Warehouse 13 Review: So Many Questions...

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Simply put, "The 40th Floor" was one of the finest episodes Warehouse 13 has ever produced.

Just when it looked like the installment was done lobbing bombshells, we were faced with another one. This conclusion could easily have been mistaken for a season finale.

Grabbing Stukowski

But let's back up I have so many questions:

Why are the Regents necessary to protect the Warehouses? What happens if the cuffs Jane received happened to be damaged or destroyed? Obviously, the cuffs are needed as a last line of defense because Marcus, whoever he is and whatever he’s doing, has his own artifacts to wage his war with the Warehouses. But what do they do?

What happens to Steve now? If Myka can be used as a past example, leaving the Warehouse doesn’t exactly stick. Not to mention Jane said Warehouse personnel are destined to serve, but my worry wasn’t when or how Steve comes back. It was this: where will his be head be? Steve is a by-the-book, follow-orders type of person.

He went against those principals to uphold an even greater one here: no torture. Where can he go now? Will he still be by the book or will he veer closer to Claudia’s side and insubordinate like it’s going out of style?

Like I said, so many questions.

The biggest bombshell was easily Myka finding out that Jane is Pete’s mother. I certainly didn’t see that coming. In fact, it didn’t look like Pete saw it coming, either. What does that mean for Pete? Actually, what does that mean for everyone? Heading back to “Trials,” Pete mentioned after his dad died his mom stayed busy and he didn’t see her very much. Does this mean the Warehouse is a family business for the Latimers? It looks like it.

Is it next week yet?


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Excellent. I loved all the backstory, new info of this universe. Peace symbol defeats Anarchy symbol, good to know.


Dani and Alexander, I was actually wondering the same thing as I was typing this review last night. It would certainly give Aaron something more to do since he's been relegated to smaller stories for most of the season. I would love that. WH 13 1001, Your question offers a great roadmap for Dani and Alexander's theory. Stukowski was planting a lot of seeds of doubt throughout the entire episode and there has to be a reason why Steve never could get a read on her (or if he did why he kept his mouth shut).


I loved this episode...I was literally at the edge of my seat the entire time. I agree that Jinks is going to infiltrate since stukowski sorta set it up by saying he "hadn't drunk the Kool-Aid yet"...great line btw. Between Eureka and this show...I LOVE Monday nights!!!


Ok, drowning would not cause a heart defect. I actually have another theory. Notice how when Sally escaped, Mrs. Frederick looked at Jinks and said "and now to deal with the consequences of your actions" but we never saw Mrs. Fredericks fire him. I believe that this is because he wasn't fired and she has actually given him a mission to redeem himself by appearing to be fired. I think that he will infiltrate the bad guy's group under the guise that he is upset with the warehouse for letting him go. Because it is obvious to Mrs. Frederick that there is a leak somewhere in the warehouse, regents or somewhere this is a super secret mission between the two of them only.


Jinks is not fired. Yes he was insubordinate but Mrs. F told him that they would have to go deal with the consequences of his actions (Stukowski's escape). Consequences could mean firing but Mrs F. is cagier than that. She's cooked up some kind of scheme to bring Team Marcus down using Jinks as a mole. First, he has to detach from the Warehouse by saying he's been fired so that he can go undercover and do so with some credibility. Or so I'd like to think.


Even though it was evident Jane was Pete's mom by the latter half of the episode, I think it is a great twist. As far as Jinks- I feel so bad for him. I really like him as part of the team, and I think he really likes it there too, because he was so obviously torn up about leaving. I hope things work out for him. And I can't wait to learn more about Pete's mom being a regent.


Brilliant episode! Special Effects bit dodgy but everything else was brilliant. Did not see that ending coming at all and thats what i like about W13! Might have to rewatch it for all all the jane-myka conversations, knowing now that Jane is Petes mother! Also they mythology gets better and better. I really hate the fact that this unknown villain is going to be here for the season. Wish they played this out over a few seasons to make the pay off bigger. Next week looks good, more mythology based again :)


I must admit, this was an EXCELLENT episode. Well-written, wonderfully directed, and perfectly executed by the cast and crew. I agree Nick, quite possibly their best episode to date. I could almost feel Pete's desperation to rescue Myka and Claudia's heartbreak at the firing of Steve. They had grown very close in a short time.
I had the same question as Stukowski, how could Steve, "The human lie detector," not know she was lying? Was there just enough truth to mask the lies and make it seem like it was all truth?
Well, at least we know where Pete gets his "go for it" nature from. Jane jumping down an elevator shaft holding onto a fire hose was excellent.
This episode left me with a question that differed slightly from yours, Nick, how is Stukowski's death going to affect Jinks? Will he blame himself for not acting sooner? If the bad guys can make her death look like it was from an unknown heart defect, then they can, in effect, place a lot of guilt and doubt in Steve's mind, possibly turning him against the Warehouse. That would be an interesting move...Steve vs. Claudia...and at that point, I could see the protective side of Artie come out in full strength.

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