Claire Holt Cast as Stefan's Ex on The Vampire Diaries

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She's been sort of stalking Emily all season long on Pretty Little Liars. And now Claire Holt is set to do the same to Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.

The Australian actress has landed the much-buzzed about role of Becky, a character who shares a romantic history with Paul Wesley's Salvatore sibling - and it's not one she'll give up easily.

Claire Holt on Pretty Little Liars

According to Zap2It, we'll first meet Becky in flashbacks to the 1920s. What brings her to Mystic Falls? Tune in. Find out.

As for Stefan's current girlfriend, she won't be running into the arms of Damon any time soon. Kevin Williamson said this week that those two will unite for a common cause - tracking down Stefan - as opposed to any common feelings of love.

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@Uncle Lilly Robertson was cast for a role, everyone thought it was Becky but it's a character named Sophie, who got an crush on Taylor or something like that!

Uncle jackass

I thought someone else was casted for the role of Becky; not that I don't prefer Claire Holt.


She's great. Hope she and Caroline get into it. Sorry not a big fan of Caroline. Her voice is so freakin annoying. Nothing worse than a grown woman thinking baby talk is cute.


I love Claire Holt, since she played in H2O! She plays really well a tough chick and she is really HOT! And how I remember she(Becky) will mess a little with weak Caroline, can't wait to see these blondes bi*ch fight! Kevin right choice!

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