True Blood Review: Dead Red?

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True Blood can't really kill off Jess, can it?

I've longed for the show to trim its roster for seasons now, as there are simply too many characters and too many storylines. There's also a severe lack of consequences - in the form of significant deaths - for a series that treads so deeply in blood, gore and the supernatural.

But... not Jess! She's the one individual whose been underused through the years, and I've been digging the possibility of her and Jason getting together.

It's Antonia!

I can't imagine the show actually kills her off. Jason is right outside the front door, after all, and it takes more than a few rays of sunshine to end a vampire. It's nice that no one actually knows the answer (Jess was not a character in the book series), and I can't say I'd truly be upset if she does perish. It would certainly add a surprising jolt to the series, wouldn't it?

Overall, "
Cold Grey Light of Dawn" moved pieces and characters into place for the second half of the season.

Granted, there was A LOT of talking - the exchanges between a chained-up Bill/Jess and Eric/Sooke dragged on - but the episode did a strong job bringing arcs together, as Tara is now teamed up with Antonia/Marnie, and, just like Arlene's baby, Lafayette is seeing singing black women out of nowhere. Sam and Tommy? Ummm, well, they are simply still around.

Let's return to Eric and Sookie for a moment, though, and a point my colleague brought up in last week's True Blood Roundtable: doesn't getting the two of them together in this manner feel like cheating? Sookie admitted here that she'd never have hooked up with the old Eric, which is what so many viewers had been clamoring for. So that problem is solved by erasing his memory and making him into the sweetest supernatural being since Casper?

Is this really the payoff Team Eric members had been hoping for? I'm legitimately asking: if you've been wanting to see Sookie and Eric as a couple, does the result feel cheapened by this development?

Elsewhere... poor Pam! While that blood sucker has mostly been known for just delivering a few winning one-liners here and there, she's become a truly enjoyable, sympathetic character. I felt awful for her tonight. Paging, Dr. 90210! TV Fanatic will foot the bill if you can fix our gal.

A few notes before I turn this over to your comments:

  • You call that an initiation, werewolf pack? Where were the keg stands? The naked runs? I suffered through more to officially join my rugby team in college.
  • Sorry, crazy Debbie. But did you notice that Alcide said he only loves one woman... but didn't specifically cite you as that woman?
  • Andy, your main mistake wasn't the lack of V intake. It was going on a first date with someone at the locale in which she works. Poor form, dude. You were doomed from the start.
  • Come on, HBO. TMZ gets a shout-out when Pam is about to kill Tara? We all know what the top celebrity gossip site around is, don't we?
  • Not much to even say about Fiona Shaw at this point. She was excellent before as a confused Marnie, and she's even better now as a vindictive Antonia. Really enjoying this villain and the way the resurrection storyline is being built up.
  • Nice touch by the show to have Pam and Jessica's fangs exposed as they were being silvered and skinned.

What did everyone else think? Do you wanna see Jess killed off because it would take you by surprise? Or would you miss her too much as a character?


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Now...its obvious they have changed alot from the book..but from the time the show started, the love that sookie and bill shared, is what makde the show hot in my opinion. The fact that they fought along side one another also is why i loved the show. Yea bill may have lied to her in the beginning but he loved sookie and did it to protect her in more ways than one. Eric has tried to hurt sookie in many different ways eventhoug he showed an interest in her due to the fact that he wanted her for himself..because he could not understand what made sookie so damn special. Making drastic changes to shows is what causes a loss of fans such as myself. Because even in the book sookie turns into a fairy slut..and i feel that is what sookie is turning into this season especially becaue alcide loves her and his crazy girlfriend knows it which will cause her to turn bad again. Most people want to see eric and sookie together becaus eric seems hot...along with no other legitimate reason. Eric has tried to hurt sookie and now since he has lost his memory she is in love with him and the funny part about it is that sookie was soooooo obvlious to everything actually going on cause she was so into eric. Once a gain tara is starting some stuff that effects sookie..and that might just get herself killed. TaRA Never really understood what was going on...she just always ended up in the middle someway and caught situtions from the middle or the beginnig. unlike sookie...she always put herself into bull ish and bill ass had to save her . i honestly am not happy with this season..bill and sookie is what made the show in the first place. in the ending of the last show, he was trying to take anything and anyone out who posed as a threat to sookie and himself, which included eric. Now Bill lost sookie, and eric wormed.....this season is sooo retarded , and this witch thing is dragging on like it did in season 2 when that nomad chick was involved and it took like 4 or 5 shows to kill her off.


Well of course Sookie and Eric hook up when he's lost his memory. They have to keep SOME things straight from the book! Then he gets it back, they break up, and then they fall in luvs.


Great episode but Laffayete and Jesus are seriously boring!


It's obvious Jason is going to return the favor and save Jessica before she gets fried, and probably in next week's teaser before the opening credits run. Jessica isn't facing the "true death" anytime soon. She was featured heavily in the Comic Con preview video that covered the second half of the season (and scenes we haven't seen yet), and she's featured in the TV Guide write-ups for the rest of August. Not to mention the network's strong investment in the character with the "Babyvamp Jessica" fansite. It made for a great episode cliff-hanger when looked at on its own. But it made little sense to include it given all the other advance information already out there.


I do love true blood but am a much bigger fan of the books, if it ain't broke why break it. I can see adding characters and changing some of their story lines, but I truly hope they dnt change the fact thateric gets his memories back and is then uncomfortable around Sookie from not knowing what exactly happened between them. And the way there goin with Bill nope dnt like it, he was never king in the books and he had such a good story line in the book. Oh well keep up the good work just a few of my complaints..


I'm still in shock that they would kill off Jessica just when she was gaining popularity....please say it isn't so. And does Sookie really think Eric will be the same once he regains his memory? And Then WHAT? Arrrrggghh this season is amazing, but it's killing meeeeeee......Good Job! :)


"I like the plot of Antonia coming back to take revenge, however, do all vampires have to pay? Couldn't she just take her revenge on that one vampire that raped her and fed from her?" No. As she said, she's not getting vengeance just for herself, but for every human that so many vampires have tortured, raped, and fed upon. That's what she talked to Tara about when she said she could see that Tara had also been raped, tortured, and fed upon. It wasn't just Antonia that suffered and it wasn't just one vampire who did it. They showed Antonia being raped and burned at the stake, but they also showed her in a cell full of frightened women who'd clearly been treated the same way. And remember, Bill may drink fake blood from a bottle now, but many flashbacks have shown even him raping, torturing, and feeding on woman throughout his lifetime.


Last night's show was Outrageous!.
Keep up the wonderful work Alan Ball.
I love Amnesia Eric,he's the side of Old Eric that's been buried deep inside of Old Eric. Amnesia Eric is the True Eric,the Eric
that can love Sookie Stackhouse. Even thought Sookie's gran said
that "it won't last,it's only temporary" I'm hoping that once the
spell is broken, and Eric remembers who/what he was that he & Sookie will still be together & that he'll retain some of
Amnesia Eric. I love Amnesia Eric.


I don't care for the sappy Eric. Sookie belongs with Bill. They have great chemistry together. Bill needs to fight for her. I also don't mind Sookie and Alcide getting together. He has feelings for her. The new Eric no. We will see where it goes.
I love Jess. I would be sad for her to get killed off.
I won't mind JAson and Jess together. He has been with some crazy women. He needs someone kinda normal. We Will see.


Skokie and Eric do get together after he loses his memory in the books, but remember he gets it back. I think he will get it back again. I like jess's character to an extent, but her guilt w Hoyt was getting very old. He knew she was a vampire. He should be able to accept her feeding off someone else.

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