Criminal Minds Review: The Eyes Have It

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Let's just say if you have a thing about eyes being pinned open, Criminal Minds was right up your alley this week. Ewww.

On a scale of 1 to skin-crawlingly uncomfortable, this particular Un-Sub had a calling card that was off the charts creepy. I'm still a bit traumatized, I can't lie. Andy Milder guest starred in "Proof," and pretty much scared the be-jesus out of me and anyone with an eye phobia. Or a tongue one, for that matter. I know this show is about people being capable of the worst atrocities, but sometimes I wish those atrocities came with a little less creative license.

A Victim on Criminal Minds

Apart from Milder's depiction of mentally-challenged suspect Cy - which, let's be honest, was acting at its not-so-finestĀ  - this episode was decent. But not amazing. Cy's speech issues were forced at best and at times it was really unsettling to watch him mimic the developmentally disabled. Sorry if that sounds harsh. I wanted him to be more convincing, I really did.

But what was convincing this week was Reid's open hostility towards J.J. for her and Prentiss' death deception. When he called her "Jennifer" and told Hotch he couldn't be mad at him because he hadn't been at Hotch's house crying for the past 10 weeks, I winced. Poor Reid. And poor J.J., too.

It's nice to see them sussing the issue of Prentiss' return out a bit further, because honestly it would feel inauthentic if everyone just went back to their jobs like nothing happened. I mean, they took her damn memorial portrait down off the wall!

I don't buy Rossi having "an inkling" that Prentiss was still alive, but I did find myself warming up to his character this week. His Mario Batali moment at the end was kind of adorable, but it was also kind of sappy and over done. So, what, now that Reid showed up everyone's one big family again? Something tells me we haven't seen the last of the Prentiss aftermath, especially since, as she pointed out, they carried her coffin for crying out loud. Not an easy thing to come back from, no pun intended.

Lastly, it's nice to see J.J. wearing the profiler hat and have Garcia presenting the cases from now on. Both seem like a pretty natural fit - maybe because we've seen them in these types of roles before - and as long as we see more of Morgan and his tight-fitting shirts, you'll hear no complaints out of me.

Conspicuously absent this week was Strauss, as well as J.J.'s husband, Will. I'm curious to see what they do with the Will story line, as well as that of Reid's mom. It would be nice to see Jane Lynch back, even though I'll be half-expecting her to be wearing a track suit this time.


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"The Eyes Have It" -Season 7 "SSA Dr. Spencer Reid who has an Idetic memory is mad at JJ for lying about SSA Emily Prentiss death witch was faked by Unit-Chief: SSA Aaron Hotchner, Media Liason: SSA Jennifer Jareau & SSA Emily Prentiss."


Andy Milder did a fantastic job. Normally when the UnSub is someone who is mentally challenged, I feel bad for them, but I think for this episode you weren't suppose to and Andy Milder did a perfect job of making sure we didn't with his creepiness. It was definitely a creepy episode, but I don't understand why people are going crazy over how creepy it was. They've done worse. Anyways, GOOD JOB ANDY! :) As for the whole Reid JJ issue, I thought Reid had every right to be upset. I mean, I don't think the team was stupid enough to tell people Emily was alive if they had known about the plan. They should have trusted them more. Reid broke my heart when he mentioned the dilaudid. It made the viewers and JJ realize just how bad it was for him. I personally had hoped that he wouldn't show up for the dinner. I don't see how he could forgive them that quickly... Hopefully they dwell on that a bit more in the future. As for Morgan being angry, I understand why everyone is saying that he should be, but he's trying to focus more on the fact that the team got Prentiss back, whereas Reid, who is basically the baby of the family and is a lot more sensitive, focuses on the betrayal and the months of pain that he went through. He's been through a lot during his life, and basically its obstacle after obstacle for the poor cutie! But I do hope that Morgan still has issues with the whole thing for the next few episode. What bugged me this episode was when Rossi said he had an inkling and that meant he was good at what he did. Was he implying that Morgan and Reid were not? Kind of seemed that way, even if it wasn't what he meant, it kind of implied that. This episode seemed kind of like the men were switching personalities; Smiling Hotch, Angry Reid and Logical Morgan... Normally Hotch is logical, Reid is smiling and Morgan is angry... What a turn! Overall great episode, great cast!


I just now finally got to watch this episode, and I really liked it. I have met Mr. Milder, and he did nothing short of a phenomenal job with this part. Heck, he creeped me out beyond belief! Amazing job, Andy!
I do have three mentally challenged persons in my family, and Andy nailed aerfect combination of them.
Other than that, the hostility from Reid was pretty interesting. I do not think he's over this whole issue yet. Nor do I believe Morgan is over it. We'll see what happens.
I like both Joe Mantegna and Mandy Patinkin. They've both brought something different to the show. Comparing them is pure apples and oranges.
I look forward to catching up on this season.
Ken Milder, you made me giggle ;-)


Obviously, the plot was ripped off from the old Mel Brooks - Carl Reiner routine about the psychiatrist who doesn't like people fooling around with his eyes.


This ep. was CREEPY! I love crimnal minds and im 12!


