Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Over My Dead Body"

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Is it all over for the Liars? What about Toby and Spencer, Aria and Ezra?

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined once again by staff writers Carissa Pavlica and Teresa Lopez as they break down the above issues and more in response to the intense Pretty Little Liars summer finale. As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: The appearance of those dolls, for two reasons: 1. Dolls are scary; 2. I enjoy the utterly ludicrous ways that A is stalking the girls. She projects film in to gravestones, she breaks into fashion show soundtracks, she can create talking toys. To paraphrase one of my favorite Anchorman quotes, the Liars shouldn't even be scared at this point. They should be impressed.

Carissa: Caleb's simple diss to Kate: "But you should know it gives you back fat." Perfection.

Teresa: I have to agree that Caleb's verbal bitch-slap was amazing to watch. Having Caleb back was not only great for Hanna, but for the viewers as well. I loved watching him put the cocky Kate in her place, especially since it involved back fat.

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Is this it for Spencer and Toby?
Matt: The classic "I'm breaking up for you for your own good?" No chance. Unlike Wren's tongue down Spencer's throat, that reasoning never sticks.

Carissa: No. They have a true love for each other. They will find a way to be together for sure.

Teresa: I feel bad for saying this, but I kind of hope so. I'm a little bored with Toby and their relationship seems so "blah," even though they have that whole rich girl/poor boy dynamic. Wren seems like a more exciting possibility for Spencer and he is so much cuter. Here's to Wrencer! Or maybe Spren?

Is Alison alive?
Matt: No. The show specializes in scenes that are simply meant to mislead the audience. Emily's dream was an example of this irritating pattern.

Carissa: At one time I thought she was, but Emily definitely had a vision and not a meeting. She was still with her as she came to. The missing page of the autopsy report and whatever Jenna did to her concern me, though. In short: I don't know!

Teresa: Nope. In the modern era of DNA testing, it would be difficult for the writers to say the body discovered was actually another one of A's tricks. And if they tried, I'd lose all respect for them.

Should Aria have threatened Jackie with the plagiarism charge?
Matt: No. I wrote it in my review and it bears repeating now: the girls constantly do whatever A threatens. Just once, wouldn't it be refreshing to see them NOT give in? It might help lead them to A's identity, forcing him/her to take some sort of actual action, as opposed to mostly sending text messages.

Carissa: She didn't have a choice. A isn't one to mess around with. Was Jackie the body they uncovered? Or was that a mannequin? I was unclear on that. If it's not Jackie, A will take her down eventually.

Teresa: Yes, it was totally necessary after what she overheard. I just think that Aria should have been more bitchy about her ultimatum. Maybe then Jackie wouldn't have turned it around on her.

Give this summer season a grade.
Matt: A for the relationships, as it's been fun to watch the progression of Aria and Ezra, Toby and Spencer, Hanna and Caleb, as well as the revolving door of girlfriends for Emily. But F for A herself. This storyline is played out and there's no logical way to wrap it up. No show can survive on a single mystery. Just resolve A as best you can and put her in the past, PLL. The angle was a strong way to establish the series and the character, but now it just feels forced and, literally, impossible to believe. 

Carissa: Enjoyability factor, A. Answers and story progression, B-. Time to expose A and move on to a new mystery!

Teresa: I would give it a solid B+. There was plenty of drama and lots of exciting over-the-top moments, but not enough revelations and far too much evasiveness about A's identity. Just tell me who it is already!


"Matt:But F for A herself. This storyline is played out and there's no logical way to wrap it up. No show can survive on a single mystery. Just resolve A as best you can and put her in the past, PLL. The angle was a strong way to establish the series and the character, but now it just feels forced and, literally, impossible to believe." AGREE!!


I KNOW WHO A IS... at least on the books. If you want me (and If A doesn't kill me) I could tell you... :P


I would love to see Spencer and Wren together! Oh well, I would just like to see more of Wren ;)
On the other note, Jackie/plagiarism story, it was hard to buy it, considering I don't really believe that A would be the only one to discover that the article is plagiat..


What was your favorite scene?
seeing alison ofc. Is this it for Spencer and Toby?
no way! Is Alison alive?
ugh i really want to her to be alive, shes amazing. Should Aria have threatened Jackie with the plagiarism charge?
YES. Give this summer season a grade.
just to be ironic id give it an A. lol. just kidding - probably a B+


My favorite scene was when Ezra said I'm in love with her. I am dying to know if he's going to come clean to who he was referring to or if he'll just let Ella keep thinking it's Spencer.
I agree about the A storyline. It's too dragged out at this point. I don't see how they can make A be one person. And I'm growing bored of how it'll unfold. I do however wonder how the show would survive if they told us who A is. What other mysteries could there be. I do think though if A isn't revealed until the end, many viewers may not even watch the show by the series finale.
I too am rooting for Ezra and Aria!


F that when is it coming back on


1. I agree with Carissa here. I'm so happy Caleb's back, and that he know how to make a bitching girl insecure in a heartbeat!
2. No. There's more to Toby's role in all of this.
3. No and I can't believe Emily didn't try to break the car window to get in there and shut the car off!
4. No. Doesn't she realize she has the greater secret? Juliet would've been exposed as soon as the article is published. Academics read tons of obscure journals - somebody would've noticed the plagerism and called her on it.
5. I'm giving it a B for Teresa's reasons.


i really really hate Jackie. that girl's so annoying. Aria has too much to worry about A than her sweet teacher. and now Jackie's trying to flirt with her Ezra? i thought Aria did the right thing about the plagiarism. Jackie deserved it. hope Ezria'd take a next step in their relationship soon. and they should start with Aria's parents. or else...Ezria shipper forever!!!!!!


What was your favorite scene?
Jackie went full-bitch mode on Aria. She seems so sweet in Ezra's office and then turn into a bitch at Aria's house. And her complimenting Aria, "Cute dress!". Creepy. Is this it for Spencer and Toby?
Yes! Toby starts to bore me lately. I don't mind his hotness. It's just he really needs to get a storyline rather than being Spencer's spymate. Wrencer fans, rejoice! Is Alison alive?
They freaking did an autopsy on Alison! It's still hard to believe they mis-autopsy her. Of course, she's dead. Let's say if the show reveals that Alison is still alive, the show better come up with a logical explanation. Should Aria have threatened Jackie with the plagiarism charge?
No, she should have come to Ezra and told him about the plagiarism. That way, Jackie will get more damage and probably won't be able to turn the tables on Aria. Poor Aria! Give this summer season a grade.
B+. Every episodes are strong and really fun to watch. But when you look at plot development since the start of the Season 2. I'll give it a C+. Let's hope it gets better in 2012!


1. Caleb's burn was, of course, the best scene in my opinion. 2. If Spencer and Toby break up it will kill both of them. Wren is cute...ish but his personality is so annoying and wrong! He goes away for twenty eps and then suddenly comes back? No. Not a chance. I hope be goes back to FarAwayville. 3. Haha, yeah right. Too many clues lead to her death. They outweigh clues that lead to her still being alive. Besides, that'd be too scifi. 4. No, because it wasn't in Aria's nature to do things like that, but obviously Jackie deserved it. 5. It deserves an A-. There were those cliché moments that made me want to gag and then there were those Oh-my-gosh-this-is-effing-crazy moments. The A storyline is getting a little boring but that. Is. The. Entire. Point. Of. The. Show. End of story.

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