Eureka Review: "This One Time at Space Camp..."

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With the Astraeus mission so close to it launch, things got tense around GD on Eureka this week. Fortunately, "This One Time at Space Camp..." helped lighten the tension with a plethora of nerd and geek nods.

From working in a History of the World Part One quote to referencing Ghostbusters, this episode could have been titled "Hail to the Geek, Baby!"

Holly and Douglas

I really enjoyed that we got to see how Dr. Parrish and Fargo started their rivalry as kids at Galaxy Camp, making rocket engines for Chief Tyrol. Okay, it was guest star Aaron Douglas as Ray Darlton, but, come on if anyone knows engines, it’s The Chief from Battlestar Galactica!  

We also got the first view into Jo’s childhood. I was not surprised that she had three older brothers and was raised by her dad. Given that she can field strip an M16 with a blindfold on - and I can’t even do it after six years in the military - her childhood was totally what I expected... except for her father’s comment about her mom being proud of her. That hit me like a mallet in the chest Well done, Ms. Berg. Very well written.

My favorite scene was the slow pan across the pile of cloths to find that Holly and Fargo were laying there playing a Dungeon’s and Dragons board game. Having played the Castle Ravenloft game they were involved in, I was thrilled that they didn’t over ham the game or add a bunch of needless "geek speak" to try and make them sound even more nerdy.

For us pen/paper gamers, Holly giving Fargo the D20 dice for luck was an eleven on the geek-cuteness meter!

We should take a moment of silence for Dr. Parrish. He lost the girl, found out she lied to him about role playing, and didn't make the Astraeus mission. Actually, nah! He had it all coming the arrogant jerk.  

This brings me around to Warren Hughes and the return of guest star Wallace Shawn.  I guess if a little goes a long way then a lot of Shawn is...awesome!  

Let me clarify right up front:

  • Yes, it was completely ridiculous that Warren got any memories from a zap on his finger from a little coffee spill. 
  • Yes, it was a completely transparent method for throwing in some flashback to previous season. 
  • Yes, it was a way to cut Shawn loose to let him be as silly and over the top as we have all come to love.  
  • And yes, it was the most contrived way for them to get Jack and Allison’s relationship approved by Warren suddenly being close to them afterwards. 

Even with all that, you know what? This is Eureka; I’m willing to go with it! 

It's nice that Jack and Allison are fully "DoD approved" and now that Jo has grounded herself, we will get to see if Zane follows her example and stays. We won't have long to wait giving that Astraeus will be launching very soon.

This made me wonder if the Astraeus mission will actually happen between seasons? It would make sense to have the finale show them leave and the season premiere see them return. But then again, this is Eureka, remember? Anything is possible.


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I have not been able to see ONE TIME AT SPACE CAMP IN Vancouver, B.C. grandson plays as the young Fargo and I would love to be able to watch the show. Can you make any suggestions?


@Mary Mannon Reeves, I did mention him in that episode... we debated what name he gave as General XX as I could never make it out. It was an awesome cameo! Jim~


How can you make the nerd geek reference without bringing up the best cameo ever — Stan Lee, wanting to do gamma ray studies on Astraeus. Laughed myself off the edge of the couch on that one!


@Mazra : you rock! totally pwnd it! I saw your post and did some research and you are right ! 4th edition power cards man your good but it sucks that eureka will cancel. I was thinking to start my own channel called sci-fi and start a 6th season of eureka and buy for the network new SG episode like it was suppose to be. Nothing about reality show or wrestling drama fake. Seriously guys one movie you should definitely watch is "idiocracy" because we are living it. Have fun with cheep jokes and fart apps on your iphone SyFy caus I guess it sells more than real tv series that becomes classics. - signed by someone who got his best series cancelled and buys them on dvd/bray (never had cable and never will) welcome to 2011 folks ;o)


Hehe thanks for the quick reply but im sure there is some product placement here for D&D and it wouldnt surprise me on episodes like this, its a great opportunity to show off (thats the beauty about being a producer and insert a few tips on future releases of sponsors) and here it goes : in that scene we see different clues. - the board is made of foldable glossy paper (unlike Castle Ravenloft wich are tiles)
- backface art of cards are not documented on any images archive from any website on the net
- 3 type of cards in hand
- Holly player name on the score/stats paper is Lyra?
- black dices 8 and 12 numbered
- some kind of horse and a goblin painted figures (high quality might i say) any idea im puzzled???


@Jim G.: I freeze-framed the screen, though, and I'm pretty sure one of the images showed Allison as a nurse, 40s-style. That's because Carter is a moron and immediately had a dozen memories flood in once the first question was asked. He didn't have a chance to filter them.


I believe those may have been 4th edition power cards for the role playing game, and not from a board game. It is definitely not from Castle Ravenloft board game. Great episode though. One of Eureka's best.


could somebody tell me what version of Dungeons & Dragons board game they were playing because its definitely not Castle Ravenloft mentioned by Jim earlier and having search all over for that type of card backface art over the net, I could find a match for this one... Could it be a teaser for an upcoming release frow wizards? thanks


Thanks Anne Reardon Urbanski, I have corrected my typo.. ContinuityManiac Allison made a point of saying it only recorded memories they *wanted* to share.. Yes, there is a plot-hole that Warren had some of Jack's memories he would not want to share, but I let it slide :)


Loved Wallace Shawn; he deserves an Emmy nod for this guest appearance! Tight, enjoyable episode!

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Warren: That is! I think we have what we need.
Jack: That's it?
Warren: What, were you expecting the Spanish Inquisition?
Jack: Uh, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Allison: It only records the memories you're willing to share, so think about those.
Jack: See I have seen this before and then the Stay-puft Marshmallow man.. Grrrr, comes Arrrgh down the street, ah... no.