The Good Wife Season Finale Review: "Closing Arguments"

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Well, that was an outstanding episode. Up until the last five minutes.

I thought the way it was filmed, with the repeated opening and closing of the elevator doors was slick, but I really hoped that Alicia would back out at the last second (although we didn't actually SEE anything happen).

If they did go through with it, I know a number of you will say that it's prudish of me to say that it was inappropriate for Alicia and Will to shack up, or that her wedding vows no longer mean anything because of all that Peter did to her.

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Like it or not, though, she's still a married woman ... a married woman with a very high profile husband who now may very well have leverage of his own if a custody battle should arise at some point. Not to mention, how would her kids feel about this predicament? If we've learned one thing on this show, it's that secrets come out, no matter the effort put into hiding them.

I think Alicia would have been better served not have made any moves until she made up her mind about Peter and divorced him.

What I did appreciate about "Closing Arguments," for a change, was the actual case the team was working.

Often I'm more interested in what is happening outside the case, but this one was a nail-biter. It had an urgency reminiscent of the also stellar "Nine Hours" from earlier in the season which only added to the anxiety levels as we waited for the jury to come in with a verdict.

I have to hand it to Will; He's a master opportunist. The varied ways he managed to delay the jury deliberations were fantastic. I wasn't sure how serving them lots and lots of coffee would do much, but I guess that was part of his plan to get a juror or two in the bathroom so he could taint their objectivity. Well played Gardner. Well played.

I suppose in retrospect it makes sense that Peter was the anonymous whistleblower, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when he tore up the UPS receipt. I honestly thought it was Cary, too, but at least now we know that Peter isn't so petty that he would send an innocent man to jail to spite Alicia and Will. Maybe there's a bit of good character still in him after all.

I could have done without Kalinda and Sophia having a romp in the sack. I mean, come on, was that really necessary? I suppose it did provide an opportunity to amplify Kalinda's remorse over what she did to Alicia, but it just felt out of sync with the rest of the episode for me.

Thankfully Alicia and Kalinda are finding a way to work with each other, albeit reluctantly. It gives me hope that their friendship will resume at some point.

Is Jackie stalking her grandchildren now? How uncomfortable was her encounter with the kids and Owen? I really wish Jackie would find something more constructive to do, like take up knitting or something other grandparents do. On one hand I do feel for her, since she likely does miss her grand kids, but chill out for a bit and let the waters cool, lady, before Alicia puts the kibosh on visitation altogether.

By far the best news of the entire episode was that Eli will be coming on board at LG in a permanent status and that Alicia will be working alongside him - despite her objection. I guess the writers are as pleased with the chemistry between  Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming as we, the viewers, are, and rightfully so. I love every second these two are on screen together and it would seem we'll get a great deal more Elicia time on season three.

See what I did there?

Are you as excited as I am about Alicia's new role at LG? What do you think of the latest development between Will and Alicia? As always we'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments!


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To John and Concerned; What would you all say to a new outlook the show would have ? The writers can put an end to all this turmoil about what Alicia should do and start a new relationship with first a new job somewhere else and put to rest the past entirely. She needs to get a divorce and dump Will which is the major causes for all her problems. Also needs to stop being used as a doormat for all concerned and step up with the word "NO" and mean it, you don't get anywhere in life today being pushed around like a ping pong ball all the time.
Also more home time would help in the transition and family bonding with her kids again.


@John, Wait and see who goes to jail then who gets the last laugh.


And did you forget that Will reminded Blake he'd paid it back? He's got nothing to be ashamed of. Will has made restitution already. Unfortunately for you, Peter himself has testified in court about all his hooker episodes. And nothing is going to undo that!


Do you realize how mixed up you are? You think a nice guy should end up behind bars, while the woman he loves should have to go back to the scummy lying rat who cheated on her many times, while she waited faithfully at home for him to finish with his whores? What an awful world you must live in. And where's your moral compass? People who somehow imagine Will is the bad guy here are just deluded. You're probably thinking of the ACCUSATIONS of financial misdeeds which Blake threw at Will. (Brutal thug Blake is a great one to criticize!) If Will did something financially desperate when he was a struggling young lawyer, I'd find that a lot less upsetting that married-man Peter shtupping hookers over and over, a mere couple of years ago, and getting sex from a co-worker too. HE is the real sleazeball.


She will be back with Peter in the end and Will will be behind bars. You can take that to the bank./


"He has been crossing the line since the begginning, his being nice is the best put on any girl can see through." Yeah, being nice is always a sign a man's a no-good bum. What can he be thinking? It's a good thing women know better and choose lying, cheating rats who treat them like crap instead! If Will was a dirtbag like Peter, you women would probably think he was just what Alicia needed, the way you think she should stay with the whoring cheater she married, and "work on her marriage". I happen to think she deserves a guy who will treat her better than Peter does. It's sad that you don't.


"How has Will "crossed the line" He has been crossing the line since the begginning, his being nice is the best put on any girl can see through. Alicia can see there is no future with him since college where he made that clear, plus she was not a sweetheart of his in college just a friend.
Her kids are nearly adults so they won't be needing her much longer, Thats where you are wrong she needs them more than ever. It gets very lonely when you don't have friends around to confied in when your conduct will be on display for all to see.


"...first a divorce and then to get away from her real problem child Will, thats right Will he has crossed the line once to manny times" A divorce would be a great idea. So far she's hesitated over it, because she didn't want it to look like her interview before the election was a fraud, when she just hadn't known the truth about Peter yet. But I agree she should get that done. How has Will "crossed the line"? He's behaved admirably with her -- unlike PETER who crossed the line AT LEAST nineteen different times, with at least two different women who were not his wife. You think she needs to "focus on her family"? Peter should no longer be a part of it, and her kids are nearly adults so they won't be needing her much longer. She's been a doormat for far too long. It's time for her to look after herself.


@John what makes it EASIER for them to understand ? first off they are a lot older than during dads mess and like it or not Mom is their pillar now which if her infidility got out it would totally freak them out on who to trust again. MY attitude sounds like a double standard, I have one standard and that is to have her stop this college BS and move on by first a divorce and then to get away from her real problem child Will, thats right Will he has crossed the line once to manny times and has her thinking wildly on life without thinking life out.
She needs to find a new job with another firm where she can focus on her family and life again without people telling her instead of taking charge.


"I believe the kids would be more devastated by mom than dad." Why? They already know their father is a rotten cheating bum, so it should be EASIER for them to understand her wish to leave him for the kind and gentle man who has always loved her. If they love her too, they should want her to be happy -- and she sure isn't with Peter. Kids are selfish, but they need to learn that the world doesn't always revolve around them. Your attitude sounds like a double standard, where a man can lie to, cheat on, and betray his faithful wife, but she's just supposed to stay on and be miserable with him "for the sake of the kids". That does no one any good. It's time for her to go.

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