CSI Season Finale Review: The Fate of Nate Haskell

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Was this Ray Langston's swan song? That's the only question on my mind after watching "In a Dark, Dark House."

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Ray killed Nate Haskell, which isn't exactly shocking. Most of the moments since Haskell's escape have been foretelling of a final showdown. We've known that someone dying was going to be the only viable resolution, lest the cycle continue on forever.

The surprising bit was that Ray didn't kill Nate in self defense. He let his darker side emerge and let his vengeance fly. Not that I could blame him after everything Haskell had put him through. And maybe that wasn't even all that shocking.

Here's the question, though: how can Ray continue to be a CSI after what he's done? How can his colleagues at the lab ever look at him the same way?

The guys seem to have Ray's back for the most part. I think Nick and Greg can fully convince themselves that no matter the lingering questions left by the evidence, Ray killing Haskell was entirely justified. Even Doc Robbins was on board, making sure Ray knew he's a good man by telling him so. Brass obviously knows the whole truth, but Brass has had his darker moments, and would have done the same thing in Ray's shoes.

On the surface, Catherine seems to be letting this go, but just underneath I have to wonder if she isn't a little bothered by the possibility that Ray acted in cold blood.

Sarah, on the other hand, was the only team member acting as a CSI. She had questions, and because Brass was smart, the evidence proved Ray acted in self defense. It does seem like she saw past that trick, but with no other evidence she'd have to let it go. She had followed the trail as far as it would lead her, but she'll probably always have her doubts.

Schultz from I.A. wasn't exactly a popular guy with the team, but I was sort of on his side. The reasons why don't always matter in the eye of the law. He's after justice, and his final question to Ray - "Was it self defense or was it murder?"- won't be answered until next season.

Unless Ray leaves the lab, the repercussions from this episode will echo into next season. It's hard to say whether it will help or hinder the show.

There was a hint that Gloria, Ray's ex-wife, may have been impregnated by Nate Haskell. That would certainly make for some added drama.

I was happy that Ray killed Haskell right away, and the show was about whether it was a murder or self defense. I was a little worried the tired plot of the CSIs having to rescue one of their own was going to be used again.

This was a dark and brutal episode. All the scenes flashing between evidence being collected at the crime scene and Gloria gave me chills. I think it heightened my support for Ray, and the struggle he felt within himself to be good.

I can't give this episode a perfect rating, generally for little things I found lacking. But it was solid and left me anxious for next season to start. I really can't ask for more than that.


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I liked ray am so Glad he got the evil date I don't care how it was done


You guys hitting on Ray are nothing but racist bastards!


OMG I thought this episode was fantastic, all of it, Ray was justified in killing this monster totally, after what he'd done do him and Gloria. Thank god.. and why on earth is anyone bringing up WP/Grissom? He's gone and thank god, Laurence Fishburne is a far better actor and his character is electryfing and scintillating from the onset. So many layers and such a astonishing man in every way shape and form. His aura is incredible He's the best thing to ever have happened to this show. And he's going to be in S/12. I love him and am so glad he's on CSI! ^^^ this!


Never thought Ray really fit in and was certainly no replacement for Grissom/ Always seemed to hold his MD above everythingelse. Hope Ray is gone

@ Ann Margaret Frady

No one was like Griss, I also liked Ray but Griss was always my favorite......nice to see Haskell taken out, well done Ray


I was starting to Like Ray. But bad is bad. If he killed someone out of hate, even if the guy was evil and deserved it. He wasn't the one who should have done it. Yes, for that, he should be punished. I understood why they let Greg off but if they let Ray off, They gonna make CSI and cops looks bad. Anyway! I love CSI! It'll be cool


For crying out loud! It's a tv show! Comparing the killing of the CHARACTER Nate Haskel by the CHARACTER Ray Langston to the death of Bin Laden is absolutely ridiculous. If you can't sit and watch an entertaining season finale of an entertaining television show without bringing race or politics into the mix, you have my sympathy.


I don't like the final 3 episodes, I think most audience would agree with me as the last 3 episodes (all about ray) fell from 14M average viewers to 10M average viewers. It was such pointless episodes, just Ray vs Haskell, evil vs evil Further I don't think Ray is coming back, although Wikipedia listed Ray comes back for full season but we all know about the accuracy of Wiki, so I think he needs to be released of his duty and face the court of law. The idea of the show is to promote justice and evil always go down. If Ray gets away with Murder, what does it say about the show. I still miss Gil, Ray just don't have what Grissom did. Hope Ray leaves and don't come back, never understood his logic of solving a crime. He ruined a classic. So sad


Let's be real, if the storyline involved a white male character instead of Ray, a LOT more of you would say he was justified in killing Haskell. But of course you're going to deny it. At the end of the day Ray did what probably most emotionally involved human beings would do in such an intensely close to home situation.


Too bad the CSI writers didn't take a lead from Bones. Booth could have easily killed his nemesis but didn't. Except for Sara Suicidal, every member of the "team" should now either be fired or disciplined for a coverup. The integrity of this show was based on Grissom and the weird plot lines that were palatable only because they juxopposed against Las Vegas. CSI Miami is just a rerun of Miami Vice, only lab techs with guns. CSI NY? Somebody on dope must have greenlighted that. Unfortunately for the fans, the producers want CSI(original) to be more like the franchise spinoffs. I think that's why Peterson left in the first place.


What Ray did was more along the lines of voluntary manslaughter and yes, he'd lose his job at a minimum and of course stand trial if they chose to prosecute. However, if you really believe that CSIs break down doors, shoot at suspects, tell the detectives what to do, interrogate suspects, etc, then why would you not believe that Ray could get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist? CSI is not about the real world. It's about entertaining drama and the writers are going to do whatever they want to tell a good story.

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Look, we are the only two people in the world who know what really happened here. And it stays between you and me. Cos' if I.A. gets a hold of it internal affairs is gonna kick this up to a criminal case. They'll try you for murder, Ray. They'll lock you up...And it won't just be you you'll be crucifying.


Doc Robbins: After everything that's happened between the two of you it's natural that you'd need some reflection.
Ray: Reflection...That's what he saw when he looked at me.
Doc Robbins: That's what he wanted you to believe. He wanted to bring you into that house with him. He wanted to make you a helpless child just like him.