Private Practice Season Finale Review: Starting (Mostly) Fresh

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I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed with last night’s Private Practice season finale.

While "...To Change the Things I Can" had all the ingredients - with its hookups, break ups and farewells - I just wasn’t feeling it. Then again, maybe it’s because I didn’t like several of the end results. Let's dig in...

First off, I was thrilled to hear that Benjamin Bratt would make an appearance. For weeks, I thought just maybe he's the one to make Addie happy. And it seemed that way when his character, Conner, and Addison totally hit it off at the grocery store.

Benjamin Bratt on Private Practice

I loved the pineapple scene and thought they definitely had chemistry. So, then can somebody please tell me why on earth Sam and Addison are back together?!

They’ve already been down this road. It’s honestly time to try a different route.

I was almost certain that Addie was starting afresh and am a bit disappointed that she’s back with Sam. I’m not quite sure what to think will happen to these two next season.

At least Addison told Sam that she had every intention of having a baby whether she was with him or not. Anyhow, I’m not so sure that I could have passed up a 14-day vacation in Fiji.

When Violet found out that her license was being suspended by the medical board, I’ll admit I was a little happy. I’ve grown tiresome of her character and was ridiculously glad Pete told her: “This is not just about you!”

I have been thinking this for quite some time now.

I was even happier when Violet finally left for her book tour, but understood how frustrated Pete was with her.

At first, I found it hard to believe that she would just run away like that with the way things were going with the practice, but I quickly remembered this was Violet. She’s become extremely selfish and self-centered and has stressed Pete out repeatedly.

Poor Pete, though! It looked as though he was suffering a serious heart attack. Do you think he’ll make it? Here’s Violet’s chance to redeem herself and make it in the nick of time to save Pete’s life. I really hope that he will be all right. 

While Amelia was taking a few steps backwards from her sobriety, Charlotte tried to get her to AA meetings throughout the installment. Although I am pleased that Amelia finally has a storyline, I felt that it was slightly rushed. Surely, there will be a long road of struggle and recovery, but I just wish we had seen more of it as the season is now already over.

It was nice to see Betsey and Naomi together, but I couldn’t help but wonder how Betsey was so quick to call Naomi her mother right away like that. I was surprised that Fife proposed, and am excited that they are all moving to New York where Mia and Olivia will also join them.

Hopefully, this leaves room for guest visits by Audra McDonald and company. By the way, I loved seeing Naomi and Addison as BFFs again!

Cooper and Charlotte were amazing as always. As doctors and newlyweds, they work incredibly well together. It took much courage for Charlotte to help her patient, and she came through like always. As for Cooper, he seemingly did the right thing by helping a father with the struggle of letting a child go.

As for season five, I look forward to more controversial topics, Sheldon getting his own storyline, and seeing Addison get her long-awaited baby. One more thing, I am glad that Addie came up with the brilliant idea to dissolve Oceanside Wellness and to start anew with a fresh, clean slate.

So, what did you think of “…To Change the Things I Can”? What would you like to see happen on the next season? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again in the fall!


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I live in Australia and i seem to have seen a whole series pete was alive last time i watched and i would like to catch up how can i do this?


I thought you did a great job of bringing dignity to the birth of Amelia's child in having her in the end hold him and mother him. The world needs to see every life is precious. I thought you did the organ donation rightly for there needs to be more understanding for such and you named where each organ was to bless someone. I wish there could have been time for a short sweet service and a name for her son to show every life has meaning and purpose and value.
The show would be more dignified if it cut the sex it boarders on silly and the show has more meat than that and there is a right place for sex, you give a wrong message for sure and it takes from your show.


Having lived with someone having had heart surgery, I know it is difficult. However, Pete and Violet belong together. If the writers split them up, I will be tempted to stop watching. Why not have a story line about Coop, Charlotte and his son. Keep some happiness in the show. There are a lot of good marriages in this world. Keep Pete and Violet.


