The Chicago Code Review: "Greylord and Gambat"

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We had an action-filled first half of the two part series/season finale of The Chicago Code this week with "Greylord and Gambat."

If you were not aware, it was announced last week that the show was not renewed for another season. Therefore, we must savior these last couple of episodes for the concluding tasty treats they are!

Jarek vs. Gibbons

This week certainly had our mouths watering, too. What is it about Liam being on the verge of being discovered that makes these episodes such a nail biter? On the last episode Liam was nearly outed and I spent the entire hour on the edge of my seat; tonight was no different.

You have to feel for Liam. He started his day out with Beth, his boss’ hot daughter, asking him out. He ended the day in a shootout with her and being beat by Killian's men. I am just glad she is a horrible shot and got his shoulder instead of the heart like she threatened. Did anyone else feel he shot her in the leg intentionally? I watched the scene twice and he certainly seemed to be aiming low on purpose. 

Of course, between those two events, he also took care of Mikey. I wonder if Mikey realized the instant karma that was going on when Liam followed the instructions he gave him on how to stab someone just moments before on him? Liam was not one of my favorite characters when the show started; he has quickly grown on me. This week he really proved Colvin's and Wysocki's faith in him.

On the flipside, I really like how Gibbons thinks he is a good guy. He truly believes that he is doing what he thinks is right for the city. Unlike Killian who is doing what he feels is best for himself, Ronnin Gibbons really thinks he is a force for good.

Maybe he is in his own way?

For example, loot at his interaction with Lilly: he wanted to get her as far away from harm as he could. Even going so far as to tell her not to tell him where she is going. I know the naysayers will say he did it to keep her from testifying, but I didn't see that in his expression or his words. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Gibbons fan; but I am a fan of Shawn Ryan’s amazing writing.

I hope that Ryan lands on his feet quickly with a new show next season. You are in good company, Shawn, as Fox tends to miss genius shows until it is too late; just ask Joss Whedon.   

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Do you think Gibbons does more good than bad? Sound off now.


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Dang it Shawn! First TERRIERS, my FLAT OUT favorite show from 2010, cancelled after 12 episodes (When are the DVDs for that?), and then Lie to Me (although not technically on your watch) - but I really was pulling for redemption on Chicago Code. This show very quickly grew on me and made for a great hour of good old fashioned hour of cops and corruption. AT the very least, we need to spin off a story about Liam. I agree with the reviewer, he's become my favorite character and one of the most pins and needles characters to come down the pike in awhile.
So Shawn Ryan, maybe you should quit swinging for the fences - great writing is apparently lost on Fox audiences. Maybe a try sitcom or something???


Lets show FOX what we think about cancelling The Chicago Code! Help get everyone you know to watch the final episode.


Chicago Code has become one of our favorite shows to faithfully watch. The only reason more viewers have not jumped on the band wagon is because so many new shows are introduced that if you don't hit the right ones, or hear by word of mouth, you never tie in. I hope somehow the show will be picked up and will continue to delight us all with the writer's expertise in the way we are drawn in through the plot, and the actors great ability to keep us there.


Does anyone know the name of the actress playing Elizabeth?


Outstanding episode. It's too bad this show couldn't carry on - another year of this show with Alderman Gibbons becoming Mayor Gibbons while trying to keep the police at bay would be terrific. Having lived in Chicago, the references they make to the city's history make the story resonate. The two lines of dialogue referring to Harold Washington's death - spoke volumes about the Gibbons character and his relationships with everything around him.

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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Wysocki: You ok?
Evers: I'm fine
Wysocki: That wasn't a good shooting that was a great shooting. You know that?
Evers: I know that, I'm good

Gibbons: Know this, I want to tell you who's responsible for your brother, I want to give you justice. Now, can we help each other?
Wysocki: Get out of here before I shoot you in the head.