Awkward Review: "No Doubt"

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As if last week didn’t muddy the waters further, "No Doubt" was another drive by of an episode for Awkward... and it was all because of that stupid letter!

While I’m glad Tamara didn’t actually write it and the list of suspects has been dwindling more and more, it has become a little annoying working through what seems to be everyone in the entire school in an effort to figure out who was behind it.

Matty and Jenna Date

Who are we down to now? My count is Ming, Jake, Matty, and maybe Lissa.

Though I seriously doubt Ming would write something like that, my mind isn’t made up on Matty or Jake. But it felt like Matty was exonerated tonight. With that said, I know what you’re thinking: how could Jake possibly write something that mean? But that’s the great thing about him potentially writing the letter: he’s the last person anyone would ever suspect. Especially after he refused to read that cruel letter Sadie and Lissa wrote to Jenna – he was feeling guilty.

Wait, was that another clue drop for us? Ugh, damn that letter! It’s like the smoke monster of stationary.

Moving on from the letter and onto the green pastures of Reseda, the date between Matty and Jenna was adorable, even if Jenna was full of paralyzing self-doubt and second-guessing about Matty’s true motives.

In the end, the date between the two of them ended up like a meeting of families. We learned that Matty actually took Jenna to a restaurant his uncle owned, something he was never comfortable doing before – bringing a girl home. The same can be said for Jenna, sort of.

Watching Matty interact and have fun with Ming and Tamara was just pure fun and we got to learn a few new things about everyone. Not to mention Ming was finally given something to do! Other than her “do all boners look like weapons?” line weeks ago there hasn’t been very much for her.

Thankfully, all of that changed with “sex touch.” Whatever that is.

Overall, “No Doubt” lived up to its name. I never have any doubts anymore about whether or not I’ll enjoy Awkward and I’m more than a little bummed that next week is the season finale.

Other thoughts:

  • It was about time Jake kicked Lissa to the curb. Her shenanigans with Sadie were getting downright ruthless.
  • I thought for sure Jake and Jenna were going to smooch when he was on the porch.
  • I really wish MTV could air the show without bleeps - but there's always the DVD right?
  • ... I may have just figured out what a sex touch is.


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Rhianna speranzo

what if it was jenna's stalker? lol that would be funny


Aunt allie wrote the letter! She hated jennas friends


Some of you think her mom wrote the letter? That would be hilarious not to mention a little dark and depressing. I mean, we know her Mom likes to throw out barbs and daily insults, but I don't think she'd be that mean! As I often think about TV even when I'm not watching it, I'm beginning to wonder if the person who wrote the letter is someone we haven't met yet. But with two episodes left that might be a pipe dream. What do you guys think? P.S. ursuchaskitch, The creator of Awkward said on Twitter that MTV is airing the last two episodes back to back. I don't know if that's changed, but that's why I said next week is the season finale. Either way, it's almost over and I'm going to miss the show terribly.


Maybe val wrote the letter


Maybe Val wrote the letter!


This might sound a bit crazy but I actually think her mother wrote the letter.


When I saw your post that next week is the season finale, I freaked! I love love love this show! It's such a clean break to the monotony of so called reality tv! But then I started thinking.... no doubt was only episode #10 and I'm pretty sure they commissioned 12 episodes for season 1. So I checked online and found out that next week (Sept. 27th) is not the finale. Oct. 4th is. So, to my great relief, there are still 2 episodes left! Yay!!!!! BTW, I wish NYC would make season 2 with more episodes.

Anna maria

do you think it might have been her mom?? I don't know, the thought just popped there.. I don;t think any of these people you listed make sense!


I don't think it is any of her peers. The only three people who really noticed that she existed prior to the letter being written were Tamara, Ming, and Matty. Tamara and Ming would not tell her to drop her friends, because they are her friends. Matty already thought that she was pretty and interesting, so he wouldn't have said some of those things to her. The other people didn't really know who she was, or strongly disliked her, so they wouldn't send a letter that was meant to help her. I've read that some people think it is the guidance councelor, but she A) is awful (in the best possible way) and b) didn't know Jenna before her suicide. My guess is that it was her dad. Yeah her mother fits the M.O. better, but she has always been open about her "loving" critiques and wouldn't have sent that in such a sneaky manner. She also would have admitted that she wrote the letter the second her daughter "attempted" suicide. Jenna is a lot like her father and, with her writing an anonymous blog, it wouldn't be out of character for him to write an anonymous letter. He obviously loves his daughter but can also see that she is clearly unhappy. He was really popular in high school, so he was probably just trying to point out things about herself that she could change. Because her mom is so hyper critical of he probably feels like he has to be the kind parent, so he had to say those things through a medium that wouldn't alienate her.


I actually think it was Jake who wrote the letter. Here is why I think so: Why exactly was he with Lissa in the first place? She is a total bitch, and he is such a nice guy. I think he was just as rotten as Lissa is, but after he sent Jenna the letter and her "suicide attempt" he felt so guilty he changed. That is why he befriended her so quickly after her accident. Then he realized how much he liked her. Of course this is just a theory of mine.

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