Wow! Davia, I have to say I agree with just about everything you said. You hit is right on the nose! It is just a show. People get so hyped up about what happens and if things don't go they way they want it, then people start threatening to stop watching the show. It's kinda funny. Things happen that you don't want to happy all the time. This is just a case of Art imitating Life. So relax and enjoy the ride and be thankful it ain't happening to you. Now that that is done. I have a few things to add. I too felt the season was more grown up. After all the characters can't stay horny teenagers forever. They have to mature and grow. With that being said Charlotte and Coop...well done guys! I'm glad that she has finally let him in a little more. I will say that they both still have some growing to do but they are off to a tremendous start. Addi- Do your thing girl! If she wants a baby, then she should be able to have one. Man be d@*%$d! If Sam loves her and wants to be with her then he will work on this issue and get over it or he needs to go ahead and step aside. Plain and simple. Remember Addi wasn't the only one in that bedroom. Sam went back to her as well. But in society we always want to put all the blame on the woman. She's human. She loves him and there you go. And we all do some silly things when we lonely or otherwise. Violet/Pete- There's a lot to be said about her but I think I will go on the defense in this case. Yes I will concede that she has been a little selfish lately but lets remember back when she was wanting to adopt Betsy and Pete said no. As a matter of fact no one stepped up to the plate at the time. I didn't see that as a selfish moment. In that case I felt Pete was being a little selfish at the time. But it's cool. Everyone gets selfish from time to time whether it's intentional of not. Violet just needs a chance to see herself and then she may begin to change. But lets be fair, Violet doesn't know anything about Pete falling out on the floor after she left. Pete has a bit of an anger problem based on prev episodes dealing with his mother and dead wife. So his view of how mothers/women should be, was already tainted from the beginning. Just saying. Violet and Pete both have some issues they should work on together. Maybe some episodes that show them going to counseling could be an idea. Nay- Glad to see can take a chance for once. I was happy when she adopted Betsy and happy that she is gonna try to make it work with Fife. That environment was no longer condusive to her needs or wants. So she chose to go. Sometimes in life thats whatcha gotta do. It will give her ner challenges and a new perspective which I hope she will bring back to Addi and the gang from time to time. Glad that she and Addi are good friends again. When you have a good friend even after they tick you off, things can still be worked out. And because Nay told Addi the truth about herself, Addi started to check herself a little. I hope to see more of that. Amelia- Yay for a storyline! Shelldon- I'm pulling for you man! Lets have some character develpoment! All in all I think the story lines are good and in prime position for some real character development. But even thought I love this show, I will remember it is just a show. A show with good drama! Man I love Thursday nights!


I love Charlotte and Cooper, they're so amazing together :)


Violet is soooo selfish. She annoys me because she keeps up this act as this caring person, but her only concern is herself


Benjamin Bratt is soooo much hotter then his Julia Roberts days, :P him and Addy should hook up:)I'm totally over Sam :) an Ney and Fife are one hot couple:)


Violet has become very selfish and I'm also over her. Good-bye. I hope she is completely guilt ridden for ditching Pete and him having a stroke. Please transform her by getting her to have to nurse a paralized Pete back to health and sacrifice her career for her family- anything to do a sacrifice for someone else where she takes a back seat or else let Pete move on. AddiSam- NOOOOOOO! I was happy they were done. Why start that over again? URGH! I would rather have PeteAddison re-dux then AddiSam. Sam did kiss Naomi and did bad talk Addison. Pete has been better to Addison. While Pete did ditch Addison for Violet I think he's learned his lesson with how well that turned out. What if they make a blended family together with Addison having her own child finally (artificial insemination or whatever) and have Addison raising her baby as a single mom and Pete being a single dad for a while, and them just being a good support system to each other before falling back in love for real? Charlotte & Cooper... wow. I never used to like this couple and used to want it to end. Now I actually like them together and find them refreshing. Good on the writers for being able to turn this one around. Naomi, I'm glad she took Betsy, and also am glad she is gone from the show. To me, she was the most boring character and very stuck up. Addison was always begging her for her forgiveness but Naomi over stepped proffesional boundaries and was downright cruel. I don't want those two back to BFF's. I think Addison needs some new friends. Sheldon.... I love that character. More please. It's great to see Amelia finally getting her own story now. :)


so, it was an ok season, i hate to think pete might die all alone as lucas watches because violet, up and left, again! i agree she is selfish and need. i was a little disappointed in addy because she went back to sam, he clearly doesn't care about her(he kissed nay, kept making unpleasant commens to nay about addy) she can do better. amelia will be ok, though i feel her story was rushed. her struggles should be given more time to unfold.charlotte and cooper are fabulous.


