Burn Notice Review: "Enemy of My Enemy"

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We all know the old saying: The "Enemy of My Enemy" is my friend. For Michael Westen, it turned out to be more like this: “The enemy of my enemy wants to kill my friend."

While I still think she played the “tough as nails” stereo-type a bit heavy last Thursday, I can admit I was wrong and Lauren Stamile’s performance was a vast improvement this week.

How could anyone not like her? Especially after we learned she had buried her fiancée, who was killed when a mission went wrong. Stamile has found a good balance between a tough exterior and a caring interior. 

Burn Notice Knife Fight

Now, if only she would ditch the CIA-issued sunglasses. One word on the shades Pearce: Oakley!

While Jesse did not have a large amount of screen time, can we all agree that his portrayal of a tweaking drug addict was very well done? I'm not sure if he was channeling Robert Downey Jr. from the 90s or Tweek from South Park. Either way, great stuff.

Meanwhile, who knew that Madeline could do a southern accent? She made me feel like I was back home. Then, you had Fiona playing mild and meek. From the face turned partial away to the turned down eyes that would not meet the clerk’s eyes, it was a great performance. And, of course, I couldn’t help but laugh when Fiona started the whining noise leading up to the crying.

I had wondered back in April - when Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe aired - how many episodes it would take before a reference or character would turn up this season. The answer? six. Pretty convenient timing given that it was released on DVD two days ago. Well played. Mr. Nix. Well played, indeed.

While not the characters I was hoping for, having Manaro and Bailey turn back up as thorns in Michael and Sam’s side was a great addition to this episode. I wonder if anyone (besides me) is still holding out hope that Beatriz will turn up looking for Sam in Miami.

Lastly, in honor of my wife mentioning it nearly every week: what is up with Michael’s hair?

I thought it was just styled weirdly when he was portraying some of his alt-characters recently, but he was not playing a mob boss or scum-bag this week when he met Pearce at the hotel. It's seriously distracting. Perhaps he can buy Pearce new shades in exchange for a cut.


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Jeffrey Donovan plays Bobby Kennedy in Eastwood's new flick J. Edgar. I'm certain he had to keep the hair for a while in case of re-shoots.


Dont like Michaels new hair. Makes him look like a bad guy, a greaser! Lose the dye.


Very entertaining episode. Chuck Finley never disappoints. Jesse's portrayal of a tweaked out druggie was the highlight of the show for me. It was great to see him play a role I'd never thought to see from him. He's usually so serious. Good job!!! When I saw the two CIA dudes my first thought was the Beastie Boys' Sabatoge video.


This episode was a normal episode for me. Nothing additional, nothing to highlight here for me.
It was fun, and I realised its one of the only episodes without a client. CIA doesnt count :P
Michaels hair is seriously annoying. I used to adore his appearance in the earlier seasons, but the hair is just kind of a turn-off for me. In fact, Fiona is starting to look better than she did in season 4.
Overall, good episode. Spectacular work from Sam. Anyone notice that Fiona was starting to have a soft spot for him? :)


Sam/Micke's banter about the impostor was great!


Yeah, I like Pearce too, especially at the end. I'd like to see Beatriz on the show too. The CIA guys/Sam antagonism was good, especially at the end.


Michael's hair is different because Jeffrey Donovan was filming scenes for the 2012 J.Edgar movie, in which he is portraying Bobby Kennedy, while on a short break from filming Burn Notice. He must have needed his hair longer for his J.Edgar role, so they could comb it like Bobby Kennedy's. That is my theory anyway.


Structurally speaking I had lots of problems with last night's episode. In the name of saving some unseen and unknown asset's life, Mike risks Sam's life for what? All they had to do was grab one of the guys holding the drone themselves and interrogate. Then find a clever way in to destroy it or take it back. Do they people they con get more stupid as they go? The lady in the clerk's office was the easiest mark yet. When was Fiona taken out and spayed? She gives Mike grief about helping Sam and then just rolls over when Mike says there is nothing they can do to help. Subpar episode for sure.


This show just gets better! I do agree about his hair...serioulsy distracting. Loose the bangs and let the grey grow back out!

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