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How Will Two and a Half Men Write Out Charlie?

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We may now know how Two and a Half Men will address the drug-fueled elephant in the room when the sitcom returns this fall.

With Ashton Kutcher on board, the only question regarding season nine remains: How will the show account for Charlie Harper's absence?

Charlie and Alan Discuss

According to network sources, good fortune will likely play a role...

When we last saw Charlie, he was was headed to catch a plane to Paris with Rose. No, Chuck Lorre won't crash the flight. But he will simply have Charlie remain in France, leaving the remaining Men with a vacancy to fill in their apartment.

Enter Kutcher. Exit the nightmare that has been the last few months.

What do you think of that plan?

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I think that's perfect. Most viewers want Charlie and Rose to be together. Other characters can drop hints they Rose and Charlie are staying in touch like phone calls, emails, etc. Charlie Harper doesn't have to leave the show completely just because Charlie Sheen isn't going to act on it anymore. This show won't support a death that's not handled in a comedic manner and you can't really do that with a main character. You want people to believe he might come back. Kutcher is too old to be Charlie's son. He can't pull off 20-something anymore. I suspect he'll be another brother - somehow - I don't see the mom being the type to give up a kid. I love the show. I hope this works. I'll miss Rose, but I think that the others can pull it off.


it will not work without charlie sheen


I agree with Richmond, having Ashton as a long lost son. That would add some spice and fill the empty void. But its such a great show that I will still watch and laugh my a-- off!!


i am sorry has a problem with drugs, but the show will end w/o him. this was one of my faves too.


I think it will be fine. They are leaving things open with Charlie and Ashton is so funny. I think he will do well if he remembers that Cheaper by the Dozen role and the Guess who role. Looking forward to it.


i think it will be fine for awhile and then just tank.


I for one will not be watching noone and I mean noone can replace Charlie... This show will tank without him...




charlie not coming back is sad :( but if he has to leave this is probably the best way to do it as it leaves an opportunity for him to come back ( if the producers will ever have charlie sheen back)


I think it will be extremely difficult to write out charlie but the best way to do so is by keepin him in france and makin Ashton....the long lost son of charlie to be in charge of the malibu home.hope it still is interesting though also what will happpen to Rose? i have no idea

Two and a Half Men Quotes

Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.

Dr. Freeman: How's work?
Charlie: It's been pretty slow. Thankfully the house is paid off, the pension is funded, and I've give up prostitutes. Really all I need is drinking money... what's that, a couple grand a month?
Dr. Freeman: Sounds about right

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