Grey's Anatomy Review: "White Wedding"

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It must be wedding season.

After all, I was lucky enough to attend The Royal Wedding last week via DVR and was also cordially invited to Calzona’s special day in last night’s "White Wedding."

After a season of craziness for Calzona, including breakups, intercontinental separation, Mark Sloan, the awful car accident, and precious Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres (Whew! Say that five times fast!), Grey's Anatomy definitely brought on the wedding bells last night.

Mr. and Mrs. Torres? Robbins?

Whether you’re a fan of Calzona or not, you’ve got to admit they both looked absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day. Not so surprisingly, there was plenty of tension on the family and wedding front.

Then again, what would you expect from a wedding with two brides and one Mark Sloan?

I liked seeing the dynamic of both Callie’s and Arizona’s parents together. Mr. Torres was slowly accepting their lesbian marriage; The Colonel was not particularly at ease either. Speaking on behalf of all daddies’ girls, it couldn’t possibly be easy for any father to see their daughter grow up regardless of the circumstances.

As for Callie’s mom, she wasn’t on board with what she believed was a pretend wedding.

That’s too bad for her though, because she missed out on her daughter’s beautiful day. I honestly didn’t expect that Callie’s father would return at the end in perfect time for the father-daughter dance. That was certainly a touching moment.

By the way, baby Sofia is absolutely precious! She looks exactly like Callie. I’m not sure how Mrs. Torres could resist holding her. I get that she has her beliefs, but how could she refuse to even look at her granddaughter?

I’m glad that Calzona finally got their happily ever after, but I’ve been patiently waiting for MerDer to get theirs for what seems like much longer.

Moreover, how perfect were the scenes between MerDer and baby Zola? I couldn’t help but gush to see how excited McDreamy was to simply just be holding baby Zola. I still can’t believe that they are finally married and am thrilled that they will be moving forward in hopes of adopting.

I will say that I know better though than to get my hopes up thinking that baby Zola will easily be theirs. In Grey’s Anatomy style, I’m certain that it just won’t be that simple... especially since nothing ever comes easy for MerDer.

The Big Decision

They would make a lovely McFamily though. I have always seen both Meredith and Derek as people who would adopt. Just look how many people Meredith has taken into her home, and Derek has the biggest heart of anyone on Grey’s Anatomy.

Everyone definitely stepped it up this week in the race for chief resident. Well, except for Cristina as she spent most of her time apologizing to Teddy.

I’m kind of tired of seeing Cristina “on the sidelines” and think that she and Teddy just need to talk things through. Cristina needs to get back in the OR, but she also needs to be a little more respectful to Teddy.

Alex seemed to be leading the competition though with his orphans from Africa. Alex also has some dirt on Meredith and confronted her about jeopardizing the Alzheimer’s study. I can’t help but wonder if Meredith will admit to her wrongdoing, or if Alex is going to say something. What will this do to MerDer?

While Avery worked closely with Chief Webber, April deservingly received a recommendation from Dr. Stark. I won’t try to obliterate the patients’ names, but every single medical case was heartbreaking this week. For one patient, April’s corn porridge made a good impression on Dr. Stark. Maybe there’s still hope for these two.

Then, there’s Teddy. Dr. Perkins wanted Teddy to come with him to Germany. What about Henry though? After all, he is her husband.

Overall, this was a solid Grey’s Anatomy installment. One thing is for sure – I absolutely loved that this episode was named after Billy Idol’s "White Wedding." Moreover, everyone looked absolutely stunning at the wedding.

What did you think? Were you glad you attended Calzona’s wedding? What do you think will happen with MerDer and baby Zola? Who do you think should be chief resident?

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Last night's episode has got to be one of, if not THE worst of all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Its only saving grace for me was Derek and baby Zola. Thank goodness for DVR...I watched all of about 15 minutes of scenes with Meredith, Yang, Alex and Chief and fast-forwarded thru the rest.


