NCIS Review: Mike Franks' Swan Song

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From the opening scene, you knew this would be not just an unusual episode of NCIS, but a somber, dark and gut-wrenching installment that would leave viewers reeling.

The aptly-titled "Swan Song" began with Gibbs stoically standing in the rain, helplessly watching a body bag carted off. As promised, the victim was a major NCIS figure.

Even as the story unfolded in reverse, with dots connected throughout the night, the identity of the person ins the bag and the toll this loss took on Gibbs were obvious.

Gibbs and Franks

NCIS doesn't usually try methods such as having Mike (or the memories of Mike) talk to Gibbs throughout the case, hovering over his shoulder, as if he were really there.

For a time, of course, he was. But the Mike Franks we first saw last night spoke to Jethro from beyond the grave, shrouding the episode in both mystery and emotion.

If there were any doubts that Jethro's mentor was the victim, they were cleared up during Duck's autopsy. Gibbs was present, yet absent, like Mike in a different sense.

Perhaps the fact that it was so different made it all the more effective. Rather than having Franks killed as a shocker at the end, we were left wondering how and why.

It worked extremely well not only because many fans guessed Franks would be this week's victim, but because it set up a terrific "Swan Song" for this great character.

Like the old dog he referenced, Franks knew his time had come, and he went out in style, picking a fight the Port-to-Port Killer never saw coming and nearly winning it.

Mike looked noticeably pale and unwell, not to mention noticeably older, in human form than in Gibbs' mental images. You can't help but wonder if he was gravely ill.

That may also explain how Gibbs lives with what happened going forward. Had he not called Mike, he would be alive today ... or would he? Not if he were terminal.

Instead, perhaps Jethro offered the man who took him under his wing a fitting sendoff, and in a tangential way, broke open a case that flummoxed him on many levels.

That doesn't mean Mike's murder wasn't brutal to stomach for Probie or anyone else. For Gibbs, letting go of Franks would be like everyone else letting go of Gibbs.

The scene where the elevator opened and McGee was holding Abby just as Tony was with Ziva, and Tony telling them to "bring it in" for a group hug was powerful.

Given everything that's gone on - and is still going on - viewers probably felt they needed a hug too. After all, the monster who did this to Franks is still on the loose.

Franks' death became the latest chapter in the hunt for the P2P, who we now know by name (Jonas Cobb) and received a full bio on thanks to a one-eyed Trent Cort.

The shady CIA agent's role filled in a number of blanks.

Swan Song Photo

First, it explained the eyeball. It was his, which made sense, given the Company's propensity for gaining access to everything. More importantly, it legitimized the P2P.

Making viewers fear Cobb on a show in which murderers are hunted every week is a difficult task, but Cort's description and thoroughly disturbing videos did the job.

The P2P is a trained assassin, crafted by the CIA to do its "wet work" while remaining undercover as a run-of-the-mill serviceman. Only after his first kill, he went rogue.

After making a mockery of military hierarchy by slaying his first group of victims, the killer is now evolving, tracking the people tracking him. But Franks wasn't a target.

Cobb was conducting "research" on Gibbs, lurking inside NCIS and outside his home. Just as Gibbs and Vance study each other, the killer observes. He learns. He waits.

Interestingly, it was when Gibbs confronted Vance about their personal battles that he gained insight into why Cobb came to his house - and where he went next.

Franks forced Cobb into a kill-or-be-killed situation, but the P2P didn't want Gibbs. He wanted Barrett and her team members, baiting them into a terrifying trap.

Despite widespread animosity for E.J. and the new guys, you couldn't watch this and not feel awful. She walked right into this haunting, deadly trap and had no idea.

Will E.J. survive? It doesn't look good, but Gibbs and Vance are on the same page now. Jethro's running point, fueled by the demise of his mentor. It is ON next week.

Presumably because of its format, NCIS doesn't get much Emmy love, but that should change, because this was one of the most superbly written episodes of TV you'll see.

Weaving this complicated web in such compelling fashion, with precise attention to detail and continuity years in the making, is no easy task. Kudos to everyone involved.

I'm drained after watching, then writing about these events that evoked so much emotion and so many thoughts. It's hard to do them justice. So I turn it over to you:

What did you think of last night's NCIS? Discuss below!


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You can bet whatever Franks had in the box will include a copy of whatever Vance shredded in the first episode that he took over as director. He opens Jenny's desk drawer pulls out a file and shreds it. Still the best show on right now.


Gosh Sue Ann great post. I enjoyed reading all you wrote. Plus I agree with you. If only you could somehow educate Michael here as Janet, Tiva and I have tried dozens of times. He only has the one montra....and it's all Ziva hate...damn him anyway


Remember Gibbs and Jenny and Dexters were sent to kill those Russio people who Vance was also sent to Kill


Did Vance had something to do with Jenny's death and that's why Mike had Decker's case file and why Franks had something on Vance and why Franks thought Vance and Kort has something cooked up.
did he have something to do with Jasper Shepard death as well


I had hoped that Mike Franks would have been a recurring character through the whole series, and not killed off.


i also cried with them love that show can;t wait till Tuesday


I was really sad to see they killed Mike Franks in "Swan Song". I have really enjoyed watching Muse Watson in all of his screen appearances and he was a great character on NCIS. I hope his exit from the show does not mean we will not see him as a ghost character in future episodes. Thanks Muse for making your Mike Frank's character so great!!!

Sue ann

@ Carey -- Gibbs is the godfather to Mike Franks's granddaughter, so I expect that his character is well aware of her location, and will keep an eye on her situation and protect her mother, if she needs it (She did shoot the killer herself in Mexico that one time.) @ Brennan -- Palmer is a peripheral character, despite having a Palmer-centric episode. I'm not saying I don't agree with you. I'm saying I see why they have not so honored him. However, if you buy the DVD's, you will see that the actor who plays Palmer is included in the group interview and discussion parties that they have on each set of DVD's. He's a sweet guy, and his interaction with David McCallum in those interviews is also priceless, just as are their interactions in character, in the morgue, or at crime scenes. I like him, too. @ Maka -- Ziva is changing with experience. She cannot continue to be an emotionless killer forever. The P2P killer is a graphic example of what happens to a human being who is dehumanized and kept that way. Over the decades of his existence on the tv shows and movies of Star Trek, Mr. Spock changed and grew. It is normal for all emotionless creatures, including Ziva. She is becoming a more rounded human being, and that is a good thing, both for a human, or for a character. Ziva's story arc opportunities are more varied now that her character is deeper. One of the reasons that NCIS has lasted eight years, with more years coming, and why the parent show JAG lasted ten years, and why a previous Donald Bellisario program, Magnum PI lasted so long is that the core characters change as they age and have experiences. They are not two dimensional. Life happens to them as it happens to all of us. That is why we keep being interested; we want to see what happens next, not how they redo the same thing differently.


Stay alive EJ! Unfortunately, it looks as if the next episode is angling towards more Tony/Ziva melodrama, which is just what this show DOESN'T need. They had their chance a few seasons ago, now it's just tired, stale, and annoying. Let them both date other characters, and spare us the soap opera. Also, Ziva's been getting hella soft on us lately, hasn't she? I miss those times when she was actually a badass.


Question WHY WONT THEY MAKE PALMER PART OF THE CREDITS?? They revolve an episode around him and he has been in more scenes than Vance. He is a staple to the TEAM!!! Put him in the pictures and in the credits.

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