Rookie Blue Review: Desperate to Believe

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Luke screwed up, big time, and "In Plain View" had him scrambling to cover his tracks.

It's not nice to sleep with a girl and then not return her phone calls. Did Luke really believe he could tell Jo it was all a mistake and move on? He swore to her that he was happy, but how happy can he be if he's having an afternoon quickie with his ex?!?

Luke's smarter than that, right? Perhaps not.

Comforting a Child

He even followed all of the typical cheater cliches. Between his lies and cover-ups, he showered Andy with romantic gifts to assuage his guilt. Then, when his credit card was found at the hotel, he panicked and moved up the wedding. Oh, what a mess. 

Poor Andy was stuck working with Jo and had no idea what was headed her way. When Jo kicked Andy out of the interrogation, Luke defended the former, saying "She's got her own rhythm." Yup. Luke would know.

Or how about when Jo alluded to Andy being the weakest member of the pack? Talk about passive aggressive, but I had no doubt that that's how Jo viewed her. 

When reality hit, Andy must have felt like she got hit by a ton of bricks AND a mack truck. To her credit, there were no tearful scenes or big fights and she didn't take her hurt and anger out on Jo. Andy simply went home, packed a bag, asked Luke why, and departed.

I loved that she told Luke she left the ring in the lock box where she found it. The horrible realization that Luke never actually gave her the ring or specifically asked her to marry him must have sunk in. Ugh. 

I wonder if she'll ever know that the ring was really meant for Jo. I hope not. No one deserves to feel like second best.

There were no Sam and Andy scenes, but this wasn't about them. It was about the end of Andy and Luke. My guess is we won't be seeing Sam and Andy together this season. She's got to get over this whole debacle and she doesn't need Sam as her rebound guy. But having him around as a friend would be nice.

In actual police matters, Jerry lost his informant. Then he found him, dead. The investigation led to a lonely 17-year old girl who thought her pimp was the love of her life. 

Was anybody upset that the girl smacked Jo in the head to get away? No? I didn't think so. Jo almost seemed to be taking her frustrations with Andy out on Dina.

Jo was right about one thing: Dina was the weak member of the pack. She was so desperate to have somebody love her that she'd willingly go to prison for a guy who wanted her dead. Believing that Andy was similarly weak was where Jo got it wrong.

I found Gail's mom downright creepy. Her entire demeanor felt like finger nails on a blackboard. She was a bully hiding behind a pixie haircut and a sweet voice. That certainly explains a lot about Gail, huh? I wish Gail would have stood up to her mother, but watching Chris do it was the next best thing.

So where do you think Andy goes next? Straight into Sam's arms? Sleeping on Traci's couch? Or does Luke deserve a second chance?


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we need more of jerry and his funny goofs - losing his witness. It would have been good to play this up longer like last season when he lost his notes and chris and traci were helping him.


I agree with LindLoves tv that the writers were lazy this ep - and most of S2 so far. I get they wanted a bedroom scene for luke-jo and made up this whole hotel stakeout, which was a waste. jo already came over to Luke's house in the day. Like Linda says, a more plausible scene could have been to just have jo make a move there. She came to see him at the hospital. She could easily and plausibly have kept seeing him at home. easy enough and more real. Andy could have seen jo leave and caught luke in a lie, when he could say she wasn't there. Then there could have been more time to develop the case of the day and for other characters - more wisdom from ollie, develop a romance between Frank and noelle that must remain secret and she gets her baby, and the dov-gail-chris combo. Just love the scenes between dov-gail-chris, who always get the bad jobs but make them fun, and hope they stay friends. It is the friendships that really make this show. andy's friendships with dov and chris need to be stronger.


I hate that Luke cheated on Andy - hate it, but... I do believe he is sincere in his feelings for Andy. Jo was a mistake and one he regretted immediately. She dumped him for her career and he had unresolved feelings, which he now realizes are done. I do not think Andy should get back together with Luke immediately... but I do love their chemistry so eventually I am hoping for a reunion. I am looking forward to many tension filled eppisodes! Yea, definitely a Luke&Andy fan


i thought it was a good episode except for the lack of sam/andy scenes. but i definitely agreed with how the writers wrapped up the whole luke/andy thing. they needed to wrap it up and this episode certainly focused on that. i hope that andy runs and lands right into sam's arms. he says the audience will not get what they expect, but i don't quite understand what he means. watching the preview for season 2, it looks like sam & andy get together. i really hope that he finds out before it happens and that he is not a rebound for andy. i also really hope that andy stays away from luke and that whole segment is over. can't wait for what's to come! also did anyone see the chemistry between sam & tracy?


Jessi, I agree with you! You have an eloquent way of explaining the situation(s). I certainly hope we see more of Sam & Andy together soon.








Really love this damn show, this episode wasn't my absolute favorite because of the lack of Sandy...I don't hate Jo but she is very selfish and you can't truly love someone (Luke) when you openly try to ruin that persons relationship. For a more mature person (atleast 5 years older then Andy) to be so harsh and cold, can't blame immaturity and lack of knowledge. She left him for a career, she's territorial (he wasn't hers anymore) and extremely jealous. That being said, she is perfect for Luke. Luke is just as career driven and jealous. The way he's so detached from Andy emotionally. He needed someone, he knew she was young and naïve about relationships. She was the polar opposte of his ex, someone incapable of doing what his ex had. He had feelings for her but it would have never gone anywhere if he didn't want to one up Sam. Meanwhile the star of the show Andy is young, naïve and looking to prove everyone wrong. She falls for Sam immediately but its something she can't control. She doesn't know how to lose control and be real. She picks the easy route (Luke) and denies her true feelings. Course it didn't hurt that he was a detective, not just a regular cop. Andi went to Sam that night because she was scared and vulnerable and lonely. As usual Luke couldn't answer his phone or be there for andi in any way. He is as usual emotional unavailable for a young and emotional female. Of course she has a connection to Sam, so she goes there. This is the only time in this series that Andi really let's go and is true to herself. In my opinion this is the first time she's ever done this because she is scared of where it will take her. She "chose" Luke because it was easy, she wouldn't have to worry about anything. In reality (of which she wasn't aware) she couldn't handle her deep feelings for Sam. She was still childlike emotionally. She has a lot of demons that she is afraid to face and Sam would make her face them. Instead of facing them and burying them with Sam, Luke would enable her to "forget" them. Luke is not the type of guy that's good for someone like Andi, Sam is. Luke wouldn't care even if he knew what to do! Sam would lay down his life for her, he has been around so long that he knows what love is and how to handle it. He is the only stable, "rock" she has so she will never be able to forget him. She needs to mature and grow though before the two really get serious. Ah, its really a great story


I think Andy did do the right thing by leaving.
Yes, Andy did ALMOST make the wrong mistake by cheating ONCE with another guy - a guy she HAD/HAS feelings for. However, she wasn't sharing a house with him and engaged to him at the same time. What Luke did was very wrong, but he quite obviously still loves Jo and is torn between both women, but he does have a much stronger connection with Jo, therefore, he should be with Jo and Andy should be with Sam! :D
Speaking of Jo, is her character part of the main cast? Or is she just sticking around on a recurring basis?

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