Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Goodbye Look"

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There was one seriously HOT kiss on Pretty Little Liars this week, along with a few frustrating storyline holes.

But TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger are here to pick them all apart in the latest installment of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Come along as we analyze "The Goodbye Look" and sound off with your take on the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: How is this even a question? You saw the leap-into-his-arms-and-lay-a-big-kiss-on-him-in-public-for-the-first-time between Aria and Ezra, right? Hawt.

Steve: When Spencer found Melissa's soaking boots and the ultrasound photo. I thought it was sort of boring up until that point, but that development shocked me. There's no way Ian is alive, right?!?

Eric: Can the inner cinematographer geek in me come out? They shot Emily's dive and swim into the pool in a very cool way. (Sorry.)

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More far-fetched: Emily not protecting her computer better, the girls not checking Melissa's phone closer or the Danby scout saying Emily wouldn't get a scholarship if she moves to Texas?
Matt: Option number-one. Those videos were only the most important pieces of evidence to support the Liars' version of events. You'd think Emily might use a password for her computer, buy a USB, something... anything.

Steve: It's a tie between the computer and the phone. But require a complete abandonment of logic from the viewers. We're really meant to believe Emily would leave the files wide open, and that the girls wouldn't think to check Melissa's Sent Messages?!?

Eric: The scholarship thing. I agree with you two that the technology overlooks were stupid, but whatever. Let's just say the gals were panicked. But this simply isn't how scholarships are awarded. Emily is already into her senior year, no school would possible care if she finished it in a different state.

Will Hanna's mom and dad sleep together again?
Matt: Yes!

Steve: D'uh!

Eric: Of course!

Do you trust Melissa?
Matt: Yes. This is what I don't understand: why are the girls convinced Ian is alive, simply because he texted the name "Taylor?" Why can't that just be the work of "A?" Everything else is, even when it seems physically impossible.

Steve: No way. Those shifty eyes, that sly smile, her outfits. Girl might not even be pregnant!

Eric: Yes. I trust that she'll rarely tell the truth! She's definitely up to something, though I doubt she's still working with Ian. She may even have been the one to push him to his death.

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Where can i watch The Goodbye Look without downloading it i Cannot find it on abc family.. Episode 2 of season 2. Please help.. Send me a link or something please. please please. =[


I watched a few epi's. This show has more storyline holes then baby swiss cheese. The acting is ok, its basically a bunch of really pretty people with really bad writers and average everything else. JMO


I believe Melissa has something to do with Ali's murder. When in the season finale Ian was with Spencer he was telling that he was doing that coz he loves Melissa. And Melissa was in the hospital, right, but she wasnt looking that bad after the accident. She had smth in mind one moment before Spencer was up to the church. I think it was Melissa who pushed Ian. And probablu Mona is A, along with Noel...


I have thought Melissa has had something to do with the Liars since Hanna got hit by the car. She isn't A, but she knows way more then she is letting on. I am thinking Ian is dead and A sent the texts to the Liars, Spencer did say "Taylor" outloud then they got a reply so yeah A is probably going through all this. And the thing in Jason's front yard, body perhaps??


my fav moment was definately the kiss!!! i mean HOT!!! Ezria is one of the biggest reasons i watch PLL.
on a bit of a different subject, yes it was their first public kiss, they can date in the open without him getting arrested. i just can't help but wander how her parents will react, general population of Rosewood is not that simple because her dad and mom are part of it. plus Ezra can't seem to get away from her parents, at school he worked with her mom and now he changed venue only to work with her dad. her dad was all sorts of venomous when he thought that her mom liked Ezra, wait until he finds out that he is dating his little girl. plus they aren't idiots, they will realize that it started when he was still her teacher right under Mom's nose!!!
All kinds of hell will break loose!!! Can't wait!!


Eric, I could be wrong(and I really have no knowledge about how athletic scholarships work so I don't know if it makes a difference) but I thought that the girls were juniors, not seniors. I seem to remember them mentioning that Aria was 16...which would make them juniors right? Unless she's a year younger?


I hope n hope that ian is dead,,,i want caleb n hanna 2getha,,,aria n ezra 4reva,,,


of course melissa's got something going on. she thinks spencer knows something more and thats why shes being nicer all of a sudden..


I also think that there is something going on with Melissa and I cannot wait until it unfolds and I was mad at first because they was tearing my second favorite couple apart until that kiss. Sorry Ezria but when Spencer/Toby happen you was push aside even though they is trying to tear about my favorite couple and Hanna and Caleb needs to get back together. I still don't know how I feel about Emily and the new girl and that they need to find her another person who is very different from her like the rest of my favorites have something different than usual.


In the last question do you trust Melissa...Matt's answer was good but Steve and Eric really for one in the last episode of season 1 when Mellissa and Spencer were in the car accident Spencer stated the doctors are monitering the baby so clearly she is pregnant and when Ian was pushed Mellissa was in the hospital so there could be no way she could have pushed Ian watch the episodes a little more closely

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