Memphis Beat Season 2 Preview: Watch Now!

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Memphis Beat returns to TNT on June 14.

What can viewers expect from season two? What's on tap for Dwight, Lt. Rice, Officer Sutton and others? The following trailer offers fans some ideas/scenes at least.

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Is he ill? honestly, it hurts to look at him, as if he were fighting an illness. Hope not.


Have been disappointed in this new season. While the actors seem to be getting more "into" their characters, the plots have been flimsy and I miss Dwight (Lee) singing Elvis songs at the end. Plus, Lee is so very thin. Sure hope he's not ill.


why is he so skinny????? he looks sick and sad. Is he sick??/ he does not look energetic and funny or even sexy like he used to. Why he does not sing at the end anymore??? what is going on???


I used to like him and the show a lot with the ending with him singing. Now he looks sick as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't like the show endings now. I liked the ending with Dwight singing an Elvis song. Also, he is so thin, he looks as if his teeth are too big for his mouth and his legs are too skinny. What's wrong with him? If not sick he needs to gain some weight. I won't continue to watch the show if it doesn't follow last year's format. That is the main critique I always gave people to get them to watch show.


Have already stated my disappointment with the NEW and IMPROVED Memphis Beat.. Trying hard to understand WHY SOMEONE thought it was necessary to change a GOOD THING.. So being the eternal optamist that I am I was there in front of my TV last week.. Well, nothing changed- including the song Dwight sang-- what is wrong with singing Elvis- the man he professes to admire? I realize Memphis is the heart of R&B as well as R&R but the show started off w the idea that Dwight loved MEMPHIS and ELVIS... (Believe the ratings proved it was a hit) Ask anyone 'when you hear the word Memphis what comes to mind?' Will watch one more time-- hoping against hope that the 'old' and 'beloved' Dwight and 'Memphis Beat' will return...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Otherwise, You're right, she left, I'm GONE....


I love this show however I agree that ending the show with Jason Lee singing a song was "icing on the cake" after solving the crime. Bring it back! And, he was so handsome last season now he is so thin he lost his sex appeal. Shame!!


If it ain't broke , don't fix it. The singing at the end was just the icing on the cake after the crime is solved. PLEASE bring it back. A Memphis show with Elvis music--what could be better. Was concerned when I saw Jason Lee in the promos. He is too thin. Concerned that he was ill. Have more seasons--please bring the music back.


Watched the season premiere last night (6/14/11) - very good.
One important comment - why didn't Dwight sing Elvis at end of
show as he did last yr. Many of us in Nashville watch and loved
the Elvis songs that he sang in the club. Please let it
continue. Thanks!!


Memphis Beat Quotes

See, there's that attitude again. You don't belong in my department. If that means getting you promoted to do that, that's what I'm gonna do.

Lt. Rice [To Det. White]

Splitting Dwight and I up is about as stupid as a three-legged mule in a horse race.

Det. White