Mr. and Mrs. Torres? Robbins?
Who knows. All that we know is that we love us some Calzona.

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The rest of the female married doctors have kept their last names, I don't see any reason for Callie and Arizon to be different.


Somewhere I heard people saying they should both change their name to "Tobbins" I'm not sure how I feel about that but at least it's better than "Rorres" lol... I've actually met a lot of people recently, gay and straight, who combined their names... Not sure how I feel about it though... Seems a little cutesy...

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes

Just when we think we figured things out, the universe throws us a curveball. So, we have to improvise. We find happiness in unexpected places. We find ourselves back to the things that matter the most. The universe is funny that way. Sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong.


Mark: I'd like to propose a toast.
Colonel: Why is the sperm donor here? I thought tonight was a family dinner.

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 20 Music

  Song Artist
Song Never Let You Go Calahan
Song Love You Good Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs
Song Morning Noon & Night Ryan Shaw