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Gibbs and Franks
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Gibbs bid farewell to his mentor last night. R.I.P. Mike Franks.

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    Somehow, someway bring back Mike Franks!! He was slick and you did not know for sure when he would show. He was a good addition to the show! It is my favorite show. The actors and actresses are great!!


    NCIS is one of the really good shows. Great cast. I don't care for new agents--shouldn't mess with a proven group! I cried for a half hour about Mike Franks, his character was so intense and so "get the job done". Jethro, Tony and Ziva are much the same way and that wishsy washy stuff doesn't fly with them. I still don't trust the "director", he's not on the up and up. Wish someone would write a western for Muse Watson, he would be great! What a great show!!!


    I watched "Swan Song" with great anticapation to see what was happening, i had missed lots of episodes due to work and the recorder not working, anyway i could not belive the episode that i have just watched Mike Franks has gone (yes i did shed a tear or twelve) i did like the character played by Muse Watson a great actor, and now all i want is for Jethro to shoot the basterd cant wait, (and Mr Kerr is playing a great baddie), now my hopes are that as this has happened it does not screw up after ten fantastic year a brilliant show, long live NCIS, the BEST show in the world. ps: this was a brilliantly written piece of work.


    I really hated to see mike franks get killed, though he was a part time character he was one of my favorites. His attitude was priceless and I will miss it. I have to wonder about his daughter in law and grandchild? Will they reappear needing help from Gibbs?


    I warched the last episode last night, and , now the wait is on . I can't believe we have such a long time to wait. I know that it's going to be fantanstic as usual, but it seems so far away. At our age (65) this July. I hope though that we aren't stuck with EJ Barett next season. Gibbs seemed so uneasy around her, and she was so cocky towards everyone...We've got a good team, why fox something that isn't broken??? See you here next september, maybe earlier. Just in case, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SUPER SUMMER Y'ALL !!!


    what a show swan song was on ncis the next show is on the day after my 72nd birthday so this is a good present from ncis gang but why mike franks he reminded me of one of my uncles and i loved that character. the show was very well written and directed i hope there is an emmy for this one you all deserve it at ncis my other favorite abby is great soplease keep he on the show what are the names of the ej team members i recognized one from watching numbers col bells killer was on numbers as well good to see them on ncis