I know everyone is going to jump all over me because I am not with the whole bride/bride marriage thing, but I think during this whole Calzona thing, Grey's Anatomy has managed to be as non-controversial as they possibly could. Everyone is so accepting of their relationship EVERYWHERE. In a perfect world I'm sure some people would think that idea, but for a drama that is suppose to have some kind of relevancy, Callie's mother's reaction does represent the other side of the coin. I thought it was very appropriate, although extremely bias, to speak through a mother who (1) did not raise her daughter with the hopes she would marry another woman, (2) did not raise her daughter in the hopes that she would have a illegitimate child. They were over the top with the mother not wanting to even hold the baby, but they do a good job of portraying her as the religious bigoted monster. However, if she is true to her Catholic background, how could she be pleased? Does that make her a bad person or a person that believes she has the right to her own religious convictions as Callie has the right to her own desires? Fundamentally, if these two people cannot agree, why does that mean she is the enemy? Why should she have to surrender her convictions because her daughter is making what she thinks is a bad immoral choice? I think murder is fundamentally wrong, and if my mother, whom I love dearly, murdered someone I would never agree it was the "right thing" for her to do, but I would still love her. I sure wouldn't be wearing "Free Momma Murderer" t-shirts and lobbying for her rights for her to kill at will, just because she's mom and I love her. Back to the episode. I thought it was creative for them to upplay the "illegitimate" wedding and downplay the "legitimate one." I felt manipulated though. When Derrick said, "this is for the baby" it just felt like he's all gungho about the baby and Meredith is just along for the ride. We only really see Derrick coddling and holding the baby with joy and delight, and Meredith looks extremely shell-shocked like she doesn't know what to do. But I'm not feeling Meredith is as excited about Baby Zola as Meredith is and seeing that it was Meredith obsessing over her dead womb, I'm not seeing this being a plausible solution to her baby dilemma. The episode was choppy and really so many story lines without a lot of heart. I felt like I was watching a montage.


I was so hyped for this show to finally see the coming together of two people we have seen slowly fall in love, especially over the past 2 or 3 seasons. And although I am glad they are "married", I was hoping for more of the wedding itself. The dance looked like they were afraid of each other. I loved the fact that Callies dad came back. The little speech that Arizona had with him a while back, I hope had a little something to do with that. In any case, my personal feelings are, there should of been more air time with the two of them, especially after everything that has happened recently. I do hope though, that they keep these two together and that they remain a very happy couple. Good luck to them...Shonda, are you listening? :)


I'm happy Mer/Der are finally married. But I think this was th eonly part of the episode I really liked. thought that the Calzona wedding was a bit lame... expected moving speeches and many romantic moments, since the episode had the title white wedding, but whatever. This wedding was nothing compared to the Izzie/Alex wedding, this was romantic.
Then there was the thing with Mer and Alex,while I am on Alex side and think Mer should tell at keast Drek so that they can thinkabout a solution together, I think Alex was totally out of character. In the last five season they never judged each other, no matter what and now, suddely he is all "what you did is wrong, you shouldn`t have done this" I mean, what he said is right but it didn't seem like a Mer/Alex interaction for me, if you know what I mean. If he will tell anydody about this, even the last character has gone OOC, everydody did things this season which the characters from the earlier seasons would have never done, but Alex and Christina.


I enjoyed GA last evening. Loved that Mer/Der got married. Baby Zola is beautiful. I feel that the writers tried to cram too much into one episode. I am starting to feel the way some of you feel that there are too many characters on Greys. Maybe time to get rid of a few. I hope that Lucy dosen't come back. I also hope that Alex dosen't cause trouble for Meredith. She befriended him and gave him a home. She was nice to him when no one else was.


I like Callie, but Arizona is extremely annoying,she has that irritating way of speaking, I hope that we don't see much of her in the next series.


I really want merder to adopt zola this season. I hope that authorities do not deny them the adoption when they found out that meredith is a cheat. Zola is so cuuuuuuuuuuute and she really deserves good parents like merder. Moreover, it seems that Derek already considers himself as the father of the baby. I also agree with those who think that Meredith should get pregnant. May next season when they have already adopted, she will. Let's keep fingers crossed


Mrs.torres is bitch Sofia is perious beauitful in all the way and she looks like callie and haves some stuff like mark..


Those last scenes with merder and baby Zola were absolutely precious!


I don't think anyone should attack Ashley for his/her comment. I don't agree with what they said, but they're just giving their thought on why Callie's mother was behaving and acting the way she did. In addition, everyone can have their thoughts and views on religion. But this review is about Grey's Anatomy. I think we should all stick to that.

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