Grey's Anatomy Review: "White Wedding"

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It must be wedding season.

After all, I was lucky enough to attend The Royal Wedding last week via DVR and was also cordially invited to Calzona’s special day in last night’s "White Wedding."

After a season of craziness for Calzona, including breakups, intercontinental separation, Mark Sloan, the awful car accident, and precious Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres (Whew! Say that five times fast!), Grey's Anatomy definitely brought on the wedding bells last night.

Mr. and Mrs. Torres? Robbins?

Whether you’re a fan of Calzona or not, you’ve got to admit they both looked absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day. Not so surprisingly, there was plenty of tension on the family and wedding front.

Then again, what would you expect from a wedding with two brides and one Mark Sloan?

I liked seeing the dynamic of both Callie’s and Arizona’s parents together. Mr. Torres was slowly accepting their lesbian marriage; The Colonel was not particularly at ease either. Speaking on behalf of all daddies’ girls, it couldn’t possibly be easy for any father to see their daughter grow up regardless of the circumstances.

As for Callie’s mom, she wasn’t on board with what she believed was a pretend wedding.

That’s too bad for her though, because she missed out on her daughter’s beautiful day. I honestly didn’t expect that Callie’s father would return at the end in perfect time for the father-daughter dance. That was certainly a touching moment.

By the way, baby Sofia is absolutely precious! She looks exactly like Callie. I’m not sure how Mrs. Torres could resist holding her. I get that she has her beliefs, but how could she refuse to even look at her granddaughter?

I’m glad that Calzona finally got their happily ever after, but I’ve been patiently waiting for MerDer to get theirs for what seems like much longer.

Moreover, how perfect were the scenes between MerDer and baby Zola? I couldn’t help but gush to see how excited McDreamy was to simply just be holding baby Zola. I still can’t believe that they are finally married and am thrilled that they will be moving forward in hopes of adopting.

I will say that I know better though than to get my hopes up thinking that baby Zola will easily be theirs. In Grey’s Anatomy style, I’m certain that it just won’t be that simple... especially since nothing ever comes easy for MerDer.

The Big Decision

They would make a lovely McFamily though. I have always seen both Meredith and Derek as people who would adopt. Just look how many people Meredith has taken into her home, and Derek has the biggest heart of anyone on Grey’s Anatomy.

Everyone definitely stepped it up this week in the race for chief resident. Well, except for Cristina as she spent most of her time apologizing to Teddy.

I’m kind of tired of seeing Cristina “on the sidelines” and think that she and Teddy just need to talk things through. Cristina needs to get back in the OR, but she also needs to be a little more respectful to Teddy.

Alex seemed to be leading the competition though with his orphans from Africa. Alex also has some dirt on Meredith and confronted her about jeopardizing the Alzheimer’s study. I can’t help but wonder if Meredith will admit to her wrongdoing, or if Alex is going to say something. What will this do to MerDer?

While Avery worked closely with Chief Webber, April deservingly received a recommendation from Dr. Stark. I won’t try to obliterate the patients’ names, but every single medical case was heartbreaking this week. For one patient, April’s corn porridge made a good impression on Dr. Stark. Maybe there’s still hope for these two.

Then, there’s Teddy. Dr. Perkins wanted Teddy to come with him to Germany. What about Henry though? After all, he is her husband.

Overall, this was a solid Grey’s Anatomy installment. One thing is for sure – I absolutely loved that this episode was named after Billy Idol’s "White Wedding." Moreover, everyone looked absolutely stunning at the wedding.

What did you think? Were you glad you attended Calzona’s wedding? What do you think will happen with MerDer and baby Zola? Who do you think should be chief resident?

Check out some of the night's best Grey's Anatomy quotes and discuss below!


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In response to Ana ( very late, sry), this was bugging me too so I looked it up and found: "The Portuguese-speaking African countries (also referred to as Lusophone Africa) consist of five African countries in which the Portuguese language is an official language: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe." Pretty neat :)


You know what's so silly. The kid (can't really understand the name since English is not my first language so I can't make up what they really say) that Teddy is going to operate on speaks Portuguese, not Swahili or an African language/dialect. So are the kids from Africa or Brazil?!. If it was a mistake it is a liiiittle disappointing being that GA is so meticulously well made (this coming from a scrub nurse. I mean, they even have the sound the instruments make on the surgeons' gloves down!), so yea :/


tell me plz, what will happen with Callie and Arizona? is it true that Arizona will die???


The ''big'' Callie & Arizona wedding was only a big let down. Why was it so rushed? Why did we not get to hear the vows? The ceremony lasted 01:45 minute... And it's been so hyped. Was really expecting more than what we got to see. Izzie's wedding was bigger and more beautiful - and not rushed. Everything before the Callie and Arizona wedding was better than the wedding itself. And I think the wedding photos are greater and more beautiful than what was shown in the episode. It was hyped as, and you talk about it as this ''big, beautiful wedding'' - why didn't we get to see that? Why was so much cut out? Censored? Were you worried to show more?


I was rather disappointed in the Wedding day, other than the priest couldnt be there and bailey steps in, there was nothing much. This was a momentous occation in tv history and i expected way more out of. Cutting of cake, more dancing, pictures with baby.....just more. The musical event for me was the best greys ever, second best was the season finale last year. I am not feeling any drama for this finale, but just love Callie and Arizona. Love they are open and gay! Love MerDer too and hope they get Zola....we will see.


My favorite scene of the show was Derek and Meredith getting legally married. It was perfect - just those two, no white dress, no frills and thrills, just them. Thank you Shonda Rhimes for fulfilling your promise of a marriage 2 seasons ago. I hope Meredith tells Derek what she did to the trial and they work it out together. Derke will be pissed - no doubt - but they have come to far in their relationship for Meredith to allow him to learn this from someone else. I love Cristina and think she was right when she gave Teddy her real apology but her ego is getting the best of her. She doesn't know everything and it's going to take her killing someone before she understands why she's a resident and not an attending. It's time Cristina fell from grace and learned that she isn't the best resident in the program after all. I loved the scene between Mark and Arizona. I like that they are getting along.


Am I the only one who felt that Mer wasn't very excited about baby Zola?


come on greys, really, they not only had one ugly wedding dress, but two! how could they have picked such ugly dresses...


@soso yea in white wedding she goes in the room with that girl and diddent have anything covering her and she might of got that girls blood on her and she might of got that girls H.I.V


Just to add, I think none of the five, Mer, Alex, Avery, April and Cristina, show the administrative and teaching skills to be Chief Resident. Whoever they pick, I fell sorry for the residents next year. At least April will make the trains run on time.

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