Weeds Review: Cats and Consequences

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It took a couple of extraordinarily stupid actions, but characters on Weeds finally suffered some consequences on "Cats! Cats! Cats!"

Do I believe that Shane would be so ignorant as to think he could break into an officer's computer and simply print out key records? Or that Silas would be so trustworthy of a rival drug dealer that he'd reveal all his secrets? No and no.

But I'll take what I can get on Weeds these days and, following this episode, we at least have raised stakes now.

In the Office of the SEC

Not for Nancy, of course. She may look pained in the photo above, but everything works out perfectly for this non-mother of the year. Over and over, she just stumbles into good fortune.

Hey, the CEO you admitted to tapping? Not only did he invite you away with him after one day, he gave you his townhouse! The possibility you might return to jail? Nah, no worries! You happen to work for a company with ties to the government.

It's getting more and more irritating to watch Nancy get away with everything each week, mostly because her constant reprieves are never the result of her planning or wit or intelligence. They are truly just dumb luck, which is a lazy way to write a TV series.

What happened to Martin Short? Her sister? Stevie? The possibility of losing her son appeared to be the one way in which Nancy was still a vulnerable human being, but we haven't heard a peep about that case in weeks. There are only a few episodes remaining. Let's hope we return to it soon.

Then we have Zoya. Wow. What a pointless, random character. We never really learned anything about her, except that she was an insane arsonist with a temper... and then she just up and left. Did any viewer feel invested in this individual? Find her interesting? Worthy of any screen time? I hate to constantly complain about this season of Weeds, but there's very little coherence to it and Zoya was a prime example.

Still, let's end on a positive note: Shane is in jail. Silas is out of business. Stevie is in the arms of his aunt. Maybe, just maybe something will change soon and Nancy will try to right her family's sinking ship.


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Tanya giaimo

Weeds has definitely recycled old story lines this season but I think it's getting back to the main characters and not all of the side stories like it was the past few seasons. I think Nancy and Silas still haven't learned when it comes to family and the business, they both need to not be so head strong. Silas needs to start thinking with his head and not what's in his pants. I know Nancy has definitely been using Andy but I think that now she's been in prison you appreciates him more for always sticking around. As for Shane, he used to be this really smart kid and now he keeps making stupid mistakes. He needs is craftiness back!

Saad khan

Everything on this season comes off handed over to Nancy without any trouble.. its like you spend three years on jail so No more problems for you.


A few thoughts: 1. Weeds is billed as a dark comedy about weed dealers, specifically, a MILF who deals weed to get by while in the process re-discovering a talent for sexual manipulation. I don't think it ever intended to take itself seriously, otherwise...we'd be watching The Wire (have you seen the Wire)? 2. Silas already believes he's the dumb one (having said so in that dramatic dialogue in the weed field), so it's no surprise that he'd make a glaring error such as that. Not knowing Emma was the boss of Pouncy House (she does, after all, look a little out of place; a quasi-goth amongst hipsters) is understandable, but not believing she couldn't use the information he gave against him was, in fact, stupid...but he's the stupid one. 3. Shane (poor thing) suffers under the same delusions as his mother, that he's a cult of personality that can manipulate the situation to his advantage without the need of using his brilliance (as evidenced in Copenhagen). Problem is, he's a man in a man's world. Batting his eyelashes doesn't have the same effect. Him being in jail will be both the wake-up call and the potential turning point for him to, let's say, "Michael Corleone" the entire situation. 4. That the main villain this season is a pack of hipsters should remind us all that this is a satirical show. Their "message" to Silas is almost a brilliant joke within a joke. While it's quite improbable that a pack of youth without extensive construction training could redecorate an interior to such a degree in such a short amount of time...one must wonder with amusement "How many hipsters does it take to literally turn a house upside down?" And as a side note, I'm sure that's exactly how the conversation went between the hipsters in their Consensus-Based Revenge Circle Session Of Awesome (their likely words, not mine): "We should, like, literally turn their place upside down!" says Hipster 1 to Hipster 2, "Yeah that's definitely alt!" Hipster 2 replies. 5. Is it so hard to believe that Silas would fall for a younger, smarter, more experienced Nancy-esque villain? Yes, Emma is Nancy 2.0. Think about it: dark flowing hair, long penetrating stares, suggestive humor, roundabout questions about the opposition's vulnerabilities, utilizing sex as a weapon or distraction...any similarites at all? Difference is, Emma has dealt weed in NYC for some time now (and anyone who has spent time on both coasts knows there's a major difference in business attitude), has solidified her operation to the point that the NYPD is building a case, and is smart enough to never flaunt herself as the boss. A final note on Zoya...As we've seen with Haylia, Pilar, and her very sister...women represent a real threat to Nancy's interests. They see through her bullshit, call her on it, and--if they're in a good mood--offer gruff advice to her on how to ditch the virgin/whore act and really get into business. Zoya falls in with this camp, albeit in a much simpler way. She applies a 50's era paternalistic approach aka the "prison bitch" method. Zoya may have underestimated Nancy's capacity for treachery (and is definitely deluded and love-struck) but consider her parting words "You kind of push people away...it's your thing". Beguiled though she may be in part, Nancy is as transparent as a night sky.


Anyone else rooting for Nancy to die? No, seriously. She is a completely self-absorbed, narcissistc, amoral human being. Shane, Silas, and Andy, are all wonderful, loveable characters, and Nancy is so loathsome that I regret watching this show every week. The only way for this show to redeem itself is if they end the show and kill her off. Unfortunately, the writers seem to be smitten with her, so this is unlikely.


jumping the shark is an understatement. weeds has just turned into cartoon wacky. so the sec never knew that the company they were investigating had ties to them? and why did they bring in doug for in the first place. they could have brought him in before they called on nancy to steal from his computer. the only development im interestedin right now is shane in jail. we all know nancy and silas will find a way to get their gig back since we've seen them overcome the impossible in 30 mins of crazy show writing. btw, what happened to nancys lawyer and her skype chats with stevie? who cares right? and i will never believe a store can get turned upside down in one night. they stole the computer, big deal. didnt that nerd guy working the computer have back up files or a external hard drive like even the dumbest kids have these days? and they never touched the safe in the back and the weed is at the loft so the only thing they lost was the time its gonna take to rearrange the bike shop which should only take one night, right? weeds is just stupid now. period. it was getting good for a second when they went back and saw helia but they seem to not care about anything but finding the easiest ways to get nancy back to where she was in season 2 without caring about all the holes in the story they left and the characters they are randomly bringing in that have nothing to do with the story. zoya is a perfect example.


This show needs to end for good. No shark jumping here, just more of the same in different locations.


I never would've believed that this show could some day become so very, very bad... I mean the only REALLY good seasons were, let's face it, s1 and s2 and maybe also s3 and s4, but after that everything kinda turned into major shit. The only reason I'm still watching this piece of crap is because there are only a few good shows airing at the moment, and because of habit of course. Well lets hope this will be the last season. Greetz

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Weeds Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Shane: I can do this.
Nancy: I have to get this. Don't fuck up.

Babe, these are cops. I'm a drug dealer. You're a murderer. We can't all play on the same kick ball team.