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Royal Pains Season 3

"This One's For Jack"

Hank is in mourning on the season three finale, while Evan teams with Boris' cousin on an experimental product that could help a patient.

"Hank and the Deep Blue Sea"

Jack can't fight his illness any more this week. Elsewhere, Boris' cousin asks Evan for assistance.

"Bottom's Up"

Hank tries to help a Shakespeare production hampered by poor luck this week, while Divya learns that Raj is moving on.

"My Back to the Future"

Dr. Van Dyke fills in for Han this week because the latter is suffering from back problems. Divya and Jill, meanwhile help out a thief who robbed them.

"Some Pig"

Hank goes golfing with Jack this week, while also dealing with an illness that affects a rock band.

"A Farewell to Barnes"

Hank blames Dr. Van Dyke for a prescription error on the winter premiere, while Paige makes an offer to Evan.

"A Little Art, A Little Science"

Hank comes up with a treatment for Paige's mom on the summer finale, while Divya struggles to balance her two roles in life.

"Me First"

Madeline Zima guest stars this week as a nanny. She begins to feel as ill as the asthmatic boy she is taking care of. Paige calls Hank for help.

"Run, Hank, Run"

Wilmer Valderrama stops by this episode of Royal Pains, as Hank treats a marathon runner with difficult controlling her body temperature.

"Ta Da For"

Matt Lauer shows up on Royal Pains this week. Elsewhere, Hank treats a magician.

"An Apple A Day"

Who doesn't love Julie Benz? She guest stars on this episode of Royal Pains.

"A Man Called Grandpa"

As Eddie R.'s parole hearing approaches, Evan and Hank struggle to help his friend Shaw.

"The Shaw/Hank Redemption"

It's off to Florida for Hank and Evan this week. Eddie's parole hearing is the basis for their trip.

"Rash Talk"

Is the product invented by an entrepreneur making his patient ill? That's the question posed to Hank this week.

"But There's a Catch"

Greg Jennings guest stars on this episode of Royal Pains. Hank plays in a charity football game. Divya deals with the fallut of her excommunication.


What will Divya do? How has Jill's trip changed her? These questions are tackled on the third season premiere of Royal Pains.

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