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Well..I think we can all agree that ej Barrett should not have been lead Team and that stupid Team is a bit of a joke anyway. The Big fella fell like a rock the first sign of trouble. What up with that ? She doesn't listen, she is not a team player, she doesn't take orders well and SHE thought SHE could take down this killer all alone? Ya! sure! She is stupid for sure, but she is also about 100 lbs. and 5 foot nothing. Idiot!! And now the P2P killer gets away and so because of Barretts stupidity, Ziva is in peril. I only hope that Tony can put 2 and 2 together and realize what we all have and tell her that the sex was swell, but she is not the person he thought and as he said "it's all about the people"......I hate to admit it (I think I am among friends here) but when the gun was pointed under her chin I literally screamed at the TV screen "Shoot her - shoot her" But, he didn't and I'm sorry (that he didn't shoot her - not about screaming it out) The elevator scene was the most wonderful of this season !!! After all that crying, we needed that. Thank you. The end!


So Does these mean we get to see Deckers insurance policy?


Episodes like this one is the reason NCIS is #1 in my book. I love shows that pull at your emotions and at your mind. The characters are so good. Can't wait for next week. (But sad the season is almost over, oh well thank goodness for reruns huh?)


what a very sad episode that Mike Franks Died one of there own who Gibbs looked up to his mentor his friend, Just like Tony and McGee look up to Gibbs.

I liked this episode so sad Mike had to die but he was sick and it did remind me of the Jenny Shepard episode but this time around was much sadder then Jenny.

I like the part where Tony ans Ziva where in the elevator he cane see that love between these two when the doors open you see the love between Abby and McGee to. When DiNozzo told them to come in and they group hug was too sad how all four grieved for Franks as a family.

liked how Gibbs was telling Franks the story that sad liked how Franks told Gibbs to skip it and it did.

EJ is going to die next week because she's not flowing orders shes dumb.

I think they will save Ziva just in time before the finale and we have to wait all summer to see how it will play out.

this was very good episode said that Mike had to die wish it was someone else but otherwise very great episode very touching. I watched at a friends house and she cried at the elevator scene with all four crying over there good friend Franks.

looking forword for next week to see if EJ dies hope so can't stand her how they will save Ziva. the funeral looks sad. looking forword Tony tellling Kort he needs to find Ziva.
Gibbs saying if she gets hurt.


You all remember when Jenny die there were some files that Vances wanted that involed Jenny and Gibbs Mission to Russia Mike Frank said he would leave it in his will for him?

Do you think he did?
Will he see it?
Will it be the next season storyline


Mike's death was predictable but it was handled masterfully by the writers. No wonder the show is still strong after all these y ears. I di see a few discrepancies, but only to one who unfortunately sees all the little inconsistencies and misssed marks, which is my job. One thing, Ziva breaking down had to have deeper meaning since she was not that close to Mike and she is usually so stoic about events and will rather become deadly angry rather than weepy, totally out of charater.


I missed this one completely. I had predicted the demise of Vance last week. Great episode though. still wish it had bee Vance instead..lol


It seemed to me that the producers said goodbye to Franks just as they did Jenny in the same way- people quietly dying who died on their own terms versus allowing the illness to suck them dry and protecting someone they cared for deeply- Gibbs. Nice how they tied the remnants of Jenny's death in the desert in with Mike bringing along the insurance of the agent that was discovered when Franks and Jenny were in the diner in the Mojave Desert. I am VERY upset, though, that they killed Franks. He just brought zest to every episode he appeared in and that will be missed. I really don't see where it was needed. Ziva is going to be dramatic next week, but she isn't going anywhere- she is under contract beyond this season. I figure E.J. and her team are the ones that are toast, though it may just be E.J. I have found out through the reactions to Frank's demise that I am not the only person that doesn't care for E.J.'s character. There really is nothing likable about it.


I hope EJ is gone for good!!!
DO NOT like her at all


great show keep you at seat end waiting to see whats next

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