Royal Pains Review: "Run, Hank, Run"

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Hank treated a runner who had trouble controlling her body temp, Boris' was poisoned with thalium - his life hanging in the balance - and Evan entered Paige's art, without her consent, into the Hamptons Art Show.

And it all happened on "Run, Hank, Run."

Wilmer Valderrama on Royal Pains

It was a shame guest star Wilmer Valderama didn't receive more screen time, but the story surrounding his appearance, namely the revealing portrait of Evan, was enough to make up for it.

I thought it was funny that Evan was unaware of which piece had been chosen until it was too late. He knew that portrait was somewhere in Paige's portfolio. That alone should have encouraged more discretion on his part with regard to art show entries.

The embarrassment seemed worth it, given that the piece was sold.

What was truly unfortunate was when Evan discovered that Paige had been telling her parents that she was with him all the time. Hank was right, there are things Evan doesn't know about Paige.

Luckily, next week we'll finally have all our questions answered with regards to Paige and her mystery medical condition.

On the Boris front, it was pretty intense. He went through thalium poisoning, which presented much like the degenerative genetic disease from which he suffers. The revelation that Boris may only have a genetic mutation, rather than an actual illness, was a surprise.

It does leave a lot of questions about what Boris experienced medically throughout the course of the show. But how amazing would it be if Carlos was able to grow up with his father, and not suffer the painful fate to which Boris has become so accustomed?

I can't believe that Boris was poisoned, and maybe by the people closest to him. I knew it would have something to do with Carlos being the new heir to the empire, but I never imagined the potential of his own family being behind it. People can suck sometimes, huh?


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Lyn the runner was autumn reeser, she plays katie on no ordinary family.


who played the runner on episode 8. she is so familiar but can't place her?


Evan's picture in the art show was so funny! Good to know Boris will be okay, but why did Dieter leave? Does Hank wanting to send flowers to the nurse who helped with the runner mean that he already knows Divya has been working at the hospital? Can't wait for next week.


All I can say is, if Dieter is responsible for poisoning Boris, I hope he has a great way to escape and totally disappear! He will live to regret the day that he double crossed Boris. And crazy to think that this might not be a genetic disease but that all of the males might have been poisoned on purpose. Boris's story has been a mystery for so long...I think the show has barely scratched the surface. Now on to Paige. I absolutely love her and I love her and Evan together. I'm getting slightly worried about what they are doing to their relationship. At first, I thought Paige was pregnant but didn't know how to tell Evan and maybe even considered terminating (although I don't actually think Paige would do that). Now from the promo it looks like Paige's mother might be sick (she sure didn't look good when she spoke to Evan) but why is/was this such a big secret??? Somehow I'm sure it has to do with the General and the campaign but I can't think of how or why it would be something that needs to be kept from Evan. And if it is Paige's mom....why is Evan so angry in the promo....?


I really like these season so I guess Jill is staying


This episode had so much potential, but lacked cohesion. The Boris disease was too drawn out, and Wilmer was barely a cameo. Again, great to see Jill and Divya having scenes together, and doing some nice acting on their own w/out Hank/evan. But - the highlight, and what makes it 43 minutes worth your are the reactions from Hank, Jill and Divya upon seeing the nude painting of Evan (pardon the expression) hung at the Hamptions art show! LMAO!!!! That was the knee slapper!! Too funny.


Did you get the implication...the Butler did it? Granted Dieter may be more than a butler, but still...what a great way to play with the cliche. I figured it could be him when he took off so quickly after Hank figured out the poisoning, but knowing this show, there may yet be a twist to come.
Did I miss something, where was the poison? Did they find it in the pool? It seemed like the logical choice, given Boris' propensity for swimming laps.
I must admit, I will be glad to have the Paige saga concluded next week, it has seemed to drag on at times. The other arc I want to see come to fruition is Hank and Evan finding out about Divya's moonlighting at the hospital.
Oh, and how cool was the thermometer you can swallow? My question is, do you want it back when it finally comes out? EWWWW! :)

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Boris, You've been poisoned.


Don't sell yourself short. You don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.

Hank [to Evan]