Warehouse 13 Review: "Love Sick"

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So "Love Sick" wasn't as strong as last week's "Trials."

At the same time, though I have to keep my expectations in perspective. First and foremost, Warehouse 13 is primarily a procedural, not a heavily character driven drama. "Trials" was more the exception to the rule.

Claudia in Action 

I was a bit disappointed to see Steve didn’t have a very prominent role. I guess this is where his “special guest star” billing comes into play. There was the quick joke with Pete showing off to him, after learning he was gay, and then he was quickly bronzed.

Meanwhile, the way Steve came  out to Pete and Myka was well done. Pete was Pete, he joked about it, and then everyone moved on. Everyone was cool with it. No big deal all around.

Pete and Myka’s romp through the Warehouse after the artifact ball put them in a drunken haze was fun to watch. As they worked through what exactly happened before they ended up in bed together, it felt like both of them were finding some of the rhythm they lost when Myka quit.

For the most part, this was an Artie episode. I was a little sad to see Artie give up so easily on Vanessa when she and Hugo reacquainted with each other. Yes, there was that spark between the two of them, but Artie isn’t someone who backs down. It shouldn't, all of a sudden, be something he does because of a woman.

Yes, Artie is looking for a companion, because he’s spent so much time on his own without anyone filling that role. And yes, it’s hard to put yourself out there and be vulnerable and bring all of those dating emotions to the surface. But Artie having feelings for Vanessa doesn’t mean he needs to (potentially) give her up so easily. I was glad Claudia picked up on his insecurities and told him to be confident in the relationship he has with Vanessa.

Overall, this was another solid episode for Warehouse 13, especially given the number of hilarious one-liners we got from Pete and Claudia.
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Shane, The band is Scars on 45, and the song is Change My Needs.


what was the song playing at the end of the episode?? i can't find out who it is or the name of the song anywhere!


Hot blonde Myka, Pete saying they'd always be partners and friends,Claudia's one liners, and the B plot were great. The A plot wasn't so great. I also thought Artie wouldn't have given up with Vanessa so easily.


The Main Plot very old school warehouse 13, except with two recurring characters added. It also was oldschool so they could get a hacker for whatever Felix Gaeta, erm i mean Alessandro juliani's mysterious characters organisation (I really hope it is a one season villian, rather multi season villian). Loved the B plot of "the hangover" warehouse style (bronzing steve was hilarious). Blonde Myka is hot, who knew Joanne Kelly could get any hotter? Loved the Eureka reference "every week something goes boom" haha!

Warehouse 13 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Claudia: I'm coming with you.
Artie: Why? No, why?
Claudia: A hospital Artie. There's going to be blood. When you faint someone needs to be there to break your fall.

Claudia: What's that smell?
Artie: I don't smell anything.
Claudia: Exactly, you're primped. You're going to see Dr. Vanessa.