I actually took the time out and real all of the comments and I've come to this conclusion: if Private Practice isn't what you think it should be then don't watch it-plain and simple, but hey that's just me. I completely agree with the whole express your opinions and all but some of this stuff really? Its not real life, its television. With television shows, you're never gonna be completely satisfied with everything that happens and we are not Shonda Rhimes, we are not the writers or producers of this show; we can post how we feel about the show but it still doesn't mean that Shonda, Kate, Tim, Audra, Amy, Taye, Caterina, KaDee, Paul or Brian have to take anything we say seriously nor do they have to take into consideration. At the end of the day,Private Practice will still be on air (until ABC or Shonda Rhimes says different) and the cast and crew will still get that I've gotten that off of my chest: I totally enjoyed Private Practice this season. Honestly to me, it was 100 times better than Grey's Anatomy. I mean you had so many things goin on this season:
AddiSam(like them or not)
Charlotte's Rape(best storyline EVER)
Bizzy's lesbien lover relationship/suicide
Pete's issues with his mother
The breakdown of Cooper and Charlotte's relationship
Sheldon finally got laid! Lol
Violet's book Drama
Addison and Naomi's friendship
Naomi's love life
A slight glimpse into some problems for Amelia
Addison wanting a baby I think we saw a whole lot that made this season to me the most mature season yet. I think alot of characters showed major growth ( i.e. Addison, Cooper, Charlotte) and the drama was done in a less slezy way. I think the character that showed the most growth was...Addison.
This season, we saw Addi deal with certain things in a very adult way. She took charge this season which isn't something she normally does; she usually cracks under pressure. For once she wasn't sleeping around which is a HUGE step for her. She stayed committed which is something she's never been good at, so she gets applause from me for that one. I think the best Addison episode was the mutli episode of her dealing with having to deal with saving Susan and coping with Bizzy's Suicide. We got to see Addison really develope as a character and Kate Walsh did an outstanding performance. Addison's relationship with Sam is probably, no it is the most grown up and mature relationship that she's EVER been in. I mean let's breakdown Addison's relationships on the show: Addi/Pete:
we knew it wasn't gonna work out. Pete was too slow for Addi, he had several chances to be with her in season 1 and 2, he was just too slow in acting on them. Plus, she didn't want toe be raising someone else's kid-she wanted her own. Addi/Kevin (hot cop):
He was a rebound to help her get over pete, plain and simple; plus she kissed Lockheart Addi/Noah: technically wasn't a relationship, she was kida being a cheater/homewrecker I personally like Addison and Sam together, I mean let's be honest with ourselves: there has ALWAYS been an underlying chemestry between Addison and Sam since day one. The whole "you slept with your husbands best friend/ now you're sleeping with you best friend's ex husband" thing is the most tired, redundant argument ever. Naomi and Sam were over when Naomi decided she didn't really wanna be with Sam. Addison actually tried not to give into her feelings for sam because of Naomi which resulted in a "rebound relationship" with Pete. The only flaw about the Addi/Sam thing is:
1) he kissed Naomi and didn't tell Addison
2) Sam doesn't want a baby
Im not gonna judge the relationship, Im just gonna let it run its course. Another major character growth this season are Cooper and Charlotte.
KaDee Strickland's performance in" did you hear what happemed to Charlotte King?" Man oh man, if tv shows could get oscars, KaDee would definately have one for this performance. I enjoyed seeing Cooper's transformation from "manchild" into an actual" grown ass man" it was quite refreshing to see actually. Cooper and Charlotte had th best relationship this season and I would love to see them explore the possibility of having a baby in the near future... As for the finale it was great. Im highly upset that I have to wait until freakin September to find out what happens next, cliff hangers are the absolute worst #ugh Highlights: 1) OMG!!!!! NO PETE NO!!!- you CANNOT die! Poor Lucas!
2) Yay to Nai adopting Betsy
3) Violet just go away- if she hadn't wrote the stupid finish the rest
4) way to go charlotte for speaking out about your rape, I thought she'd keep quiet about it since the wounds still fresh
5) Amelia's storyline is gonna be awesome, you can just feel it...a downward spiral because of aclohol/drugs... can you say amazebals?
6) Yay Addi for stepping up to the plate and saving the practice I wonder what the name of the new practice will be? and will they relocate?
7) looking forward to Benjamin Bratt's mystery character Conner aka "pineapple guy"
8) Addi, you cannot have Sam AND a baby, or can you??? Hmmm...
9) Addi and Nai are besties again...Yay

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

I met a guy over a pineapple. It makes me feel like my life is changing.


I'm not clinically depressed. Don't write down that I'm depressed. I have a good life, great job. I love my job, I do. I can't imagine doing anything else. The rest of my life is fine. It's fine. It's just I miss him. I'm missing him. I'm missing my life. I'm disconnected from my life like it's a really boring movie that I don't want to watch, but I spend all day long helping other people have a life. And I can deal with that, I can if I just knew that something was going to change. Something has to change, right? When is my life going to change?