Burn Notice Review: "Bloodlines"

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There are only two words that come to mind to describe this week’s episode of Burn Notice: Holy Frak!

While I wish "Bloodlines" had been the season premiere, I'm thrilled that everything I felt was lacking last week returned here in full force, bringing new stuff with it.

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Several people commented on last week’s review about Michael calling Fiona his "girlfriend." Fast forward to last night and I was in complete shock when Michael showed Fiona the board shelf and asked her to move in.

My wife swears she "just had something in her eye" while watching this scene, but hers couldn't have been the only tears of joy cried last night, right? I’m certainly ready to finally sit back and enjoy the ride between these two. We’ve waited four years for this and I don’t want to miss any of it!

It was also great to see Jesse for more than a cameo. I wondered if he was going to be a hook for bringing Michael new clients, and at least for this week, he was. I was really hoping we would learn more about why he left the government; but, I also like to rattle my presents on Christmas Eve to try and guess what they are, so clearly I am not a fan of waiting and want all the answers now.

It was scary seeing Madeline so shaken, and heart-breaking to watch Michael try to hold it together seeing how much it was hurting him to use that card on him mother. But maybe it will be good for them to get it out in the open and work it out.

The hardest part for me in this episode was watching Madeline and Michael reopen old wounds, as the latter had to use the one thing that he knew would upset Madeline the most. We don’t know that much about Michael’s father. In fact, aside from an occasional mention, last week was the first time Madeline really spoke about him in two seasons.

She nailed it when she said that they needed to stare down the past and deal with it. She was also right about the past making us who we are. If you like that person, maybe you can forgive how you got there, even if it was less than ideal. 

Thankfully, the seriousness of Michael and Madeline’s acting was offset by Fiona’s awesome ability to actually scare a man celibate (or at least monogamous). If I’d been eating some of Michael’s yogurt when she started driving with her eyes closed, I might have had it coming out my nose!

Finally, for only the second time ever, this episode saw me give a show a perfect rating. It had a ideal balance of humor, action, drama, romance, and heart.

In honor of Michael, rate this installment on a scale of yogurt cups now!


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This used to be one of my favorite shows. I still dont understand why they showed the dismantling of the people who burned Michael off screen? So after 4 years thats it? He's back in and we have no answers as to how they picked Michael or who "Management" was? Also one of the best parts of the show was the Miami backdrop. Im not really enjoying when they leave Miami..This season to me has been uneven. Terrific acting, disappointing storyline.


This episode really took us back in time when Michael, Nate and Madeline had to live with Frank. It was heart-wrenching for the team, and the viewers of the episode. But it also shows us that Madeline is one tough woman who can handle herself.
The highlight of the episode for me was Fiona babysitting the asset. With his libido probably higher than his IQ, he was taught a valuable lesson.
And Fiona is crazy, but we all know that it is simply one of her positive traits :)
I enjoyed the episode, it totally out-did the premiere.


Agreed. Pretty much a perfect Burn episode. This is my favorite show on TV.




I really hope we get to see more of Anger Michael and I hope we find out more about his dad


@ Jim G - Agree. Bloodlines was heart wrenching, and character driven entertainment. Holy Frak is right! Michael and Fi moving in together should be loads of fun.


this episode from star to finish really gave me an insight to what life was like for madeline and mihael and his brother nate when michael's farther was still alive. It left me breathless watching michael act like his dad and seeing michael almost cry for having act like that. I was about to cry when michael had tears in his eyes for doing everything he promised to his mother that he wouldn't turn out like his farther. I was suprised that michael never told fiona about what he used be like and I am glad that we never have to watch michael act like this again and i think jeffery donavon will be glad that he doesn't have to act like this again even though it was just to get the bad guy talking.


I loved this episode. The only down side was it ended to soon. I could have watched the entire season in one sitting. If the show stays on this wonderful course, the only thing that can fudge it up is if they back slide on the moving forward romance of Michael and Fiona. I love this show!


this is one badass episode.it has a bit of everything - humor, romance, action.certainly superior than the premiere.i couldnt stop smiling when michael in a roundabout way asked fiona to move in.about time too.thank you for a wonderful episode.waiting for the next one is going to be torture.


So far, this season is lame.

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Hey if your firm wants to loan us any more of its fancy toys; no complaints here.


Realtor: Don't worry; a lot of men don't really focus until it is time to negotiate.
Fiona: Well that man doesn't focus unless an international conspiracy is threating to ruin his life.