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Royal Pains Review: "An Apple A Day"

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Hank treated Libby's mom, Evan attempted to propose to Paige, Diyva made moves towards becoming more independent and Jill began dealing with her flashbacks. And it all happened on "An Apple A Day."

Julie Benz on Royal Pains

Julie Benz was a much appreciated guest star. It's been a while since I've seen her anywhere, and she fit right in on Royal Pains, adding to the loaded episode, which advanced and introduced more plot lines than I could have anticipated.

One such advancement was Evan proposing to Paige, though without going through the proper channels. It was a mistake he spent the episode attempting to rectify. Unfortunately, the General had other plans, more political ones.

I wasn't surprised by the obstacle, but couldn't believe how brazenly prejudice Paige's father managed to be. Clearly Evan isn't his father, but why would he allow his ambitions to overshadow his daughter's happiness?

Paige and Evan will certainly see this conflict, through. I don't know what future/present fiance would train their future husband in the art of future father-in-law psychological warfare without fully intending to stay by his side. Evan hearing Paige in his head as he made the approach was a nice touch.

I would appreciate it if they finally divulged whatever medical issues Paige is having. I'm starting to think it was just a ruse until they got to the more intricate plot lines that emerged this week. Which would be fine, if only they would tie up that loose end.

Divya had some pretty interesting and unexpected twists in her development, as well. At the same time she moved into her new digs, Raj reappeared with the threat of a lawsuit. Who knew people would sue for something like that?

What angered me about the situation was not only that Raj's parent's were going after her for reimbursement, but that he even suggested Divya relinquish her HankMed assets. That was just low.

It's admirable that Divya decided to take on shifts at the hospital to help pay it back. I think she revels in this new found independence, despite its apparent financial cost. She's certainly going to be stronger for it.

And what about the Jill shocker? German's coming after Marissa? I might have been onto something when I predicted that a new heir may be an unwelcome addition to the Von Jurgen-Ratenicz clan. What will Jill do next? What does that mean for the baby's safety going forward?

In the meantime, we have a Matt Lauer sighting to look forward to next week, as Evan continues his quest to expand HankMed. Will it be successful? If the preview is any indication, the road may very well be a bumpy one.


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The acting in tonight's episode was the best so far of the season. And for people like myself who like Jill : ) - she was great. The pacing was a little slow, and the Paige issue hasn't been explained much to our chagrin. Overall better writing, but it seemed to be a totally different show now. Divya working at the hospital? Maybe they need to mix-up the fun part of the show ever other week or something.