The Mentalist Season 4 Premiere Scoop: Jane in Jail!

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Bruno Heller has our brains churning.

Soon after his show's shocking season finale, The Mentalist creator questioned whether or not Patrick Jane actually killed Red John.

Now, in a new interview with TV Guide, Heller once again hints that there's still someone out there plotting, scheming, looking to screw over Jane.

It's Red John!

When The Mentalist returns in September, Patrick won't be able to use self-defense as a motive because, Heller says...

"Not only is there no cell phone with any calls from an FBI Agent named O'Loughlin, but no gun will be found [by the police]. Within five minutes of the season-opener, Jane is in jail for homicide with no way out. And he and Lisbon, to some extent, start questioning his sanity."

Well, that would be a defense, too.

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Remember,Jane can see thru people.he can know if ur lyin or,i think he could know whether the 'red john' who was talking about the scents of his wife and child was telling the truth.


jane cant last that long in jail guys, rj also had a gun, and he can used that to get him self out of the hole.


Rj followed jane to the mall but still sent the assasin because he didnt know where higtower would be ''tadaa'' yes he was RJ and now is dead you dont think that was RJ? ok i think it was only him would have the power to control olafley(or whatever his name) dirctly


Camon guys, once they thought Betram was the mule, they discard everyone else, so Van Pelt must had talked to O'laughin about the whole plan, that's how RJ found out the meeting place. Think about people, if they put Jane trying to find out who RJ is for 4,5,6 seasons the real brilliant mind on the show it would be RJ. The show must go on, but that guy certainly was RJ. Otherwise why was O'laughin calling him? If the guy was lying Jane would sense.


y does venpelt always fall in love with murderers!! what a bitch!!! DAMN!!! she was about to get married to olaughlin!!!


RJ can not be dead. It was just way too easy to catch the bloody killer like RJ. I guess it would be either jane had a bad aim or the guy from last ep wasnt RJ after all.


jamesd, you must remember that they were not trying to catch red john the were trying to catch the his ally... but that still doesn't explain much about how red john found out... but let me bounce this idea of you what if red john suspected Patrick had a plan and insisted that the assassin go to the floor above the floor of the true ally. which in that case all he would have to do is follow Patrick to where he was intending to meet Hightower... which would then suggest that Red john is closer to him then he could really know.


I´ve always thought that Kristina Frye had something to do with Red John.


I think they should have mashburn as a constant character... I caught myself thinking about it, what would it be like to have someone like Mashburn, with Jane facing trial and not walking free of it...Could someone rich and powerful as Mashburn to join forces with CBI to jump in for Jane, to make the judge take it easy on him? Maybe something after that, or Jane finding a way to keep helping in jail, maybe working a deal or something...


Hello every one i'm from Scotland, like the rest of you i'm a big fan of the show, at first when i first saw the start of the scene i thought it was really him but then when u see the finsh and how it finished i was like no there has to be more to this it would not just end with good guy doing what he did even though he said through the hole show that exactly what was going to happened so i think that was not red john. p.s so glad the show is returning soon.

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