

My heart broke a little bit watching Montgomery’s family at the funeral and having the detectives (and even Castle!!) carry in the casket. Who would have thought that Game Changer #3 was about to happen? Kate got shot! Obviously the writers won't kill off Stana Katic’s character, but I did not see that coming. Castle pulled a Vampire Diaries, having two of the main characters get shot in one episode. Well done.

Beckett getting shot led to the best exchange of the night. “I love you Kate. Kate, I love you.” I thought that us 'shippers were really only going to get to enjoy the heated argument in Beckett’s apartment, but Castle finally made his move and said the words.. even if it was as Kate was going unconscious. Game Changer #4. Hopefully when the series comes back in the fall, something will actually happen between the two. 

On a side note, Max Martini delivered another amazing performance as Hal Lockwood. The entire cast was awesome in “Knockout,” an episode I won’t soon be forgetting.

So as Season Three concludes with an epic finale, I can’t help but wonder who is the mastermind behind Lockwood’s actions and what hangs in the balance for Beckett? We have plenty of time to discuss before the fall, so let the Comments flow below. Was it as good as expected? Best finale so far? 


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Here I was thinking it would be like a soap opera and the beginning of next season will show Castle waking up from a nightmare in which Kate was shot at the funeral (but really wasn't).
All I know is this is one show I cannot stop thinking about, so the writers did their jobs!
I still have issue with Castle being able to just pick Kate up and carry her out of the hanger. I know someone else said something about her really wanting to leave and let the Capt. handle it his way, but that isn't like her. She could have kicked Castle to the curb easily, why didn't she?


Thank GOD that Kate really isn't dead. I about had a heart attack when I saw the end of the show. Hopefully next season they'll take the confession of love somewhere. I'm afraid they're just going to leave it hanging.


If she is wearing a vest, how is she bleeding all over the place? I know she wont die! There wouldn't be a castle anymore. Killing off her character would be a sin. The writers wouldn't put us through that! And also, Cpt. Montgomery, yes, sorry guys, he is dead. So is Lockwood. I'm really peed off that one of the best actors had to die but I guess they know what they're doing. I thought it was cute when he said he loved her. It's happened like this before. When she looked like she died but then ended up not dying. I love this show and I can't wait to see how they treat it from here =D


SOOOO Awesome!!!! WHEN does season four start?!?! It's gonna be a VERY long summer waiting for it. What was NOT to love? So sad that Montgomery died but I'm really glad he wasn't a "bad" guy. When you're a rookie I imagine you basically just do what you're told. There was an interview on our local news with Ruben Santiago-Hudson and he basically said he was written out and moving on to producing a play on Broadway. I too think the mayor is behind it. I mean, it's GOT to be someone that we've seen on the show otherwise the shock factor is lost. If she wasn't wearing a vest and did get shot we know she'll be fine BUT I just wonder if she was conscious enough to HEAR HIM!! AGH! Finally he admits she just needs to come around. And yeah, I SOOOO think that if the writers are good enough they could totally have a relationship and the series would be as good as ever!!


seems really bones like to me... bet beckett's death was staged


Great episode!! I mean great series! I am soooo happy to have discovered it, which was very recently! for a few weeks, I had my Castle "shoot" but now, waiting 4 months...aarrghh this is gonna be hard!
As Castle seemed to have saw Beckett was going to be shot, I though that would be him who would have take the bullet, but that way, you can say it surprise me even more.


OMG - Best finale of any of the shows on TV. I even called my sister at midnight complaining that they had killed Beckitt off but she reassured me that they had already signed for next season so she can't be dead or there would be no next season. At least I could go to sleep not worrying that Beckitt and Castle would never get together. I hope the writers give them some sexy love scenes next season now that Castle has admitted to himself that he does love her. Can't wait until the Fall for the outcome of this one. THIS IS MY MOST FAVOURITE SHOW ON TV.

Josie leeds

PS: Here's one to consider--Beckett's father......if it's the Mayor, there goes Castle's ticket to ride.

Josie leeds

GREAT season finale! No, Kate isn't dead--and why would she wear a vest to a funeral? Not somewhere a normal person(as opposed to a screenwriter)would expect an assassination attempt. I'm thinkin' the good Capt. IS dead--I can't imagine even the most twisted writer making children and wife suffer without knowing it was a ruse. I'll miss him-excellent character and a job well done. Now to Castle--YEAAAA!! Y'all found your cojones! Now the writers have a choice--they can screw with the characters, send them in different directions and thoroughly tick off the fans. Or, they could use their brains and send Castle and Kate in the direction of Nick & Nora Charles or Bruce & Sybill before THEIR writers got terminally stupid. Bringing in an annoying replacement for the Captain is NOT going to endear them to fans--the Mentalist pulled that schtick and really screwed up a good show. They still need to find a way to make Castles' presence in the squad room more logical that being a buddy to the Mayor. Come on writers--you have a little time ti figure SOMETHING out!


Stana Katic has signed for the next season. Andrew Marlowe has already told us, post mortem, that there will be changes in the Castle/Beckett relationship. One thing, the package that Montgomery mailed out, will be sent to Castle, putting him in the compormising position of 'handling' Kate's personal investigation into her mother's murder.(BTW: the finale's outcome - if Lockwood is indeed dead - leaves only the attempted murder of Det. Beckett as the only active police investigation, and it is NOT a homicide). Castle's fear for Beckett's reckless persuit of justice will mean lying to for her own protection, which means there is still plenty of conflict between the leads to look forward to - not that i actually "look forward" to it at all. She's wearing a vest - she'd be bleeding out of the mouth otherwise if the bullet went through her lung.

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