Weeds Review: Mom Who?!?

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How far has Nancy Botwin fallen as a mother? Two of her kids now call her by her first name.

Indeed, things got real for this gorgeous dealer on Weeds throughout "Game-Played," starting with the revelation that her sister wants custody of her youngest son and concluding with being thrown out of a loft by her oldest son.

That's one non-existent reunion and one short-lived, business-based reunion for Nancy in less than 24 hours. Rough.

Silas and Andy

It would help if Nancy showed an ounce of remorse for past actions or a hint of affection toward her loved ones. Yes, we see this as an audience during a few down moments - but her relatives never do. She picks up the banter with Andy as soon as she sees him. She has him running (humorous), drug-related errands within minutes.

The guy is either so whipped, so in love or both that he tells an empty apartment he's "glad you gout of prison." But, at some point, even Andy will bail. Then again, if it hasn't happened already, it's hard to imagine when it might.

At least Andy always gets some while pining away for his former sister-in-law. Somehow, Silas gets naked and Andy still gets the girl. No wonder this guy is so calm in every situation. Good fortunate is always on his side.

I can't begin to imagine what Doug is in for at his new job, but let's hope it involves a new jacket every week. This week's outfit would make Craig Sager jealous (hopefully at least one reader is familiar with this TNT sideline reporter).

On a serious note, though, it's clear Nancy is truly realizing the consequences of her actions. She got into the drug-dealing game to save her family, and now she won't get out of it even when it's costing her that same family. Or perhaps she can't get out of it. Nancy has never really been a user, but an addiction to action can be just as dangerous as one to any narcotic.

Just think: the only child not to refer to her as "Nancy" is the one who has committed murder. Can't really blame Jill for scoffing at how Nancy has raised her kids, can you? It's just a question now or whether or not Nancy has the capacity to do anything about it.


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Sure, this season has started off a bit slow, but I can't complain because I love all of the characters. And with shirtless Silas, I'm pretty much a happy camper! lol


I'm really surprised that people are reacting so negatively to this season so far. I personally like this season just as much, if not more so than the original few. We've had a few awesome seasons of zany sitcom-esqe 'high'jinks, but now is the time for the characters to reach their breaking point. I honestly can't wait to see the Andy-Nancy meltdown that is obviously approaching. I think Nancy is doing the thing she thinks will help her kids the most: keeping them away from her 'toxic' personality. She has a very self-absorbed/self-hatred thing going on, and when she finally comes to term with it, it's going to be make for some great television.


better episode than the previous. funny seeing doug rocking a suit. wonder where he got it from. also i dont get how nancy agreed to let silas get profit from the pound of weed after she agreed to split the profit 60-40 with zoyas brother. how much is she going to make? and wtf was that ball crap. were they really going to let him die or was the artist bitch going to actually pump more air in? some crazy stuff even for weeds. i hope they dont drag out the nancy seeing her son plot. why does her sister want him so bad? i dont think i like this season very much. hope its the last.


Cont... And a total


Personally I've been very disappointed in the direction of Weeds over the last several seasons! The addictive (pun intended) nature of the show Weeds was in watching Nancy do all manners of "creative" things to survive and care for her family, after her irresponsible husband left her with nothing to survive his sudden death. It was dark and somewhat endearing but always funny! After watching the first couple of episodes of the new season, all that is gone. There isn't a single likable character left on the show! Well thats not entirely true... lil Stevie is adorable as he calls her "Aunt Nancy"... Ouch! The sister... a total self absorbed, narcassistic

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