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You know what would be cool? I mean possibly. If Bailey found out about the trial. She waged damage control the best way possible with the Denny/Izzie/LVAD incident. Bailey could wrangle the Adele/trial incident, right? I don't know how. The problem would be Derreck forgiving Meredith. The study is his "baby." (and maybe Zola will be his other baby! :) but the study also represents how much he cares for Meredith...)

@domcos, agree on your observation re: Mark & Arizona.

@seriously13, I'm guessing Christina is down in order for us experience the tension of wondering how she's going to climb back up, ya think? Everyone is changing/growing in all these ways. I can't wait to see how they evolve. Gosh, I hope Karev doesn't throw Meredith under the bus!



EXACTLY! Well put.
Beth V


Touche! Christina Tran! I never claimed to use spell check at all times! Although I usually spell correctly! :) I totally did not get your meaning of "obliterate" in that sentence. Your explanation helps.
Beth V (there's another Beth who posts and I'm sure she wouldn't want her posts confused with mine :)


I was so disappointed by what the Chief said to Christina at the wedding about her loosing the Chief Resident battle. That was just way too insensitive. Who talks to other people like that?

I just hope they have some good thing in store for Christina, I would hate to see her plummet.


Are they trying to wrong foot us with regard to kepner getting the cheif resident gig at the last minute? I read something SD said about something happening that would affect kepner in the remining seasons(yes seasons). Maybe kepner not wearing the protective gloves etc has meant she will have HIV?????

I so worried about Meredith and that stupid SL that meant she has risked too much in order to help Adele. I'd rather see her tell Derek, but I'm thinking Alex will tell on her in order to get the chief resident job. Alex seems to be the only one who knows, and yet last week we saw him get away with fraud by sheer goodluck. Iz's fraudulent way of getting her boyfriend the heart didn't seem to have got out as news to the medical community. Remember how indignant Hahn was when she found out? I can't see how SGMWH reputation would survive the scandal of what Meredith did for the chief of surgery's wife


Really enjoyed this episode, very nicely done! Especially loved April making porridge and telling Stark off - I think April really adds something to this show, as Stark pointed out, her approach (and personality) are different to everybody else's and she's quite funny too. Jackson can still go away as far as I'm concerned because he just doesn't add anything to the show. Also loved Arizona and Mark's scene together - she expressed her pain so beautifully and Mark responded in the only acceptable way, and Arizona took the comfort he offered in the spirit it was offered. Beautiful!
I love Alex (he's my favourite character)but if he tells anybody what Mer did I'll never forgive him. Everything he said about Mer's actions effecting the whole hospital etc. are true - just as they were true for what Izzy did with the LVAD wire. If he believes 'you need to stick with your team even if you think the quarterback's a jerk' then he needs to show it once again. Besides, how can it be okay to wangle money out of a patient but not be okay to make sure someone you care about gets the medicine that could help them. It's a little bit rich for him to self-righteous now. Maybe he would see it differently if he knew Adele was the patient in question.
I do believe the truth will come out, I juust hope it doesn't come from him.
Oh, and @Losers - right back atcha!


baby Zola is just so adorable!


.. I absolutely loved the way Derek and Meredith got married ! wonderful. as true to character as I could've hoped for.. "perfectly UNromantic", so, paradoxically.. couldn't have been more romantic! round of applause to whoever(s?) wrote this part of the script! thanks-


I will be EXTREMELY disappointed if the storyline with Christina and Teddy ends up with Christina coming to the conclusion that she should be more careful and respectful like Teddy claims she wants.

Christina was RIGHT! This entire situation is about Teddy's ego, not getting Christina to be a safer doctor. Teddy is threatened.

I did not appreciate Owen's discussion with Teddy when he was indulging her as she tried to defend her reasoning. I can't believe he bought that whole "i'm trying to teach her a lessaon" rubbish!


@Beth...I think you meant enumerate. Anyway, I did mean to say obliterate. Although, I could have also used enumerate. (:

Aside from baby Zola, I just meant that I wasn't going to list out all of the other patients' names in fear of totally destroying the spelling of their names.

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