How Will Two and a Half Men Write Out Charlie?

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We may now know how Two and a Half Men will address the drug-fueled elephant in the room when the sitcom returns this fall.

With Ashton Kutcher on board, the only question regarding season nine remains: How will the show account for Charlie Harper's absence?

Charlie and Alan Discuss

According to network sources, good fortune will likely play a role...

When we last saw Charlie, he was was headed to catch a plane to Paris with Rose. No, Chuck Lorre won't crash the flight. But he will simply have Charlie remain in France, leaving the remaining Men with a vacancy to fill in their apartment.

Enter Kutcher. Exit the nightmare that has been the last few months.

What do you think of that plan?

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I love Ashton, but i also love Charlie Sheen. I want Rose to continue on. She would NEVER kill Charlie. She would have killed him previously had she been so crazy because Charlie was with countless women. So that story line is pathetic and would be disturbing. I am not so sure i will continue watching because I don't see this cast working without Charlie. It is a big gaping hole they have to fill and most likely his real fans will tune out. Alan is just too weak a character without the play between Charlie and himself. The kid is irrelevant. The housekeeper, Rose and mom are good but without charlie they will fail.


Sounds logical but will the show be without Rose too? I love her character and had hoped for more of her.


Okay, so there is only 13 years difference in age B/T Charlie and Ashton. Not believable enough for him to be an illegitimate child. Ashton is not a teenager, he is 33yrs old. He is not stupid....he only played as stupid character on That 70's Show. Anyone with any intellect may have seen him in some of his more serious roles in movies. And if you were to follow him on Twitter you would know how smart and insightful he is. I think he will bring a refreshing change to the show, as long as Chuck Lorre allows him to. I would love to see him be no relation, just some bartender Charlie willed the house, Allan & Jake to. A super smart college guy who was working his way through by bartending.


To llaforce: Is there someone forcing you to watch "Men"? You obviously have watched it more than once to know some of the background. You can use your remote to change the channel, you know. "Men" is awesome!!


No dissrespest to Ashton Cute-cher, excuse the pun, Im shure he will keep 2 1/2 afloat with the help of the really good ensamble. But if your honest, the credit for the success of Charlie Harpers character is due mostly to Charlie Sheen, in spite of too much lame, toilet humour, writing. Kill off Charlie Harper, and you kill off 2 1/2, its as simple as that.


Charlie Sheen is the man, the show will not be the same without him ever the show was based on Sheen real life story and Lore just helped it be funnier so fired him and get new writers so we get to see Sheen back again coz he s THE MAN


Ladies I understand the point you are trying to make, I really do! But we are taken life and a sitcom waaaaaaay to serious. It's not that big of a deal. No one is getting hurt and come on not even our womanly pride. The show IS funny! But of course you have to be open to listen to the jist of it. I've worked in a MANS world all my life and understand their crazy humor, not always am thrilled by it, but I do consider the source.:-O And it's not really going to make that much difference at the end. Ladies if we are concentrating on the negative of every little thing that someone might say that might offend us, we would certainly be missing out on the words that may make us smile. Charlie Sheen, Aston Kutcher, or even John Stamos it doesn't really matter the story lines are staying the same I'm fairly certain. And it will be funny regardless!


the shows dumb and I hope they cancel it and put on a show worthy of watching. A show that doesn't demoralizing woman.


If u think charlie sheens a bad guy ok but screw you on be half of charles harper because the way sheen delivered the character of charlie was epic so screw yourself on this note.!


However they play it , IT SUCKS! Ashton is no actor to replace Charlie.. The same writers are there and they write the words, the only good thing missing will be Charlie's delivery, and that was MAJOR! I would rather have the other actors move on to a new show , with a chance to make it theirs and not play on Charlie's show. All the respective actor and actresses have talent. Make a new show. Let Charlie live in Paris. Maybe the show could come back to its old self. Don't desecrate it by killing Charlie.

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