Smallville Review: "Prophecy"

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I’ll just come right out and say it. "Prophecy" wasn’t a favorite episode of mine.

Why? Well, I just do not understand how a strong, powerful woman like Lois Lane could be so easily influenced by Toyman. Even if she has a tracker inhibiting her actions.

It really felt like an unnecessary plot contrivance to me. Set up only to push Lois’ mounting cold feet over the edge because she feels like she’s Clark’s biggest weakness.

While there’s nothing wrong with that theme in and of itself the fact that the writers had to cook up something with Toyman and him being a puppeteer felt unnecessary.

The Prophecy

In fact, for me, it unnecessarily debases the character (which saddens me since the series finale is next week). Lois was easily coming to grips with the reality of just how much of a burden she could (potentially) be with Clark’s powers and how much he has to deal with on a daily basis.

Instead, we get this version of Lois, someone who is pointlessly stripped of everything that makes her great for a plot with Toyman.

After she stands up so strongly to him to protect the man she loves. What makes it even worse is the overall theme of the episode is what was on Orion’s Bow: “True power comes from within.” Yet, Lois isn’t given that chance, she’s merely stalled long enough for Clark to get his powers back and rip the diode off her.

At least we get to enjoy Kara and Oliver together in their search for Orion’s Bow. It was nice to see the two of them working together, each one representing light and darkness. I was fully expecting the bow to rid Oliver of his darkness. I never expected Oliver was being manipulated by Darkseid and his Merry Little Minions.

On top of that, he’s manipulated by Granny Goodness into digging up the gold kryptonite to further their goals, didn’t see that coming!

Nearing the End

I’m glad Smallville gave Kara a proper sendoff. Giving her the choice of stepping out on her own  to become a superhero, Supergirl, in her own right or continuing to live in Clark’s shadow.

It was nice watching her weigh those decisions and ultimately deciding that although Clark is the only family she has left she went to the future to fulfill her own destiny. Just as Clark is doing.

For Clark, this final “humanizing” done to him by Jor-El reminds me just how far he’s come since the beginning of the series. Showing just how comfortable he is with who he is and what he wants.

It’s a nice payoff to see him truly being only steps away from becoming Superman.

Although, I’m beginning to worry if Smallville has stalled the Darkseid story a little too long. There seems to be a lot of story to cover with only a two hour series finale next week.

With Darkseid looming, Oliver’s manipulation, Lois’ cold feet, a wedding, the return of Lex, all while launching Clark to his inevitable destiny.


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I miss Kara and it's sad that she won't be back ever again (due to the show ending).
I wish they had added her back into the cast this season to cover the absence of Alison Mack. I would have liked that. :)
I'm only annoyed that her send off has left us with more questions, such as: Where did the Legion Ring take Kara? I'm going to ponder that for years. I'm hating the whole thing with Oliver. I mean, yeah, it's smart to make a good character go bad, but it makes me dislike the character. Especially now because he has GOLD Kryptonite. As for Clark and Lois, I find what Jor-El did was awful. I've never liked Jor-El and he has Clark's supersuit! WHY DOES HE HAVE IT!? He's managed to pull Clark and Lois apart. I get her perspective, I do, but way to pull a Lana. But I do agree with the reviewer. Not exactly my favorite episode. However, the finale is NEXT WEEK! I'm happy and sad.
I did like the reference of Lana Lang though. I wish she did come back for the finale, but I suppose it would have been a tad awkward due to the wedding. :p
As for the Toyman, I literally cannot stand him. I wish they just literally killed him off. He's such a fool. Speaking of characters, I wish Tess got more screen time and more of a storyline to her character. For example: A love life? One thing did strike me though. When Lana got power of Clark's abilities in season 7, she lost control and went a little evil, but when Lois got them, she remained calm and was a great hero. The only thing controlling her Toyman's gadget on her neck. :S
Was this because Jor-El played a part in giving Lois the powers? Anybody have an answer? P.s. Sorry for the delayed comment. I missed this episode and had to watch it online.


I have too much to say on it here, read my response:


F***, I will miss that show...


Are they serious about the engagement being off? I will be extremely angry if they don't end up married or at least together by series end. URGH!!! I've waited 10 long years for Clois only to be teased. I do NOT want a will they/won't they question hanging in the air when the credits roll next week. That would be a ridiculous end.


i don't get what the problem is. a) it didn't just inhibit her inhibitions, it was controlling her. it did the same to star girl, who IS a superhero. obviously it had nothing to do with strength of will. and b) even if it did, she did shake it off for a moment or too.
what upsets me is her reasoning for not being able to be with clark- basically saying that HE has no chance at a normal life. I get that being with her means he's not saving people, but if the only thing in his life is superman, it's a pretty depressing life. this had better be fixed in the finale. will NOT be happy if we end it with them broken up.


As for the episode, I also like Kara's part but I was sad to think Kara & Clark did not have a proper goodbye, even if plotwise it was more emotionnal.


I can't believe the final is already next week! I agree with you, I really don't know how they will do everuthing in a two hours final...I mean, just the Lex part for example, how will they bring it? Smallville's end is just the beggining of Superman's journey, that's why I feel both excitement and frustration thinking we could not have the real closure. They have to get rid (I hope) of Darkeid (I am afraid of that gold kryptonite...) and bring Lex, but as Lex is Clark's nemesis, I am afraid they'll just bring it back toward the end, just to say: "well, it's not over", a sort of "to be continued...", which is great in one way but also sadden me on the other hand, since we will never see what's next...

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