Jamie Lee Curtis Joining NCIS For Two-Part Story Arc

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Jamie Lee Curtis will appear on a pair of November sweeps episodes of NCIS, sharing scenes and possibly sparks with Mark Harmon's Gibbs, according to TV Line.

In a two-part episode, Curtis will play Charlotte Ryan, a strong, opinionated career woman from the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Defense.

Ryan will spar with Gibbs and the team like never before, apparently, so “don’t be surprised if there are sparks between Gibbs and Ryan,” says Gary Glasberg.

“We’re expecting some real chemistry,” the NCIS executive producer adds.


The role of Charlotte Ryan will benefit from Jamie's shoot-from-the-hip style, Glasberg adds, noting that the 52-year-old Curtis "embodies everything we want from Ryan - humor, heart, strength, and a lot of fun. We couldn’t be more excited she’s here.”

How about you? Can you see her holding her own with Gibbs?

Season 9 of NCIS premieres Tuesday, September 20, on CBS.

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I'm sorry...but, JLC should play the part of Gibbs' Mom or Grandma.
You have the highest rating on TV, so you don't need the old floppy boobs hanging out of her clothes to draw in the perverted crowd. Lets keep the show as it was, an excellent murder/mystery/comedy. Lets leave out the sex and sleaze, please!


Where is JLC? I was starting to enjoy NCIS, but will watch something else if she's gone.


JMC is not the right fit for NCIS. It's a great show (my favorite) and I really don't enjoy any episodes that she is in. Please, no more. She's really a mess. Poor acting and please the hair must go.


So glad to see JLC was not on the season premier of NCIS. I hope she will never return. It wasn't a right fit. There was no chemistry. Hopefully, the writers and producers will see all the comments here and end her participation on the show. I cannot watch NCIS with her on it. It's nothing personal, she's just not someone fans want to see Gibbs with. We all have an idea of the perfect woman for him. Again, no chemistry.


I like JLC; I like her as a consultant; but why does there have to be a love interest. I have watched this show from the inception and I don't understand why we can't just have a good mystery/crime show.


Jamie L Curtis is a fine actress but wrong for the part of Charlotte Ryan. I would like to see Gibbs with someone who he can challenge not get into romantic thing. Perhaps like have Gibbs to have a female partner that can deal with different mysteries that is connected with NCIS. NCIS has been my favorite show ever since the show started. I love the characters and all of them are good to work together.


Wow, JLC still is an absolute stunner... I also like that character. Maybe Gibbs' character will improve now. Might prevent NCIS from getting boring some time.


Been watching NCIS from the very first episode.....before everyone else realized what a good show it is!
But...if Jamie Lee Curtis continues on my favorite show, I will not watch it. I love Mark Harmon and JLC
Is absolutely gross! Please don't ruin the best show on TV.


i dislike jamie lee curtis she looks at least 70 if she becomes a member of the cast a group of us will stop watching and i hope the ratings drop


i refuse to watch ncis if jamie lee curtis joins the cast i have been a long time viewer of ncis please donot bring her back as aperminate part of the cast i can garantee you will lose a lot of viewers

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