Two and a Half Men Season Premiere Scoop: MURDER!

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It's been confirmed: Two and a Half Men will premiere its ninth season with a funeral in honor of Charlie Harper. It will feature a few big names stopping by to pay their respects to the womanizer.

Now, sources tell TMZ just how the show will arrive at this storyline: through murder!!!

Ashton Kutcher on Set

Ashton Kutcher reacts to applause on his first day of shooting Two and a Half Men.

At the sitcom's taping Friday night, witnesses say Rose gave a speech in which it was revealed she and Harper got married, but she soon discovered that he had cheated on her. He subsequently "slipped" off a Pars subway platform and was blown into a "meat explosion."

The implication? Rose killed Charlie and got away with it.

Sounds like something Chuck Lorre would right about his former star's character, doesn't it?


I can't wait...the writers did well before,so let's give em a little credit...I actually only watched the show for Jon Cryer so .. guess it's fine by me!! :p


"Sounds like something Chuck Lorre would right about his former star's character, doesn't it?" DON'T YOU MEAN "WRITE"!! SERIOUSLY? THAT'S A TERRIBLE TYPO!


show is so over.


Please spoil away :-) it only makes me want to watch more. Those that don't plan to watch it anyway shouldn't be upset if it's spoiled or the heading the spoilers we under. Rose is awesome and I'm just glad they found a way to keep her. She is by far the best actor on the show.


The "spoiler" title being a shrimpy little thing below the logline, with nothing to draw attention to it, and your use of the bombastic 'Scoop' occasionally used to announce things akin to "Noah Wyle Worries About His Sons!!", "Zombie Attacks The Camp on Walking Dead!" "Louie Tells An Off Colour Joke!" or "Andy and Luke Break Up, But Dov Looks Stoic!!"


Well, Matt, I didn't go to a section marked "Spoilers" to get here, and the word "Scoop", especially in the broad way you use it on your site, could mean anything. Again, I couldn't give a flying about the spoiler, or the show...but you were not as careful as you could be to protect your less spoilery fans about it. This is the tack I mean. I am willing to expand my theory, should you wish, all in an effort to help you with clarifying my meaning. Please to keep me posted.

Matt richenthal

@piecar: We labeled the article under "spoilers" and put the word "scoop" in relation to the premiere in the headline. What tack should we rethink? We're not an anti-spoiler site, no idea where you got that impression.


I agree. When the show premeires I plan to watch it only to see what they going to do now witht he show, however, after that I won't come back to it. Despite all the mistakes he has made, this show is dead without Charlie. By killing him, they killed the show. Chuck Lorre you are a moron.


Go they got mad because he said he was going to kill their familys


I've heard more realistic things on The Magic Schoolbus.

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