Eureka Review: "Glimpse"

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Have you ever dreamed of something you really wanted, only for that dream to change when finally presented with what you thought you wanted?

This was the case for Allison this week, as she got offered a "Glimpse" into her previous dream of going into space. In the end, she accepted that what she fantasized about had changed and she already had what she wanted.

I think we all face this as we get older. We dream of being a policeman or fireman, some of us even dream of being famous. While I can't say how those dreams turn out for most, I can agree with what Allison came to believe: I would not trade the life I have now for anything I dreamed of before. 

The Eureka Crew

Along dreaming lines, I’m very happy that my dream for Jo and Zane has been coming true! From the romantic kiss last week to the emotions shared here, things are looking good for our favorite head of GD Security! 

Did anyone else catch Carter’s reference to Zoe when talking to Jo about Zane? This was a huge relief after Zoe was not mentioned by name when he explained to Allison that he had experience with kids. Jordan Hinson (Zoe) is only listed in one episode this year (coming in two weeks), and I am on pins and needles to see how this plays out with Jo, Zane, and his previous relationship with Zoe in this timeline.  

By far my favorite part of this episode had to be the guest appearance by Stan Lee as an expert in gamma radiation. I loved every second of his screen time. It was awesome that they were even able to throw in the classic line from The Incredible Hulk: “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”.

The only disappointment was that I could not clearly hear Lee’s comment on his preference to being called “General (something).” I rewound the scene but couldn’t tell what the name was. 

I’m sure we all agree that Allison’s 99% threat assessment comes from the device that Beverly implanted in her head last week. Given all that has gone wrong in Eureka, you would think Carter would insist she see a doctor if her head has been hurting for weeks.

Then again, given the tech level at GD, you would think they would have a biometric scanner that would check for bugs and trackers as you came through the door. 

This year has gotten off to a great start. I’m really enjoying Felicia Day’s guest role and having Will Wheaton on this episode reminded me how much I loved them playing off one another on her web series The Guild. It will be exciting to see how the mission to Titan plays out.


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Jack's mention of Zoe to Jo has me thinking about how that love triangle is going to play out. I figure the worst-case scenario would be if Jo is still living in Jack's house when Zoe comes home for a surprise visit and finds Jo and Zane together. One of the funniest moments from the last episode was SARAH's reference to Zane's diminished electrolite level as he came downstairs. Thinly-veiled innuendo such as this, delivered at the perfect time, is part of what makes Eureka such a successful series. I hate to think what's going to happen to the town of Eureka if/when Henry departs for Titan. It'll take at least ten people to replace the "Human Swiss Army Knife" that is Dr. Deacon. Perhaps GD can send someone back in time to abduct the Professor from Gilligan's Island.


Good memory Sam, I had forgotten about that!


In 'Once in a Lifetime' Beverly implanted a supposedly biodegradible bug on/in Stark which she reported (to her handler) went undetected by GD's security scanners.


Stan Lee! Fargo being a leader rather than playing one. Felicia Day is awesome. Lupo is always enjoyable.


I love this show - great characters and fun stories. I like the way the characters have evolved.


I think it also refers to the fact that the Red Skull logo was behind him in his presentation which of course is the Villian in Captian America, where Stan Lee does a Cameo as a General.


Generalissimo ; as like in commander-in-chief in the army. probably refers to his supremo status as marvel's godfather.


I believe Dr. Lee's "nickname" was "Generalissimo." And I'm totally with you on the topic of bug-detection. Given the incredible ultra-cutting-edge research they do in Eureka, they would definitely be concerned with espionage!

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