CSI Review: "Cello and Goodbye"

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The suspense was turned up to eleven, and even the surprises that could be seen coming managed to keep me on the edge of my seat on tonight's CSI, "Cello and Goodbye".

I liken the viewing experience to the great horror thrillers. The type where I know the main character shouldn't open the door, because I understand that the killer is going to be there. And even though I know what is waiting I still find myself jumping and being shocked.

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think those moments happen because I'm secretly hoping I'll be wrong. Somewhere inside I wanted Catherine and the other CSIs to run into Nate Haskell in L.A., knowing full well he'd show back up in Vegas ready to ambush Ray.

Ray lost it pretty early into the investigation of his ex-wife's disappearance, and that was understandable and highly believable. It would have been too much fantasy to believe Ray could carry on as a CSI under such circumstances. After all, the crime scene at his ex-wife's apartment was really gruesome, as were the little peeks at Haskell's torture techniques.

Bill Irwin's performance as Nate Haskell settled back into being truly menacing. Haskell can often seem too over the top, but he was at his most sinister and mocking tonight. Very much the Joker to Ray Langston's Bruce Wayne with the type of clues he dropped, and the sadistic manner he played his little game. Thankfully, he didn't quite manage send Ray completely over the edge.

I was ready to believe that Ray killed Tina Vincent, one of Haskell's brides. I knew it was probably a red herring, but there was a kernel of doubt I couldn't shake. I think, maybe, if Nick hadn't been able to find Ray, Ray would have plunged deeper into darkness.

The L.A. crew was hit and miss for me. I really disliked Detective Sosa, because he came off like a territorial jerk. I really liked Morgan Brody for her willingness to help the Las Vegas CSIs, and because she seemed like the polar opposite of her father, Ecklie. I'm sure these characters were written this way on purpose, and I have to give kudos for things working out so successfully. Often such ploys to make one character more likable than another fail miserably.

Sarah's job in this episode seemed to be to stand around, listen attentively, and arch an eyebrow whenever she was annoyed by Sosa. Obviously, with such a sharp focus on Ray and Nate Haskell not every character can have a shining moment. I just hate to see character I like used as scenery.

Is it just me or do amusement parks, and carnivals make for cliched, but still effectively creepy backdrops for chase scenes? Perhaps, it's just the lovely jeux de position of a happy place being used for sinister ends. Nate Haskell certainly managed to find the creepiest looking carousel in L.A. to confront Ray at.

With the cliffhanger at the end of this episode the finale promises to offer some more suspense, and even a little background on Nate Haskell.

Will it be successful? Only time will tell.


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I like Ray. I didn't think I would but I do. People are dumping on his 'rogue' ways but each one of these characters have gone off the reservation (so to speak) in one season or the other. The storyline stretched credulity but they ALWAYS do when it becomes a continuing storyline (How many bad storylines did we follow with Sara and her depression, Sara and the domestic abuser, Sara and the kidnapping...) Every character has their season. I suffered through Sara- you can suffer through Ray.


God, I hated this episode. I'm not a Ray fan, so I supposed I'm being horribly biased. This whole season it's been the "Ray Show" and I'm sick of it. Nate Haskell has been around for a couple of years, so they should have wrapped up the storyline a long time ago. I had no problem with Ray at first when he was new because he was curious and eager to learn, but now I can't stand him. It annoyed me so much when he said to Greg, "You can either be apart of the problem, or the solution." Who does he think he is? I'm just incredibly frustrated with this show because I really do love this show for the most part.


@mamamimi If they have a case and find their man in a other state their allowed to go there


I am sure those loving Langston loved this episode, but it was one of the worst on tv--ever! CSI running from Vegas to LA to chase a serial killer? Don't think so. The FBI does that.
Langston acts as such a rogue, he should be fired (does anyone remember when Sara stuck up for herself and Catherine wanted her fired for that--where's that same standard when it comes to Langston who acts like a bounty hunter instead of a CSI?)
Then Nick takes off with Langston and acts "best friend forever" yet Langston did not call Nick when he's in trouble--he called Doc Robbins!!?? What's up with that?
The new girl, Brody, Oh she's Ecklie's long lost daughter!--knows all about blood splatter while Sara stands there like a fading freckle!?? Sara has forgotten more about blood splatter than this kid knows! But the kid must be a genius to figure out the flies spread the blood.
I'm not sure I can continue to watch this one great show when it has become the Amazin' Ray Langston Hour! Get back to Vegas crime with a team and send Langston back to wherever he came from--maybe to LA with his ex-wife!?!
And kill Haskell please--he's as stale and stinky as week-old shrimp!!

Crystal s eaton

I think this is a way to get us attached to Langston, since most fans were really upset at Grisom leaving. It worked too cuz I am really invested in him and hope he sticks it out for the rest of the series, however I still miss me some Gil!


These thing between Nate Haskell and Ray remind me of Criminal Minds season last year where Hotch and the Reaper chase each other that led up to his wife death

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CSI Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Ray: Damn right it's only temporary, because you're going to give me your pass code right now.
Hodges: No, I don't think-
Ray: Or I'm gonna go all Dirty Harry on your ass.

Greg: What's going on?
Ray: You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.
Greg: Solution.