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I think this particular unsub was one of the creepiest but he's nowhere near some of the worst that show has presented before, so I don't really understand what the review is complaining about. This is a show about serial killers, maybe one should give that a re-consideration when tuning in? Having been a follower of CSI, I personally think CM has nothing on the gore CSI presents. It's the imagination and what the show implies is what scares people, I guess.

The presentation of horror may not always be the same what people would imagine on their own. Truth be told, the creepiness factor for ME had nothing to do with the gore in fact, it was that someone in one's family could have so much anger and hatred as to do that to their own niece and, before her, many other women because of a fixation. I personally think that was the creepiest thing of it all.

As for the end, I disagree with the review once more. I don't think it was sappy or overdone. It's only natural to hang out with your co-workers off work. These people don't do a regular desk job either, makes sense for them to want to spend quality time together, too. Time that doesn't involve profiling serial killers. Just because Reid showed up doesn't mean all is well, but you have to start somewhere.


I guess it what you think make you a fan

Most people if they don't get what they want from the show then the show sucks and their not going to watch ( Tiva fan from NCIS are perfect exsmple)

Fan like me who have seen their show Go off the air because of the two main character falling love have learn to like all the characters and the show and not just one actor


I don't think that very many of those who are disturbed enough to talk of stopping watching the show are one-episode viewers. Most of the people who write posts here are very familiar with the entire run of the show. They are expressing dismay at the recent trend towards salacious violence, or apparent salacious violence. They are as entitled to their opinions as you are, which does not make them not "true fans". That is a false characterization, anyway. There is no requirement to salute and say "Yes, Sir!" to every aspect of a program in order to be considered a fan. Part of the value of this kind of forum is to express this kind of concern. Now and again, persons who are responsible for these shows have been known to sample the posts. Once in a while, they post here. Some folks have more delicate sensibilities than you and I. More power to them. They are not jaded yet.


Sorry for the typos :)


I loved this episode. I'm glad the writers brought something different than usual. As far as creepy, it no more creepier or violent than CSI or Bones. You guys don't take to change very well I see. The ending was was also a little treat to me. We got a chance to see them in a more calm setting. If you guys were true Criminal Minds fan, you would know that the writers said they wanted to bring personal more personal matters in this season. For instance, Rossi's ex-wives, JJ's baby daddy, Reids headaches. So the end of Proof was just a little teaser of whats to come. Give it a chance to build up, because Criminal Minds is the best show on TV. For all of you that want to give it up after just one episode you didn't like, well I don't think you were a true fan in the first place.


Disagree with the review regarding the guy playing mentally disabled person. His job was to portray a high functioning mentally disabled person and he did this well. Just enough to seem disarming and harmless, yet unstable enough to be volatile and smarter than people will give him credit for which was a thematic point. Perfect example is the scene at the bus stop. I think it says more about our individual perception of mental disability than the actors performance.

What I didnt like was that the ep was highly predictable.

Am surprised about the squeamishness of the commenters. Would think fans of a show about serial killers wouldnt be. Especially since the scenes they are talking about except for two all left it up to your imagination. Seen more gore on NCIS or medical dramas.

Lastly, the 10 week crying thing was a tad dramatic but Reid is sensitive like that. I thought I saw an interesting exchange between Morgan and Prentiss. Thought for a few secs she seemed surprised/dissapointed at how quickly he had moved on about her betrayal. In a strange way maybe she wanted him to be more upset kinda as proof of how much he cared?


The violation of trust which Hotch and JJ perpetrated on the rest of the team is so heinous that if it is NOT still a problem, then the writers have not been studying psychology the way they should, to write for this program. I personally would never forgive either one of them for this. And I know whereof I speak, having had a major violation of trust in my family decades ago. My attachment to the family was destroyed that day, and it remains destroyed, and it always will be. Morgan and Reid should not forgive easily, nor ever again trust completely. Hotch and JJ have proven themselves unworthy of that kind of trust.

I never liked Emily, and I am heartily sorry that she is back. She is from the Ally McGraw school of acting. She opens her mouth a little, and tilts her head to one side. No change of expression crosses her face. She looks botoxed, or like she hopes to avoid it by never moving her face, hence preventing wrinkles. I dislike the character, and I disrespect the actress.

I don't much care one way or the other about JJ, but she is better than the blonde replacement they had last year. The father of JJ's child is her lover, I believe, not her husband. I think she refused to marry him. I may be wrong about that ...

I loathed Elle, also. I don't miss her at all. I did like Mandy Patinkin's character. I always like Mandy, in all of his TV shows. And he never stays. He abandons shows. I think he has a short attention span. Rossi is an acceptable replacement.

I find it odd that Garcia has forgiven all involved in the deception so readily. She is smarter than that. If she accepts this new reality so easily, then perhaps she is so emotionally needy that she will settle for anything. I thought that her relationship with Kevin would have fulfilled her need for that. Maybe not.

The creepiness of the episode really did not bother me. I have read a lot of materials about real serial killers, when I was in college. This is a show. Not reality. The last time I got creeped out was by Andrew Robinson in the first Dirty Harry movie when it came out. His squeals when Harry tortured him, and the look on his face after he had himself beaten, gave me nightmares. I could not watch that actor for at least ten years, before it wore off. The best portrayal I ever saw of mental disability was Leonardo DiCaprio, in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" The actor here was pretty close to some of the mentally handicapped I have encountered. I thought he did a good job, for television.

I would also like to see Reid's mother reappear on the program. I like the character, and the actress.


Criminal Minds has always been one of my favorite classy shows until last night. It was way over the top in sadism and torture for no valid reason. The "crazy" actor was great; he scared the heck out of me. But to show each torture - the eyes, the mouth, the hands burned with sulphuric acid, was disgusting and totally below the class act this show usually is. Then to show the bodies at the morgue with no eyes was totally distasteful. This show is about how FBI profilers solve crimes not about how gory the crimes are. The actors on this show are wonderful. If this is going to be the CM of the future, then I will not watch anymore.



It was his wife not his daughter


In my opinion, this week's episode was really good. It was creepy but not to a level that I couldn't handle. To me, the creepiest and most disturbing episode of Criminal Minds yet was "The 13th Step" from last season. I couldn't watch that whole episode in one sitting. I found it disgusting and it left me questioning if I wanted to continue watching the series at all. 

I thought that the actor that played Cy did an awesome job. I only know his work from the first few seasons of Weeds, and I loved seeing how he portrayed someone mentally ill and also completely twisted. I even mentioned to a co-worker today how impressed I was with his acting skills, so I'm suprised that the reviewer and also many of the commentors thought it felt forced.

The cooking scene was nice to see everyone together and smiling. It's a nice change of pace for the show. I really like the character development that they're doing, especially with Reid. Matthew Gray Gubler is an amazing actor (and really easy on the eyes, too!).

For me, the very last scene with the father sitting down to watch the video was completely unnecessary. They had already told us that he'd asked to see it. We didn't need to see him, sitting alone in that dark room, watching his daughter be raped and tortured by her uncle. They could have omitted that whole scene alltogether and ended on a happier note with everyone smiling and laughing in Rossi's "mansion". 

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