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I am a Superman fan from way back. The series "Smallville" had it's strong points and a few weak ones. Over all I would give it an A-.Strong points for me: Erica's character. was very well written this year. I might even say her character has been the strongest for the last 2 seasons. I loved seeing the return of Martha Kent. She seems to have the bite in her character, that she should have developed 5 seasons ago. (Personally I thought she was too naive to be a senator at first) I also love Jonathan Kent's return for the finale. There were a few tense moments before Lois and Clark finally got to the altar, but the romance was cool. Great Chemistry between Tom and Erica. The weak points: I also agree that the weakest character this year was the return of Lionel. His character is tiring. Bringing Lex back (again) didn't do a thing for me. Sorry all of you Rosenbaum fans, but I'm just saying. I also hated to see Tess die. It didn't make a lot of sense to me or the fact that Lex would kill her. I felt her death went unavenged and considering everything that she has done to redeem herself, it was a real take away for me.Also agreed that "Fortune" was a ridiculous. It was sort of went deep campy.Another take away for me during this season was Kara's departure. I wanted to see more of her this season. Who could have had their own spin-off? That might have gone to Oliver Queen, and Chloe.


Got to say overall season 10 was a C. As for the finale was an hour to long and consisted of a few moments that were so sickly sweet to ones that were so anticlimactic, and don't get me started on the Lex mind wipe. A lot of the season left me underwhelmed.


I have to disagree. This season gets an A. Fortune is not the worst episode, Collateral is. Even if you disliked a specific moment in Fortune (Ollie in drag) the episode had the redeeming quality of being funny. It is also the episode where Ollie admits the problem he has had with Clark since the first time he met him (Ollie feels inadequate as a hero next to Clark's heroics) which is why he always gives him such a hard time Lois also admits her insecurities about Clark which helps make it more believable that she might not marry him in The Finale. After the events in Icarus, Collateral feels like a substitute episode for the one they really had planned but were unable to figure out how to do. Too bad they didn't have Chloe rescue the gang using Bug Boy, Avenging Angel, and The Wonder Twins. That would have at least made the episode somewhat interesting.

As for worst character, Lionel it was not. I would give that honor to Lucy Lane. She is forgettable. Lionel from the Ultramanverse was even more evil than the original and then at the end he was perfectly portrayed as a pathetic lost soul who was reaping the rewards of a life poorly led as everything he had striven for turned to ash.

While Booster Gold/Blue Beetle could work as a spinoff I don't see how Justice League could. The Justice League is too closely tied to Smallville. Even if Green Arrow were spun off there would always be a "Why doesn't he call Clark for help on this?" moment. A John Jones spinoff might work, maybe even a Checkmate/Suicide Squad show. In the end, it seems very odd that the WB didn't at least have something from their comic book properties ready to go after Smallville.

As good as The Finale was I still have to go with Homecoming as the Best Episode Ever. And to the person who called Isis the worst episode, the ending of that episode makes it impossible for it to be worst (although I enjoyed the rest of it as well).


For all the faults that season 10 had, one thing they got right 99% of the time was Lois Lane's characterization. She definitely rose from just a character I enjoyed to a character that I loved above all others! What an enjoyable last two years she's had. If you didn't leave the series loving Lois Lane, you may have been watching a different show! =P


I agree, Lois was my favorite character this season, while Oliver being my least. Lois' character developed dynamically (in a good way), but as for Oliver, I only found him interesting when he is and was with Chloe.
I thought the worst episode was Isis, not Fortune. I am over the possession storylines. They actually bore me now. Smallville has had far too many. My favorite episode was probably the finale, along with Harvest. I don't know why, but the whole Lois and Clark being captured by villagers who were going to kill them was just thrilling.
I'd love to see a spin-off following around the Justice League or even just the adventures of Lois and Clark. XD
I hated seeing Tess die and it's all I'll ever think about when I see her character. :(
I think this season deserved at least a B+ or an A-. It was actually really fun to watch and something I wanted to tune into every week it was on. It'll be truly missed. :)

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