True Blood Review: "Spellbound"

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Hurry up and choose your side, True Blood fans. Practically everyone else did on "Spellbound," as storylines continued to converge while, ironically, friends were torn apart.

Can Tara and Sookie ever come back from being on opposing teams in the Battle at Bon Temps Cemetery? Because this is a TV show, the answer is likely yes. But I'd never forgive my BFF if she ever set out to destroy my true loves. Gotta put my foot down somewhere, preferably across Antonia's throat.

Talking to Marnie

Clearly, I'm on Team Vampire here, but I've said it from the introduction of Marnie: it's refreshing to have an enemy viewers can fully understand. I'd likely want to murder all blood suckers, too, if I were Antonia. Same for Tara. Consider all she's been through.

In my ideal conclusion to this season, Sookie actually kills Tara while defending Bill and Eric. The series will never go there, but don't tell me that wouldn't add another layer to Sookie's character, as well as the kind of morally grey intrigue that leaves fan buzzing and debating all winter long.

Plus, someone has to die, as we debated in last week's
True Blood Round Table.

That person clearly won't be Jessica. At least the episode didn't drag out the possibility of her demise, as Jason put his high school football skills to good use within the opening seconds. I wasn't surprised, and I'm happy for reasons that go beyond how gosh darn cute Jessica is: specifically, Hoyt's reaction to their break-up.

Might he join Team Antonia? It would make sense, wouldn't it? I'm always for well-drawn out relationship developments that involve friends turning into enemies or vice versa. Maybe Hoyt will die!!!

Morbid curiosity and hopes aside, let's focus on Eric's nude body, shall we? I assume that was the much-hyped shower scene? To which I reply: Really?!? We've spent so much time away from fairy land, and the meaning behind it still seems so unclear, that I was simply bored when these two somehow got it on under the snow. Am I even right in assuming the fantasy setting was related to Sookie's ancestors?

It's just confusing, which is not the emotion one should really have when witnessing Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård naked. In positive fairy news, though, I laughed out when Sookie thanked her weird light power for finally working.

Elsewhere in a solid, albeit slower-than-usual episode:

  • My attention was piqued for the first time this season when Sam faced down Alcide's packmaster. I probably should have seen that connection coming, but I'm actually interested to see where it goes.
  • Please... make... Tommy... go... away.
  • Speaking of Alcide: snoooooze. Does this guy do anything but pine over Sookie? Make your move or just move on, buddy. And take your shirt off as you decide, please.

What did everyone else think? Are you as hungry for a major death as I am? Who should it be?


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@terrie .. I totally agree, that if AB stayed true to the books then it wouldve been one boring show bcuz ppl who read the books will know exactly whats gonna happen. I like the books but i Love love the show!! I think it's better actually ^_^ Yes Tara and Tommy need to go; get killed off the show

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

Well, we can debate all day long about the differences between the books and show. If the show was EXACTLY like the books, it would make for boring TV because we'd all know exactly what happens. But I digress....... Tommy.........has got to go........this story is getting nowhere fast..kill him and let him leave Bon Temps for good. Jessica..........I highly doubt it's over between her and Jason. Bill..........He has become too wimpy. long before he regains his memory? No doubt Sookie will never tell him what they've done. and WTF with the snow??!?!?! REALLY!??!?!?! Lafayette/Arlene's Baby..........WTF........ Andy......clearly the comic relief.......will Jason help
him get off V???????? Tara........needs to go back to her Asian girlfriend. I do think if she's killed off Sookie will be the one to do it. Pam........will she ever get that spell off of her? Well this season is winding down(I'd say there's only 4-6 more episodes left) so what do you think will be the cliffhanger?????????


I agree with the first comment. Tara has got to go!! I'm so tired of her whining and carrying on every minute, I could just smack her! Either evolve her character into a more emotionally strong one, or get rid of her!! Melvina


