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I agree with the comment about Neal & Sara having no chemistry. I just don't see it. Besides, I can't see Sara being "The One". Neal can't possibly love her as much as he loved Kate. It's also unbelievable that he would give up a billion dollars worth of treasure because of someone whose work included pursuing to throw his a*s in jail. My guess is Sara finds out (part) of Neal & Mozzie's plan & breaks it off with Neal. (Don't worry, she's on contract as a regular...she'll still be around! Hopefully in some other capacity aside from just being a love interest.) I can't see the Neal/Sara pairing lasting long. I'd rather have Neal play the field for a while than rush into another relationship.

Also, maybe. I'm being too cynical, but I don't think that a marriage such as Peter & El Burke exist nowadays. Sure, it's nice to watch and feels good to see them like that, but it doesn't have the realistic feel to it. Still, I love the two of them.


If I had to guess, it is Sarah is who the one that makes the comparison life-style choice to Burke and his wife (a lot of hints where given to the choices that Neal has to make for the future). Being the con-man he has to choose which life suits him better: the cat/mouse game with Alex or stay at home with Sarah.

Of course, I delighted that Peyton Sawyer got so much screen time. Being part of the main cast, you would have expected a lot of plot given to Matt and Peyton for character development. Hence, this episode wasn't a disappointment.


for those complaning about Peter and Elizabeth's would you much rather it be like everyother show when they break up and one of them dies


@rosie bitter much?????????


I don't see the Burke marriage as cheesy. Lord what a nasty statement.

I'm beginning to believe Neal doesn't want to run, but is playing along with Mozie. His feelings for Sara are going to get in the way of his running. In the end, his words to Scott will be echoed in his own actions ... It wouldn't be WC w/out Neal ... he won't run.


Urgh, divisive show!


WC is such a decisive show. It really is split in the Alex and Sara camp.

I loved this episode and was so thankful we didn't have to induce the unrealistic cheesy relationship that the Burkes have. Urgh, I really can't stand all that smug stepford housewife and husband.

This is what I like about WC. Intrigue, action, realism all cloaked up in the unreal world the USA love to portray about the world of agents in the US.

I see Sarah's place and like her there but her and Neal have no chemistry. He an Alex were fireworks in simply a scene together.

Re Ashbrook, you only appreciate him if you were a fan of Twin Peaks. I was majorly although I was a kid but I have to say he was my worst character on the show. Truly though,I get what you are saying but from my understanding and this may seem cold, the more you appear on a show as a guest star, the more your pay check is no?

For me, their is a bigger travesty not using Ernie 'frigging Ghostbusters'Hudson for more then one line as Mozzies mentor, then Ashbrook getting a whole 10 mins.

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