Pretty Little Liars Review: The Ultimate Frenemy

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I'll give Pretty Little Liars this: dolls are really scary. Whoever came up with the idea to go all Chuckie on "Over My Dead Body?" Bravo. A frightening job well done.

I wish I could say the same about the storytelling, however. The midseason finale produced plot holes galore, prodded along by dialogue that, I'm sorry to say, was simply too unbelievable to accept.

Emily, Girls in Trouble

I mean, Jackie hasn't really made a move on Ezra all summer and then she suddenly blurts out that she wants to get back together? And Aria happens to be standing there? And then she gives Aria an ultimatum? Out of nowhere, the show decided to move this character front and center.

Yes, I know Pretty Little Liars is meant to be a guilty pleasure and viewers should just go along for the fun ride. I mostly do, trust me. But there are only two possibilities for the conversation Jenna and Garrett held at the conclusion of this episode:
  1. It's just another red herring, which would be a lazy, desperate, lame way to mislead viewers.
  2. It's the truth, Jenna and Garrett are behind Alison's death... and they simply delivered that information in a straightforward, expository manner via an exchange that no two people would ever have.

For that reason, I'm leaning toward scenario number-one. I just refuse to believe the writers would give us Alison's killers in such a boring, sloppy fashion. Hmmm... how should we make this major reveal to the audience? A-ha! Let's have Jenna and Garrett just talk openly about it in the police station!! I don't buy it.

I also don't buy the supposedly major cliffhanger: the shovel was the murder weapon and now the cops have caught the girls in the act? Okay, but in what act? There's no evidence at all here, except more proof that the adults in Rosewood are utter morons.

It's illegal to question a minor without an adult present. In the absence of an arrest, each parent should have walked in and demanded to take his/her child home. Done. Case closed. There's no legal means by which authorities can detain a minor who is not under arrest. I'm sorry, my family is made up of lawyers, and it may not be fun to read a review that regurgitates the law, but it seems like an important detail for the show to consider, doesn't it?

Fortunately, while the concluding events left me irritated and empty, the build-up to them was tremendous. The time-jumping aspect of the episode was executed very well, leaving me wondering every step of the way just how the girls came to be dirty and sitting in an interrogation room.

Dr. Sullivan really should have been killed, though. Imagine if the police had come upon the girls holding that shovel AND standing over a dead body. Now that would be a cliffhanger! It would also give A some weight because, as I continue to say every week, she never actually does anything. She threatens, she texts, the girls panic... and that's about it.

Just once, wouldn't it be nice to see the Liars not give in to a demand and to find out if A actually follows up?

As we wait until new episodes in January, at least the show has given viewers many questions to ponder:

  • Is this the end for Ezria?
  • Did Spencer really just kiss Wren? Where did THAT come from?!?
  • Is Mr. Hastings the father of Jason?
  • Who is Pretty Eyes? (My guess: anyone but Jenna. Another example of a misdirection.)
  • So everything with Mike was meant to.... hmmm.... what?
  • What did Jason find in the house?
  • Will we see Dr. Sullivan again?
  • Is referring to a girl's "back fat" the greatest diss of all-time?
  • How did Emily escape the barn?
  • Might Alison be alive?
  • And, oh yeah, who is A?!?


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Allison is clearly alive because of one BIGGGGG hint. Allison is quoting the them song of the show " Cause two CAN keep a secret if of them is dead" as an answer to emily's question "Who is A". The quote means that two people can keep a secret ONLY if of them is dead, therefore, Allison is still alive because she can't tell the secret.


1) ally didn't tell Emily A's name because it was a dream and the people you see in ur dreams are manifestations of yourself and emily cant tell herself something she doesn't know... 2) 'A' clearly didn't send the dolls because i dont think jenna is A because A IS the liars 'frenemy' and doesn't want them to go to jail, so the next half or the season i think A will help the girls out of trouble and get jenna and definitely garrett! (I do not like him and I dont think A will like someone else messing with her girls!) 3) Dr sullivan wasnt being held by jenna she was held by A and the messages about someone dying was about emily in the garage and getting them to the woods with the shovel and then call the police. Ps. I felt genuinely bad for Spencer when she broke up with toby, she's definitely the best actor on the show.


They've mention pretty eyes about twice (correct me if I'm wrong). Once at the friendship bracelet place and now again here at the restaurant. Here are some clue I've gathered. 1) "A" must be female. People don't call boy's "pretty eyes" because that would be downright insulting. You just DON'T call boys pretty.
2) For two unrelated people to say "A" has pretty eyes, this girl MUST have unique, unique, eyes. For a moment I thought it might be Jenna because she is blind and so her eyes stand out. But now, I don't think so.
3) Allison is completely involved somehow. And because she wouldn't tell Emily who "A" was, "A" must be close to Ally. What do you guys think?


Ok soo the car was running rite emily had on heels take off your heels smash the window turn off the car or for sum mre action go in car and drive straight through the door! or not..just wait there and hallucinate abt allison. And okk another thing we have to know is...Is Melissa still pregnant? Wrencer or Spoby O.o all next on Pretty Little Liars in January after the Halloween special on October 19th :)


@sophiawashere - Thanks! Ended my confusion!


ok i have lots of thoughts but for one i think garett is setting up jenna.. i dont know i just think so because now he will have something against her or maybe he is under cover... lol i dunno...but this episodes
was kind of disappointing for me .. but i still cant wait for january when it returns


Why did Ali Go to Heaven? :O


@Layla: Garrett said, " ... but he's got no idea that it was us who wrote that note." I'm assuming the note that said,"I know what you did" -- the one Jason showed Aria at Ian's funeral.


maya did have alis old room with some of her books in and everything maybe she wrote it down in a diary?, but she also threw it out at the side of the road maybe someone picked it up? but why would maya do that she just moved to the house and rosewood and never knew alison or girls and dr suv was reading the files and it said nosey bi**hes didnt it, far as i know the girls (apart from emily ) havent took much interest in her have they so how would she say they are nosey i think the a in the books could be a in the show. and for jason being spencers brother that could be true because when aria fpound her dad kissing that women she got mad at aria when she didnt want to tell anyone remember maybe it was a sore point ??


maya had alisons bed room with some of alis stuff in it , maybe she kept a diary with all the secrets in but she also put it at the end of street so anyone could have picked it up and used it against the girls , but the book theroy sounds a bit good

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