I think Morgan will be more piss at Hotch because if anyone remember what he told Gidon back in season two when Morgan was Arrested we can't have team memember with sercts. I too wish Ried did not show up I wish they show him at the door about to Knock but instead he changes his mind and walk away


I definitely disagree with the people who are saying that this episode was too creepy. Anyone remember 'Mosely Lane'? That one (One of my FAVORITES) was creepy man.
Everyone is saying that this episode was too 'gory' and I don't get it. Sure it was creepy and disturbing (especially because I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed teenage girl) But that is what Criminal Minds IS. Criminal Minds has always been dark and bloody and just down right wrong, and that's how it always wil be. That is one of the reasons why Criminal Minds is my favorite show. And if you can't handle the creepy and awesome aspects of the show go watch Disney Channel.
I was pretty interested in the fact that Reid is pissed off.
Did anyone else sort of laugh at his AMAZING comebacks? He's been pretty good with them this season. Not to mention the way he says it..It is just in a backhanded way. He does it so quickly you could miss it.
'This is calm and it's Dr.' anyone?
But what I NEED to know is, where are his headaches? Please. I hope they don't drop that storyline just like the drug addiction thing then bring it up five seasons later.
On another note, I WANT TO SEE REID'S MOM AGAIN. I've read online that he is going to have family problems and that would be great on top of his headaches.
But like some of the other commenters, I was hoping that Morgan would have shown a bit more anger. I thought I could always count on him to be mad.
I also thought that Andy Milder did an amazing job. He was extra creepy in a way that made me believe he was disturbed.
I liked the part at Rossi's 'mansion'. It was a good ending. It was a nice moment for when we could see the team outside of the bullpen. But I wish Reid had not made an appearance, it would have made me believe that it is actually going to take time for him to forgive JJ and Emily, like Erica Messer has been saying in interviews.
Over all I really enjoyed this episode, unlike many of the other viewers who turned in.


I have been a diehard fan of Criminal Minds since the very first episode I saw. I love all the characters almost unilaterally. I love the music, the suspense and the gore. It's never too horrific for me. If that day comes I'll walk but I " LOVE this show"!!! I love the intelligence of the shows. Finally we have an intelligently written show with intelligent chacters. I so appreciate that. Now that I have overworked the word"intelligent" I'll leave. I've never written a comment about a show but this show and all these people are worth it. Lucille


To those who think that the deception about Prentiss should be a bigger issue, the way I see it is that the writers are simply going back on the mistake that the producers made by trying to kill the characters of Prentiss and JJ. They recognized their mistake, (I applaud them for that), and now we're going back to the way the team was like the whole thing never happened. They mentioned the deception and Reaid being upset to preserve some coherence in the story line, but it's over now. The great team is back and we can go back to the great psychological episodes of seasons 1 to 5.
By the way, A&E are showing "To Hell ..." "... and back" today. Two of my favorites! @Sue Ann: Prentiss is gorgeous!! Especially looking the way she did on the episode "52 Pickup", (season 4), when she went undercover to a night club ... and I love her nose!! ;-)


I don't the whole CM being too violent thing. I mean I personally was grossed out by the eye and acid thing but just because it's gross not because it was anymore disturbing then anything else on tv. I am SOOOO GLAD other people think the same way as me in regards to Morgan! Him just saying I'm just happy you're alive is so OOC for him! He has to be more pissed than that! I mean that can't be the end of it. He has more of a reason to be pissed then most and I've been waiting for him to explode a little bit. I've been hoping for it. I know there is a spoiler about Derek being offered his own team in NY or something like that, so maybe he's silently seething. I don't think Reid has forgiven anyone, and probably won't anytime soon. I sure hope he doesn't. It's hard to get passed that.I'm so beyong thrilled that he's found his cajones and is actually expressing his hurt and anger. Oh and @Sue glad there is someone out there who doesn't like Prentiss. I swear I used to feel alone, never mind the fact that people treat you as though it's a crime against nature to not like that woman but I honestly didn't care when her and JJ were gone because I never got invested in their characters. Poor writing on both parts, in my opinion. Not a fan of either of them. I do however miss Elle sometimes, which if weird because I was never invested in her character when she was there either. I think it has something to do with how they write women. Outside of Garcia I never really feel one way or another about the women of the show. I loved that family moment, I didn't think it was sappy and I didn't think Reid's statement was being fact I think he was hitting JJ where it hurt. She was so dismissive of his feelings by having the gall to suggest that he was mostly pissed that he couldn't tell she was lyinng, and he hit her with the fact that he allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of her (he's usually fairly reserved) and he's a former addict and could have went off the wagon. I think it was a powerful speech to make JJ realize just how bad things were to him. It served it's purpose and I liked it, because they also never addressed the fact that Reid very well could have a relapse or something dealing with that type of trauma and grief. I hope they continue to stretch out the angast, turmoil, and distrust the entire season.It would make things more realistic.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Agent Hotchner: He's escalating.
Agent Rossi: So blinding isn't his only signature.
Hotchner: No, he's trying to take away their senses.

Dr. Reid: So Beth got off the bus here and headed northwest towards class.
J.J.: It's amazing no one witnessed her abduction.
Reid: Emily was buried six feet under and wound up in Paris, so I guess anything's possible, right?