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Lily Tomlin: Cast on NCIS!

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There's actually some non Comic-Con news today out of the television world, and it's very exciting for NCIS fans.

Veteran actress Lily Tomlin has landed a role on TV highest-rated show, as producer Gary Glasberg confirmed today that she'll portray McGee's grandmother, Penelope.

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NCIS returns on September 20. Look for Tomlin to show up some time in the early fall.

“We are very excited to have the gifted Lily Tomlin join us to play McGee’s grandmother,” said Gary Glasberg. ”We know she’ll bring extraordinary heart and pathos and humor to the show and the cast and crew are thrilled to have her.  But don’t let the word grandmother fool you.  Penelope is sharp as a tack and we’re about to learn some things about McGee’s family that have never been revealed.”

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So I wonder if it true that their killing of mcgee these season would make sense he and Ziva SUCK ASS as agent First Ziva kill Kate and blame it on her brother then she kill that ice agent and blame it on her daddy.


Will be very nice to see Timmy with a family member on the show. Yes, kill that ej off. She was the worst agent ever. Know how she got her job though. Can not believe anyone is still talking about her.


Rachel I hope the do kill EJ off I be so happy.


A friend for Ducky perhaps... just sayin...Awesome, now kill EJ and we got a deal.


Cool! I've loved Lily Tomlin since Laugh-In. (Yes, I know... that shows my age. ;o)


Go get 'em, Miss Lil'!


I cannot wait. I enjoy watching her. I love the fact that their brining her in as McGee's grandmother fantasic. McGee is my favorite.


that should be a fun episode.


I love the people comment over at EW what a bunch of loser I think its about time we saw something from mcgee past


cool we see more of McGee's family

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