How Will Two and a Half Men Write Out Charlie?

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We may now know how Two and a Half Men will address the drug-fueled elephant in the room when the sitcom returns this fall.

With Ashton Kutcher on board, the only question regarding season nine remains: How will the show account for Charlie Harper's absence?

Charlie and Alan Discuss

According to network sources, good fortune will likely play a role...

When we last saw Charlie, he was was headed to catch a plane to Paris with Rose. No, Chuck Lorre won't crash the flight. But he will simply have Charlie remain in France, leaving the remaining Men with a vacancy to fill in their apartment.

Enter Kutcher. Exit the nightmare that has been the last few months.

What do you think of that plan?

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I wish they had John stamos he is so great. Anything then sheen is a pleasure


IlaForce, you said it all; agree with you completely. I, too, am sick of all the shows that promote sex, promiscuity, disrespect for women and all this with a young boy as part of it. Hope with the new story line, it will not be a carbon copy of this type behavior. If so, maybe I will watch it; saw only one episode of this past one.


I think have him die while he is in Paris, leaving the airport terminal with rose, then all of a sudden. He steps to the other side of the taxi and gets hit and dies. Or you could have him die from to much party in paris had heart attack, then steps in Kutcher as a bastard son from the past, who has money, and he is an artist like a painter or photo artist or as such.


I think its to bad that he is leaving the show he is been on it for a quite a few years. But hope that the plan goes smooth for them I wish them luck:)


It is wide open how and why a new guy comes into the house. Charlie sub-lets the house without telling the new renter about the old tenants has worked in the past. A younger brother who hated Charlie steps in to help pay the rent. A long lost whoever. Doesn't matter it will all work out. The other two were always the stars anyway


@llaforce How is it anyworse then Law and Order SVU or serect of a pergent 16 old teenger who make getting kockup a cool thing to do


My question is from the logistical standpoint. When Ashton Kutcher comes on board will they be moving to a new place? With Charlie Sheen no longer living in the beachfront house, I am sure that he will not continue paying the mortgage,and the show has established that Alan cannot afford the mortgage on his own. Charlie Harper moving to France would surely establish the show as Jumping the Shark,both literally and figuratively. Now all they need is for Ted McGinley to move in as the next door neighbor in Rose's old house


New season, first show, Alan and Jake and the mom at Charlies funeral, who with his life style causes a fatal heart attack. In walks Charlies cousin, Ashton Kutcher, a cousin who hasnt seen his family in years, he wants to pay his respects and also needs someplace to stay. that will be the end of charlie, no hope of ever returning.


I can't believe this show ever became a top show. A show about an alcoholic womanizer who is somewhat successful in life is a terrible example for our kids today. Then Charlie Sheen turned into the character that he played. I wish they would take this nonsense off the air and put on a comedy that is acceptable for the whole family. He got paid 1 million dollars an episode. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong. If you really think this is ok, don't ask yourself why your children turned into Charlie Harper.


I think Ashton needs to be Alan's new boyfriend. After so many failed and flubbed relationships and sexual escapades of Alan's he gives up on women and finds a rich young man to now pay his bills and keep him housed since Charlie is no longer there. LMAO

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Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

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Alan: But that guy is never me.