The Good Wife Season Finale Review: "Closing Arguments"

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Well, that was an outstanding episode. Up until the last five minutes.

I thought the way it was filmed, with the repeated opening and closing of the elevator doors was slick, but I really hoped that Alicia would back out at the last second (although we didn't actually SEE anything happen).

If they did go through with it, I know a number of you will say that it's prudish of me to say that it was inappropriate for Alicia and Will to shack up, or that her wedding vows no longer mean anything because of all that Peter did to her.

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Like it or not, though, she's still a married woman ... a married woman with a very high profile husband who now may very well have leverage of his own if a custody battle should arise at some point. Not to mention, how would her kids feel about this predicament? If we've learned one thing on this show, it's that secrets come out, no matter the effort put into hiding them.

I think Alicia would have been better served not have made any moves until she made up her mind about Peter and divorced him.

What I did appreciate about "Closing Arguments," for a change, was the actual case the team was working.

Often I'm more interested in what is happening outside the case, but this one was a nail-biter. It had an urgency reminiscent of the also stellar "Nine Hours" from earlier in the season which only added to the anxiety levels as we waited for the jury to come in with a verdict.

I have to hand it to Will; He's a master opportunist. The varied ways he managed to delay the jury deliberations were fantastic. I wasn't sure how serving them lots and lots of coffee would do much, but I guess that was part of his plan to get a juror or two in the bathroom so he could taint their objectivity. Well played Gardner. Well played.

I suppose in retrospect it makes sense that Peter was the anonymous whistleblower, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when he tore up the UPS receipt. I honestly thought it was Cary, too, but at least now we know that Peter isn't so petty that he would send an innocent man to jail to spite Alicia and Will. Maybe there's a bit of good character still in him after all.

I could have done without Kalinda and Sophia having a romp in the sack. I mean, come on, was that really necessary? I suppose it did provide an opportunity to amplify Kalinda's remorse over what she did to Alicia, but it just felt out of sync with the rest of the episode for me.

Thankfully Alicia and Kalinda are finding a way to work with each other, albeit reluctantly. It gives me hope that their friendship will resume at some point.

Is Jackie stalking her grandchildren now? How uncomfortable was her encounter with the kids and Owen? I really wish Jackie would find something more constructive to do, like take up knitting or something other grandparents do. On one hand I do feel for her, since she likely does miss her grand kids, but chill out for a bit and let the waters cool, lady, before Alicia puts the kibosh on visitation altogether.

By far the best news of the entire episode was that Eli will be coming on board at LG in a permanent status and that Alicia will be working alongside him - despite her objection. I guess the writers are as pleased with the chemistry between  Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming as we, the viewers, are, and rightfully so. I love every second these two are on screen together and it would seem we'll get a great deal more Elicia time on season three.

See what I did there?

Are you as excited as I am about Alicia's new role at LG? What do you think of the latest development between Will and Alicia? As always we'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments!


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@Mur, I'll agree they should of had better a good strategy before continuing on, I believe the kids would be more devastated by mom than dad. They already know about the past and have excepted it with their dad, but with this seperation and mom pulling the "A" card on them would be a complete distrust of faith from her. If she wants happiness then get a divorce and move on don't keep deceiving your kids and hurting them more.


@John Graydon, agreed. Although like the reviewer said, they might've been better off establishing a good strategy before they went through with it. The kids were more hurt by Peter's actions, though, than hers.


I see a lot of pros and cons but no real thoughts for the future of this show, if the writers don't start mixing it up we will be watching reruns of Chaos which got canceled. Its about time to get away from the past and move on and show the muddy past of the rest of the cast, alot has been put into the Will character but nothing about his dirty past. Lets get it out will bring a new light to the program, We need more imput from grandmon and brother also to keep the clock ticking. More reactions from the kids also
Once they see video of Will/Aicia sucking face in the no doubt surveilled elevator plastered all over the news, they'll be devastated. Nothing good ever comes from thinking with your nether regions.
So lets go Kings and staff move on.


John---Grow up.


"WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS !!" Yeah, what about them? Do you seriously think if she acts like a doormat for her cheating rat of a husband, it's going to do them any good at all? They've already heard and seen all about their father and his hookers, you know. What did that teach them about fidelity? If their mother leaves him and goes with a kind and gentle man who really loves her, it's going to show her kids that she deserves to be happy, just like everyone else. She doesn't have to throw her last chance for happiness in the garbage just because their father was a rotten bum.




The finale the song was very nice. I feel Alicia is being made used of and so much sacrifices on her part, she has to let it go off sometimes! Morality issues aside, it is bias to just clamp this on women and let the men just be forgiven that easy. I don't trust her husband and he will surely make Will and Alicia pay for his miseries..


What about the kids are they chopped liver to all this, they are the ones who will be completely humiliated by friends and classmates. How do you undo this one MOM.


Can't wait for season 3 on Sunday night it will be a bust, what was CBS network thinking about putting TGW up against two top notch programs with mocho viewers both women and men. All I can see is don't worry about a season 4 it will go down into the cellar with the rest of lost causes. Oh well back to the drawing board for a replacement.


Can't wait till the elevator cameras are put on youtube or twitter for all to see, plus hallway cameras also. This makes for good adultery scenes for upcoming court proceedings, lets see who lies now.

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