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Awkward Season 1

"I Am Jenna Hamilton"

Tamara's love life takes a surprising turn on the Awkward season finale. Read on for a recap


Kiss alert! Jenna and Jake smooch this week, while Matty learns of the incident and reacts.

"No Doubt"

Matty asks Jenna out this week! It's the first official date for the budding couple.

"My Super Bittersweet Sixteen"

Happy 16th birthday, Jenna! Val busts out a rap in honor of the occasion this week.

"The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch"

Jenna throws a party this week. The next day? She regrets it.

"Over My Dead Body"

A mock DUI event takes center stage on Awkward this week. Elsewhere, Jake and Matty vie for attention.

"Queen Bee-atches"

Jenna learns a lot more about the mean girls this week. She mingles with them at a charity event.

"Jenna Lives"

Is Matty seeing someone else over Olivia? That's a question on this episode of Awkward.

"The Scarlet Eye"

Tamara is involved in a sex scandal this week. And she loves it! The controversy revolves around pink eye!

"The Way We Weren't"

Matty invites Jenna to a party this week. You can imagine the awkwardness that ensures.

"Boob Job"

Jenna has a bad day at school this week. The answer? Maybe a boob job, Lacey thinks!


Ready to meet Jenna Hamilton? We go inside the life of this student on the premiere of Awkward.

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