Ugh. I love the show but let me vent a little....
I loved season 1 because it was a lot more grounded and it centered around a core group of Bon Temp characters(Sookie, Tara, Lafayette, Sam) and their life struggles, and a nice supernatural twist. Every season after it just keeps going CRAZY about the supernatural but I have little reason to care for the characters. (An example of these is the fairy plot line that looms around every season but its not clear where its going or if it even matter at all) Tara needs to die. I was hoping to see her this season with a lot of emotional scars (nightmares, visions about the vamp that raped her). Instead I guess she found healing in a new relationship. I liked that idea, but its so thinly exposed, it's hard for anyone to care about Tara and her asian gf. On top of that, she doesn't seem to learn her lesson. We dont see a more mature Tara, but the same reckless dumb girl. Her character had so much potential but it has been trashed completely. She needs to die tragically. Her life has been going downhill since season 1 so it better end in a low note. But I don't think Sookie should kill her, at least, not intentionally. Tara's new girlfriend should come back to Bon Temps and be killed by a vamp (maybe amnesic Eric?) in front of Tara. Tara goes on a rampage and plots with Antonia to kill Eric. Sookie uses her powers to fight Antonia and accidentally kills Tara. Somehow in all this Tara caused mayhem, I want to see Lettie Mae involved, a lot of crying. I think this will add richness to Sookie and Lafayette's storylines. I hope this season is the end of Tommy. Whether he leaves Bon Temps or dies. I dont care. He is just so annoying. I appreciate learning the shifter mythology but He is unbearable sometimes. Just when you think he can redeem himself, he does something stupid to people that care about him. I feel sorry for him though. He should run away. That kid needs so much growing to do. Jesus has been a disappointment so far. I think he is underused. It's not his fault. I bet it's hard for the writers to connect everyone's story lines. He adds nothing to Lafayette and its even harder to justify him as a character apart from his boyfriend. The chemistry between the actors needs to improve. I want to see them fight. Does Jesus know Lafayatte's past as a prostitute and drug dealer? I want to see some drama. Useless character of the season... Holly... i mean what has she brought to the show? Nothing other than the fact that she is a wiccan and a part of Marnie's covenant. I bet she gets killed at the end of the season in a cheap move by the writers. Daphne was actually an interesting character and she got killed. I'm Ok with that and the idea that at least one Merlotte's waitress dies every season. But if you are going to kill someone, kill someone that matters. The show is getting heavy with so many supernatural characters, its hard to stay focused.


You people are just expecting way too much. I'm totally happy with this episode. Just don't mess up Eric-Sookie relationship, or I will kill! :)


well for people who doesn't know the books. They are less subversive than the tv show and Eric-Sookie relationship in the book when he lost his memory is also very "soap opera" like. Now the shower scene ISN'T the It sex scene in the books. It's only the first time they have sex. And it isn't monkey sex. BUT The tv show shouldn't have snow flower us with that scene, they just could give a great opportunity for the character to have hot sex like in the previous episode where they do it everywhere. The IT sex scene between Sookie-Eric are more like after x books, they finally really hooked up for real, not with memory lost whatsoever, and have monkey sex again. And I agree with people whose saying there is too much characters and storylines!


I agree this episode sucked. I LOVE Eric well the old Eric that is bring him back or get rid of him. P.S. If Eric goes I go


I am just not liking this season. Maybe it will culminate into something fantastic, but I am growing increasingly impatient waiting for that to happen. I love the whole witch/vampire war plot but there are just too many other little supernatural story lines going on - they are trying too hard to give EVERYBODY in Bon Temps air time - everybody is a super now - trying to make all the little story lines converge into one big supernatural ending - there is just so much of it that nobody seems all that super anymore. The Eric/Sookie "shower" scene - what the hell was that. This was a perfect opportunity to make good on the other not so-so love scenes between them - if they had just stayed in the shower - I could have even dealt with the snowing in the shower - and had mad, passionate sex it would have been much better - but when they both frolicked off into snowy, fairy bedroomland to snuggle and cuddle again, I almost threw up. The highlight of the show for me was when Jessica smashed Hoyt's head in - now that's classic True Blood! And what about Eric ripping one of the witches hearts out - was he under Antonia's spell and she was trying to make the vampires look bad - or did he do that on impulse and they are trying to make Eric look like a monster to Sookie - already setting up the end of their short lived relationship (we know this is coming but they don't have to make him into a malicious monster to do it)


AB screwed with we Eric fans. Snow flakes, come on… I was waiting for them to build a snow man and in hopes Santa might come. This was the worse episode by far. AB protrays Eric as a large Dorky person. The Eric/Sookie affair is the worse ever. Waited 3 1/2 years for this, COME ON! Really! Let Mr. Woo write. At least we get a somewhat love scene with him. Totally thumbs DOWN!!!!!! Boooooooooo!


OMG!! Team Vamp! they seriously need to realize most of us watch just for Alex, just sayin' I think the "shower scene" where they come out to the snow and the bed with furs is a tie to Eric's Viking days not Sookie's fairy land connection. They shouldve had Eric rip out Marnie's throat, really?!?! why would Eric go after a lesser witch if he had a sudden momentary flash of his former self? and Bill....could he get ANY more flacid, subservient, amd weak. the only flash of hope for him was when Jessica stated her desire to eat Marnie's face and that brief moment of pure parental pride we saw flash across his face. Tara shouldve been killed off a while ago. If Bill were more vamp less whiny huhman he wouldve let her be killed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cure Pam I love her! the only vamp with a sense of humor!!

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